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Chapter 16

UCLA and Berkley went well. Everyone had been friendly and non-judgmental. Emma was in a good mood as they ate supper with the freaks. They all wanted to be near her. At one point, he had lost contact with her and panicked slightly. When he saw her surrounded by their hosts, he decided to bury his jealousy and let her enjoy herself.

They kept her laughing. They shocked her with stories of their exploits. She was so expressive, wearing her emotions on her sleeve. The freaks loved her wide-eyed wonder. It was after midnight when she finally pried herself away from her new friends and asked him to take her home.

Hearing the shower go on, Chris got himself ready for bed. After changing into a pair of lounging pants and no shirt, he went to get a glass of wine to help him wind down. He was thinking about his conversation with Mark when he heard her clear her throat.

He smiled when he saw what she was wearing. She had on a t-shirt he had bought for her. It showcased the many attractions at Venice Beach they had gone to. He quickly turned away when his eyes reached her naked legs. All she had on was the t-shirt.

“Chris,” he heard her call to him softly. “Except for Stanford, I’ve had such a great time here with you. Thank you for chauffeuring me around these past couple of days. I know you probably had better things to do than hang out with your little sister, but I have so loved spending all this time with you.”

He stiffened when he felt her hand on his back. She slid her arms around him and hugged him from behind. “I love you big brother.”

No, he thought to himself. Not your brother.

He turned around in her embrace till he was facing her. He loved that she didn’t let go of him. Grabbing her head tenderly he stared down at her beautiful brown eyes with all his desire for her.

When a soft gasp was torn from her, he lowered his head and kissed her. His tongue glided into her open mouth meeting no resistance. Trying to cajole her tongue into playing with him, he moaned when she finally did. When she retreated at his sound, he pulled her in closer to him and became more demanding of her. He nipped her lower lip causing her to whimper. Soothing his bite with his tongue he made sure to re-enter her mouth and taste her.

The curry she had eaten for supper exploded on his tongue. Yet it didn’t overwhelm her flavor, lightly sweet. He wondered if her pussy would taste the same.

His hand twisted in her hair and pulled her head back exposing her neck to him. Trailing kisses from her chin to her neck and then down even further, he could feel her trembling beneath his lips.

As suddenly as he had initiated contact with her, he pulled away from her, stepping away until there was space between them.

This was it, he thought eagerly. God help him.

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