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Chapter 23

Chris gave her a lingering kiss on the lips before taking off for the field. It was a scrimmage day and as per tradition, families and girlfriends could attend.

They were some of the first to arrive at the practice field. He had sat her in the bleachers close to the 50 yard line but up a little to get a better view of the action. Emma took her sunglasses off when some of the wives and children arrived sitting down near her.

She smiled at them all – one of the rules Chris had set for her that day. She said hi to anyone who greeted her. Her stomach fluttered at being there. This was their first outing in public as a couple. Media was kept out of the practice but they were introducing themselves to his fellow teammates and their families. She was scared of the rejection she knew was coming. Not for her sake but for Chris’. He didn’t deserve their scorn.

They had argued about it last night. She was hesitant to do this, but he didn’t want to hide their love any longer. Her chest warmed with joy at the thought of his feelings for her. There was no way he was backing down from loving her. Going public would show that he was in it for the long term. A part of her ached that he was setting himself up without an out from their relationship, but another part of her was so excited that this incredible man wanted to be with her and wasn’t ashamed of their relationship or her.

He had finally convinced her to come out with his tongue and fingers. They had been together a little over two weeks and he had yet to make love to her with his cock. He had pleasured her immensely but he had not allowed himself to orgasm. Securing her to the bed or some other piece of sex furniture, she wasn’t allowed to touch him, which she desperately wanted to do. But soon enough he would have her floating in endorphins and hormones that made her forget about anything but how much gratification he was bringing her.

She had hated sex. Didn’t ever want to have sex again. Her parents’ friends had hurt her physically and emotionally. Sex was about pain and selfish betrayal. It wasn’t anything she wanted back in her life.

Yet with Chris, sex was about giving herself up to him, trusting in him to treat her with love. He worshipped her. Even when he brought pain to her body, it was always chased by delight close behind. While tied up or handcuffed she was afforded the luxury of learning about her wants and desires, her limits and dislikes. He played with her in so many ways, bringing out reactions in her she had never had before. The aching sensations he teased from her stunned her at times.

Instead of being disgusted with her body she had come to cherish it as Chris did. It was how she moved in the world and for so long she had used it to hide from the world, never thinking she deserved her place in reality. Chris pulled her into existence and wouldn’t let her cower anymore. Kissing every inch of her, he had reclaimed her from her past and showed her a future to look forward to.

“Hi,” she heard over her shoulder.

She turned and smiled at a beautiful redhead with the palest of skin sitting behind her. Her lace parasol kept her in shadow, away from the sun. She returned Emma’s smile brightly.

“Hello,” Emma said shyly. “I’m Emma.” Introducing herself first was another rule Chris had set for her. She held out her hand to the woman.

“My name’s Rachel,” she said shaking Emma’s hand. “You’re new.”

“Yes,” Emma answered self-consciously. “My first time at a practice.”

“Who are you with?”

The dreaded question. Again Chris had set a rule for her concerning the way to let people know about them. She was to be honest and not embarrassed. People weren’t going to know from just looking at them that they were brother and sister. It wouldn’t come out in normal conversation so unless she was asked that specific question, she was his girlfriend, end of sentence.

“I’m Chris Carrington’s – girlfriend,” she managed to get out. It sounded strange to her ears. She never thought she would be anyone’s girlfriend let alone a famous, gorgeous, smart man like her brother.

“Finally that boy caught him a good one,” Rachel exclaimed.

Emma blushed at the compliment. “I don’t know if I am all that good,” she tried to deflect.

“Oh please if you have caught Chris Carrington’s attention you must be one hell of a woman. He has very high standards for the females in his life, probably why none have managed to stick around for more than a date. How long have you two been together?”

“Two weeks,” Emma answered embarrassed by how short their relationship was given that she was calling herself his “girlfriend.”

“Wow, that’s a record! You must be smart,” Rachel commented knowingly. “For Chris being able to talk to a woman is very important. I can see you’re gorgeous. You must also be kind.”

Emma’s blush heightened. She ducked her head shyly.

“So humble,” Rachel said smiling. “Emma I’m glad Chris found you. He’s been wandering for too long. He needed to set down some roots.”

Emma looked back up at the beautiful woman. “I’m glad we found each other,” she responded back honestly.

“Hey Rach,” another woman with long blonde hair and a willowy figure said sitting down next to Rachel. She hugged the redhead and then turned her blue eyes to Emma, who smiled. The woman didn’t smile back. “To whom do you belong?” she asked haughtily.

“Sara, watch your tone,” Rachel rebuked the blonde. “This is Emma. She’s Chris Carrington’s girlfriend.”

“You’re kidding!” Sara exclaimed hotly.

Emma moved herself away from the woman as much as she could in the bleachers. She looked nervously at her.

“You’re not exactly Chris’ – style,” Sara continued snarkily. “I mean you can’t be a model or cheerleader. It’s odd that his taste would change so drastically. Rachel are you sure she’s Chris’ girlfriend? I think she might be a poser.”

“Sara!” Rachel declared loudly. “That was mean. Of course she’s Chris’ girlfriend. Why would she lie about that when she knows how easily we could find out?”

“Crazed super fan,” Sara drawled sarcastically. “Who knows what security will let in nowadays? Come on Rach! Does she look like Chris’ usual woman?”

Emma didn’t like this lady but was too shy and polite to tell her off. Although the more she talked the more Emma’s self-control was tested.

“She’s totally what he wants, not what he has dated,” Rachel said coolly. “You know better than to trust everything you see in the gossip columns.”

“What would a man like Chris be doing with – that? She’s fat and ugly. Short and disgusting.”

