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Chapter 14

Wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses let Chris blend in with the crowd on the beach. No one bothered him for an autograph or picture. He could devote all his attention to Emma.

His cheeks hurt from all the smiling and laughing he had done for the past couple of hours. He had never seen anyone enjoy all the attractions so much. She was so innocent. Everything was exciting and new to her.

The street performers wowed her. The vendors intrigued her. She had loved the sea life. But her favorite had been the freak show. She had been enthralled by it so much so that the participants noticed her rapt attention. Afterwards some of them had come out to meet her. They had been smitten by her awe of them. When they had left, she had plans to meet up with the group for supper the next night. They had graciously asked him to join as well.

He readily agreed to come after seeing how some of the male freaks were eyeing her up and down. Possessiveness reared its head as some of them reached out and touched her on the arm or shoulder. Quickly he laid an arm around her waist and pulled her close, making sure that everyone knew to whom she belonged.

He told himself he was just being overprotective as big brothers were supposed to be. The fact that he had to be constantly in physical contact with her even away from the freaks made him question his motives. Holding her hand was like finding his way home. It felt right and comfortable.

Now they were sitting on the beach watching the sun set. He had pulled her in between his legs. Sitting stiffly at first, she had finally relaxed enough to lean against him. He enjoyed the feel of her weight against his solid body. His arms went around her and drew her closer. As she snuggled in to his warmth, he could feel his cock beginning to like her ass against it. Thankfully she stopped moving and he was able to calm himself down enough to keep from getting hard.

“That was a big sigh,” he commented entwining his fingers with hers as they rested on her upraised knees.

“It’s so beautiful here,” she told him. “Peaceful. I’ve had such a fun afternoon. Thank you so much for bringing me here.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.”

“I hope you weren’t bored out of your mind.”

“Nope. Not in the least. I had fun watching you explore and be delighted.”

She giggled. “I don’t get out much at home. I’m more of a homebody. But today was wonderful. Maybe I’ll go explore the Boston Harborwalk when I go back.”

He didn’t want to think about her leaving. It twisted up his insides the thought of not being able to see her and hold her. Trying not to think too hard about why he felt this way after only 24 hours, he kissed her on the top of her head.

“It’s getting late,” he told her. “I need to feed you. You want anything in particular?”

“No. Whatever you want is fine.”

“Steak it is. I’m a pretty mean grill master.” He got up and then held out his hand to her. Pulling her up, he didn’t move away, practically sliding her up against him. He wanted to rub his scent on her and her scent on him.

Unprepared for her hug, he managed to embrace her tightly to his heated body without letting it show how attracted he was to her. Holding her felt so right. He never held the women he fucked. None of them ever wanted him to. The idea of going to Venice Beach for a date would have not amused them. It wasn’t classy or VIP enough for their high maintenance asses. There were no jewelry stores for him to buy them expensive gifts. No five star restaurants for him to get them into without a reservation.

When she pulled away, Chris reluctantly let Emma go. He smiled when she grabbed his hand and tugged at him to start walking. Always being the one to initiate contact, it was nice to have her reach out for him.

As the sun fell below the horizon, he took his cap and sunglasses off. It was too shadowy now for anybody to recognize him. As they walked to the Hummer, they continued to hold hands only letting go of each other when he helped her up into the truck. Securing her seatbelt, he kissed her on the forehead before he could stop himself. She gave him a brilliant smile letting him know it was ok that he had touched her with that sign of affection.

He ran around the vehicle to get in on the driver’s side. He needed to get her back to his home where she belonged. He didn’t question his thoughts.

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