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Chapter 18

“Lay down on the bed,” he told her authoritatively. He had led her to his bedroom. She sat on the edge and scooted herself to the middle of the huge bed. She watched him as he climbed onto the bed with her. Grabbing her left hand, he raised it above her head.

“Chris?” she questioned when she felt the leather cuff around her wrist. He buckled it securely. By the time he was done, he had handcuffed both her arms and legs to the bed, spreading them wide, leaving her vulnerable to him. Having her body so exposed was forcing her to hide her heart from him. She couldn’t let him have both.

He saw her eyes glaze over with fear. She was retreating from him. That wasn’t going to happen.

Climbing between her legs, he leaned over and kissed her knee. She tried to pull away from him, raising her knee and pulling it to the side, but the cuff had little give so she could only go so far. He kissed her other knee. Again she attempted to move away but this only caused to open up her pussy even more to him.

Trailing kisses down her inner thigh, he caught hints of her nectar along the way. She was sweet and salty, the best of both worlds. He repeated his kisses down her other thigh. Her whimper nearly cost him his control.

Bringing his face close to her, he inhaled deeply her scent, musky and mouth watering. Her pussy lips were puffy and red nestled in a neatly trimmed nest of hair. His tongue slurped up her hot slit from bottom to top. A gasp strangled in her throat. He smiled as he blew across her wet womanhood. A shudder passed through her body from toes to head causing her to arch her neck. Hearing her pull in a shaky breath, he splayed her petals open to see her clit, already hard. His tongue snaked its way around her bundle of nerves.

“Sir!” she yelled, bucking her hips against his face. He gripped her so hard he would leave fingertip bruises on her hips.

Kissing her pussy lips, he used his tongue to lap at her like a dog with a bone. Never had he eaten a woman so tasty. He could spend all night nibbling on her bringing her to orgasm again and again.

The cuffs thumped against the headboard as she pulled on them. She writhed on the bed, yanking on all her cuffs. The noises she was making in the back of her throat seem to vibrate in his cock. His hand reached up to squeeze her tit. Pinching her nipple, he groaned into her pussy after hearing her cry out with passion because of his actions.

“Please! Please Sir,” she shouted.

His long finger penetrated her slowly. Her tightness made him growl. He pushed in another finger. By the third finger, he felt her stiffen with resistance. Stepping up his tongue on her clit, he also curled his fingers up. If her response was any indication, he had found her g-spot. Her pussy muscles began to spasm around his fingers.

“Baby girl come for me!” he snarled. He slipped his fingers out of her and slapped her clit hard.

Her back bowed off the bed while he held on to her hips. She groaned loudly. He let go of her tit and grabbed the flesh at her stomach. Her softness was perfect for his hardness. He returned his mouth to her cunt.

Swallowing her juices as she came, he ground his cock into the bed. It wasn’t the same as being buried inside her, but she wasn’t ready to be fucked by him yet. He wanted her begging for him so that they both knew it was he she wanted to be so intimate with.

As he cleaned her up she came again. He swallowed her up like she was the finest wine he had ever had. Her body eventually sank back onto the mattress. Standing at the foot of the bed, he took in the sight of her, languid and tranquil. Her limbs hung by the cuffs, no longer trying to get out of them. He had put that satisfied look on her face. His chest swelled with pride.

Rubbing her wrists and ankles when he uncuffed her to make sure her circulation was restored, her arms and legs fell to the bed boneless.

He crawled into bed and gathered her to him. She came without a struggle, burying her face in his chest and wrapping her arm around his waist. He murmured to her about how much he loved her and wanted her. Reminding her of how beautiful and sexy he found her, he stroked her hair with one hand and her cooling back with the other.

Soon enough they were both fast asleep.

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