“Everything he has wanted to but couldn’t until now,” Emma sneered finally having enough. “His need wasn’t enough to stay beyond a night with all the others.”

“He doesn’t need you. He’s using you. You’re a big girl. You probably know how to give great head since that is all a man would want from you. He probably hasn’t stuck his dick inside that grotesquely chubby cunt of yours. What man would want to be near all that – flesh?”

“My man,” Emma growled. “He loves me because I have a woman’s body and not a little boy’s body. He’s not a pedophile. He likes curves and softness to lay his hard muscles against. He likes something to hold onto while he’s fucking me. Tits and ass, honey. Not skin and bones.”

Rachel couldn’t hold in her laughter. Sara looked stunned. Didn’t expect the fat girl to have enough courage to tell her off, Emma thought proudly.

“You bitch!” Sara shouted. “How dare you speak to me like that? You’re nothing compared to me.”

With that the blonde stomped off the bleachers onto the field.

“Where’s she going?” Rachel asked, still giggling. “Oh my God! I can’t believe she went onto the field!”

Emma watched as Sara ran up to Chris while he was talking with the coach. She looked like she was yelling at him. Getting up in his face, Chris didn’t back down but maintained her fiery gaze. The coach turned around and whistled for security. Before long two big guards came over and escorted Sara off the field and out the door. Thankfully she didn’t struggle but went angrily.

Chris raised his arm to her. Emma waved back smiling. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw him smile back at her. He didn’t seem to be mad at her. The coach and he huddled up again to look at something on a tablet.

Rachel chuckled. Emma looked back at her grinning too. “I don’t think anyone has ever talked to the GM’s daughter like that before,” Rachel explained her good mood. “She is one spoiled brat. Chris refuses to date her. She has asked him so many times, but he keeps telling her ‘no.’ ”

“She’s the general manager’s daughter?” Emma spoke with surprise and dread. “I shouldn’t have talked to her like that. The GM will be mad at Chris because of me.”

“No he won’t. He knows what a terror his daughter is. He loves Chris for not taking her out. Don’t worry about it.”


“Yes. Now tell me, how did you and Chris meet?”

Emma looked away from the cheerful woman. Now would come the moment of truth. Chris said to be honest about their relationship if asked. However, she liked Rachel and didn’t want to face her judgment.

Maybe she won’t judge, Emma tried to think positively. Maybe she’ll understand.

What if she doesn’t, she asked herself?

What do you have to lose? You’ve only just met her. If she can’t handle the truth about you and Chris then she’s not worth having in your life.

“When Chris was going away to LSU,” she began reluctantly turning back to look at Rachel who gave her undivided attention. “His parents didn’t like having an empty house. He was an only child. So they adopted a little girl. I was eight when they took me in.”

Emma searched Rachel’s face for an indication of how the woman felt about what she had revealed. Her smile never wavered.

“Chris met me right before heading to LSU and then one more time when he came home for Christmas before heading out here to play for the Pumas,” Emma continued hesitantly. “I graduated from high school this year and was accepted into a couple of universities here in California. Mom and dad thought I should go visit them and … spend some time with my brother.”

Rachel kept smiling.

“So I came out here two weeks ago and … we …” Emma’s voice trailed off unsure of what to say happened.

“You fell in love!” Rachel finished for her enthusiastically. “That is so romantic. Was it love at first sight?”

“Almost,” Emma answered honestly. She was surprised by Rachel’s response. Had she not been listening to what she had said?

“What are the odds of his parents finding you for him?” Rachel questioned. “That is so cool.”

“I don’t know that they found me for him,” Emma began tentatively.

“Are you kidding? You’re the one,” Rachel said softly. “I know Chris and to have spent two weeks with you and only you is a commitment that he wants to keep. You aren’t boring him and that’s the best compliment a man like Chris could give to a woman.”

“How do you know Chris?” Emma asked curious at this woman’s seemingly intimate knowledge of him.

“Don’t worry darling, we weren’t in a relationship together. No I’m more of a big sister to him. My husband is the quarterback coach so he and Chris spend a lot of time together. So I get to spend a lot of time with Chris too. His first year here in LA, he was over at our house every day for lunch or dinner. He finally got his bearings in the big city and he didn’t come nearly as often. But he still shows up at least once a month to eat and talk.”

“It’s nice that he has you both to be with,” Emma said sincerely. “Mom and dad worry about him so, being out here alone with no family nearby.”

“I like to think of the team as a family. There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for each other.”

“How sweet.”

“It’s a good place to work.”

“Can I ask you something?” Emma said after a moment of silence between them.

“Sure darling.”

“Doesn’t it bother you that Chris and I are brother and sister?” she questioned softly.

“But you aren’t brother and sister biologically or experience wise.”

Emma nodded her head slowly. “I worry that people will think ill of Chris because of our – relationship.”

“Screw them!” Rachel said wholeheartedly. “You’re not breaking any laws, legally or morally. There’s nothing wrong with your relationship.”

“I hope people feel that way, especially the Puma owners and his sponsors.”

“Shouldn’t be any problem with the team. The sponsors … that might get a little dicey.”

“I hate doing this to him.”

“You aren’t doing anything to him,” Rachel scolded her. “You’re both adults making your own choices about the relationship. He has as much to own as you do. He clearly has made up his mind, since he brought you out here to meet the team.”

“He says he doesn’t care about the public’s reaction.”

“Then you shouldn’t either.”

Emma smiled relaxed for once. It felt good to be affirmed by Rachel.

“So while you are here, let me introduce you to the rest of the girls and Jack.”

“Jack?” Emma sounded.

“Yes. He’s Adam Palmera’s husband, an offensive lineman.”

“Oh. Cool. I’d love to meet everyone.”

“Come on then.”

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