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Chapter 17

Emma touched her swollen lips with her fingers. What had just happened? Why had her body lit up with a fever at his first touch? She had liked the feeling, which was why she hadn’t pushed him away.

Thankfully he had pulled back. She observed him and realized he was staring at her hungrily, like he was a starving man looking at his favorite cut of meat. It excited her.

Her eyes ran over his well developed chest with its smattering of hair that tapered down over his cut washboard abs, disappearing underneath his pants. A long thickly raised bulge was quite evident underneath the thin material. A flutter started to build in her stomach and migrated to her core.

Rubbing her thighs together to keep her wetness from gliding down her legs, she saw that he noticed what she was doing. Now he stared at the juncture between her legs.

“Take that t-shirt off,” he commanded her, lifting his eyes to hers.

Her fingertips fluttered at the hem of the shirt. Everything in her wanted to obey him, except for a small voice in her head that reminded her that this was her brother she was standing in front of.

“Chris I – I can’t –”

“You are to address me as sir or daddy,” he said his voice dark and demanding. She jumped at the steel she heard there. Her pussy grew even wetter with his command. She regretted not wearing panties.

“Sir,” she stuttered. “You’re my brother.”

“And you’re my adopted sister.”

“We can’t do this,” she whispered desperately wanting him but not able to overlook the fact of their relationship.

“Emma from now on I’m your daddy and you’re my little girl. Who is in control the daddy or his little girl?”

“Daddy,” she answered her body starting to vibrate with need. She was so aroused. She knew she shouldn’t be but her body wasn’t listening to her only to her “Daddy.” His masculine authority called to a deep part of her that wanted desperately to do as she was told, knowing she would find peace and security with him.

“That’s right baby girl. You need to obey Daddy. Now take off your t-shirt,” he ordered her quietly. He stood still before her, his hands behind his back. His entire concentration was on her. Never had she been the object of another’s attention. Even the men that raped her hadn’t seen her. She was a sex doll to them, not a real child.

Chris’ attentiveness never wavered from her. Soon her fingers had grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and were lifting it over her head. She stood naked beneath his gaze.

As he began to circle her, examining her from all angles, she started to raise her arms to cover herself.

“Don’t,” he snapped. “Never deny Daddy the sight of your beautiful body.”

“I’m fat,” she said softly, embarrassed.

“No you aren’t. The next time you deny your beauty I will discipline you.”

Her eyes widened at that statement. “What do you mean?” she asked fearfully.

He continued walking around her slowly. “I will teach you to trust Daddy when I compliment you.”

“How will you teach me?” she asked, part of her waiting with anticipation for the answer and another part not wanting to hear what he had to say.

“There are a myriad of ways I can teach you a lesson,” he began nonchalantly. “I could spank you, whip you, cane you. I could make you write one hundred times, ‘I am beautiful.’ I could tie you to my bed and leave you alone with your thoughts for several hours.”

“Please no … Daddy.”

“I won’t discipline you unless you need it little one. I’m a fair Daddy.”

“Yes sir.”

When he came to stand in front of her again, she looked into his eyes. They were black and flashed with need and dominance. He held her gaze as he reached out and ran the back of his fingers against one nipple. It tightened hard. She closed her eyes with the exquisite tingling permeating her chest. Her pussy gushed with wetness with his touch. She felt it trailing down her legs. What was happening to her?

“Emma these are the rules,” he began still caressing her tit. “Your safe word is ‘dragon.’ Whenever you feel overwhelmed and want me to stop immediately what I am doing, say your safe word and I will. I will leave you alone while I get myself under control. We can talk about what happened if you want to.

“That said using your safe word is not to be taken lightly. Only use it if you feel like you cannot continue with what we are doing. I will push your limits Emma, but know that I would never let anything happen to you that wouldn’t in the end bring you immense pleasure and freedom. You must trust me Emma.

“Do you think you can trust me?”

“Yes,” she found herself answering without hesitation. “I trust you Chris. I know I shouldn’t but I do. I want you. I need you. Please Daddy, love me.”

She saw his nostrils flair at her words.

“I do love you Emma,” he told her. “Don’t ever doubt that.”

“I won’t.”

“Good girl. Next rule, always be honest with me. You cannot lie to your Daddy Emma. This relationship we are building has to be constructed with honesty and openness. I promise to never lie to you and you must never lie to me.”

“Yes sir.”

“You will do as your told. No disobedience. If I tell you to do something it is for your own good. From now on I want you only in skirts and dresses. No panties.”

“No panties?!” she exclaimed blushing. “Ever?”

“Never. I want to have easy access to my pussy. Panties would get in the way.”

She shivered at the words “my pussy.” He was being so possessive, like he owned her. Even her biological parents hadn’t wanted her, instead passing her around like a library book to all their friends. His statement of ownership made her feel like a cherished prize. Pleasurably satisfaction washed over her.

“I am going to get you a cellphone that I want you to keep with you always. You are to respond every time I text or call, no matter what you are doing.”

She nodded her head.

“Words Emma. Use you words. Be very clear with your intentions.”

“Yes sir,” she answered quickly.

“As much as possible we are to take our meals together. You will sit on my lap and I will feed you.”

“Feed me?” she squeaked.

“Yes. I will feed you the food with my own hands.”

“Ok, sir.”

“Whenever possible, you are to be at my side. When you aren’t with me or visiting a school, I want you in this house, with no clothes on.”

She swallowed hard. “What if someone comes to the house?” she asked nervously.

“You don’t interact with any strangers outside of my presence,” he said curtly. “Even when you are with me, you are not to speak to anyone without my permission.”

“Y – yes sir.”

“Come here little one,” he ordered lightly, holding his hand out to her.

Her steps were hesitant but she listened, an invisible but effective force pulling her to him. Putting her hand in his, she was struck again by the cascading sensations he elicited from her body with just the slightest touch.

He bent her arm behind her back and pulled her close to him. When her breasts met his naked chest, she felt the sudden urge to rub herself against him like a cat. She colored at her wantonness.

“What made you blush baby girl?” he asked staring intently at her. He rubbed his thumb across her reddened cheek.

“I want to do this,” she answered honestly. She bent her knees lowering herself against him and then straightened her legs pushing herself up against him. His breathing, hot and desperate, sped up as she brushed her breasts across his chest and abs.

Her eyes closed so she could concentrate on the feel of her sensitive nipples being scratched by the hair on his chest. The friction between their bodies made tiny explosions of delight pour down her torso and into her wet womanhood.

She moaned when she felt his hard cock grow big against her stomach. Falling to her knees, she nuzzled her face against his manhood, which now tented the thin material of his pants. His masculine scent wafting from his groin only heightened her need to taste him.

He grabbed her eager, free hand when it came up to pull down his pants.

“Not yet baby girl,” he rasped frustration roughening his words. He pulled her to a standing position. She whimpered at his denial. “That’s a reward you haven’t earned yet.”

“Tell me what to do,” she whispered, desperation infusing her voice.

“Follow me.”

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