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Chapter 20

“What the hell are thinking?!” Desiree yelled at him on the phone. “Have you seen the blogs?”

“No I’ve been otherwise occupied,” Chris said coolly, his eyes resting on Emma who sat on his couch, naked, legs spread wide, showing off her pink cunt in the midst of her curly dark hair. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back pushing her breasts out. The stiletto platform pumps she wore allowed her to keep her feet on the ground, otherwise her legs would be dangling off the couch. She smiled coyly at him.

His gaze was dark and adoring. He stood on the other side of the room, away from her sweet body and enticing scent.

“Who the hell is she?”

“What?” his attention back to his publicist.

“Who the hell is the fatty you were photographed with at Venice Beach?”

“How the hell do you know about Venice Beach?” he sneered.

“I told you it is all over the blogs and TMZ. Who is she Chris?”

“It doesn’t matter who she is, she is part of my private life and not up for media consumption. Why don’t you do your job and get her off the gossipers radar?”

“If you had told me about her beforehand I could have done that.”


“By paying her to leave you alone!”

“That wouldn’t have worked.”

“It always works.”

“So you’ve done this before?”

“Not with you because I never had this problem with you. What are you thinking? She is not a model or cheerleader. I know you’ve never liked dating the women I set you up with, but they are what keep your sponsors happy, the male fantasy – football and pussy.”

“Desiree do your job and handle this. She’s not going away.”

“Who the hell is she?”

Chris hesitated before answering. “She’s my adopted sister,” he finally said. “We didn’t grow up together. She’s ten years younger than me. My parents adopted her when I left for LSU. She’s out here visiting colleges. Now get her out of the spotlight!”

“Fine. That’s all I needed to know. Chris you got to let me know these things. I can’t be finding out about the women in your life via TMZ. I can’t be proactive if you keep secrets from me.”

“Right Desiree,” he said sarcastically. “Why don’t you deal with the fact that while my sister is here, I won’t be dating any women you set me up with anymore.”

“Oh God!” she gasped. “Are you fucking your sister?”

“Why would you ask such a question?” he growled.

“Because I know you are fucking someone. If it’s not one of my girls then it has to be her.”

“She’s not related to me.”

“That doesn’t fucking make a difference. She’s your sister!”

“Desiree figure out how to make this work. Or find another client.”

“You aren’t making this easy.”

“What can I say? Love is love.”

“OMG! You’re in love?”

“Yes Desiree. We wouldn’t think about going through this if it weren’t love.”

“Why couldn’t she have been cute at least?”

Chris hung up. He took a deep breath to reign in his anger. Things were going to get tough, but right now he had a submissive to care for. She was his priority.

“Is everything ok?” she asked nervously as he stalked back to her side of the room.

“Nothing for you to worry about baby girl. Daddy will take care of it.”

“Ok sir.”

He smiled at her quick acquiescence. Her submissiveness came naturally. It made him so fucking hot for her. Seeing her captive in cuffs called to every masculine tendency within him. His desire to care for her was a compulsion he had no control over.

Leaning down he kissed her softly on the lips. He felt his cock pulse with longing. Sitting down next to her, he picked up a remote and restarted the game clips he was watching. He put his hand back on her thigh, stroking his thumb against her supple skin. Absently he picked up her leg and draped it over his thigh.

She whimpered when his hand fell heavily onto her pussy. He held her womanhood possessively but didn’t try to excite her. He wanted her to rest in his presence even when she was exposed like this. She needed to trust him to her bones if they were going to survive the revelation of their relationship to the public.

Before long, she leaned against him and laid her head on his upper arm. He patted her pussy gently and kissed the top of her head.

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