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Chapter 19

Emma woke up feeling warm and cozy. She snuggled in closer to the source of the heat and security. Smelling his masculine scent, it finally pierced her sleep hazy mind that she was in bed with her brother. Memories from last night came flooding back.

Oh God what had they done? Her body throbbed with the remembrance of his mouth between her legs. No man had ever done that to her. She had luxuriated in the feel of his tongue on her clit and swirling around her womanhood. She felt herself getting wet from the flashback of him going down on her.

No this was wrong. She quickly freed herself from his heat.

“Emma,” she heard him rasp questioningly.

Scurrying out of his bedroom, she ran naked to hers. She threw on a tank top and sweatpants.

“Emma,” she heard knocking at her door. “Emma may I come in?”

“No!” she yelled getting into her bed. “Please Chris don’t – don’t –”

“Emma let me in.”

“Leave me alone,” she cried out. “What we did was wrong Chris. We can’t … please.”

She broke into tears.

“Go away,” she sobbed, when she felt the bed dip. She turned away from him and lay down burying her face in a pillow.

“Emma, I love you. You love me. That is all that matters.” Her body went rigid when he laid a hand on her hip.

“You’re my brother,” she wept. “We can’t do this. It’s so wrong. Please Chris don’t touch me.”

“I can’t do that baby girl,” he told her his voice heavy with misery. “Don’t ask me to go away.”

Her sobs finally tapered off to sniffles. The shame was overwhelming her. Why did this happen to her? She seemed to be a perverted sexual plaything. First her parents had pimped her out to their friends. Now her own brother wanted to fuck her. What was wrong with her?

“Nothing is wrong with you,” she heard him say. Had she spoken the question out loud?

“Chris it’s not your fault,” she said softly. “I’m the perversion.”

“No you aren’t.” She looked at him; he sounded angry. He was mad. His eyes were narrowed and his lips were compressed. “I am going to spank you for thinking such a thing about yourself.”

“How do you explain what my parents did?” she scowled sitting up. “How do you explain sleeping with my brother?”

“Your parents were bastards. They were the perverts. Not you.”

“They were – the perverts?” she whispered uncertainly, her entire body restless with the thought.

“Yes baby girl. I am not your brother. You are not my sister. I don’t see you like that. I’m not attracted to you because you’re my sister. You are a beautiful, intelligent, sexy woman that I love and want desperately. What we have isn’t depraved. We love each other. That is all that matters.”

“Don’t say that,” she croaked. “Nobody cares that we aren’t biologically sister and brother. What will mom and dad think? They’ll disown me. Oh God Chris they’ll hate me for corrupting their only son.”

“No they won’t. They’ll understand. This happening was not entirely your doing. I was there also choosing to be with you.”

“Chris I – are you doing this because I’ll be gone in a couple of days?” her question lingered in the air heavily.

“I don’t want you to leave,” he told her honestly. “Stay with me Emma and I’ll take care of you.” He reached over and grabbed her arms. “Please stay. Don’t leave me.”

He looked so afraid of losing her. Even though she knew he would tire of her and leave her homeless again because his parents would never take her back, she nodded her head. “I don’t want to leave you,” she told him.

His smile was one of relief. “Thank you baby girl,” he whispered. “You won’t regret this decision. I promise.”

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