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Chapter 25

“Chris one thing Sara said worries me.”

“What was that?” he asked concerned that she had listened to anything that bitch had to say.

They were back home, after their outing to the restaurant. When they had gone out to the valet to reclaim his Bentley, the paparazzi had been there in full force. He had taken her back into the restaurant until the valet showed up with the car.

Trying his best to shield her from the cameras, he quickly got her into the car and buckled up. He pushed his way through the mob and got them away from the vultures swiftly. Saying he was sorry to her didn’t calm his anger at what had happened. By tonight, everyone in the world would know about Emma. Perhaps not the details of her relationship with him but those would come out eventually too. He wanted to protect her from all that but knew he couldn’t. All he could do was reassure her constantly that he loved her and nothing else mattered.

Now she sat next to him on the glider out on the deck. She was still fully clothed, as he had realized that when he kept her naked at home, he couldn’t keep his hands off of her curves. Tucking her feet underneath her she turned to face him. Her face was full of uncertainty and fear. He waited patiently for her to talk.

“She knew that you hadn’t … taken me yet,” she finally stuttered out. “How did she know that you … didn’t want to, fuck me?”

“What?” Chris asked confused. “Who said I didn’t want to fuck you?”

“She said that you hadn’t – fucked me because you didn’t want to be near me that … intimately. Because I’m so – fat.”

“You believe her?” he asked his voice going flat.

“I – I don’t know,” she answered honestly trying to maintain his scrutiny. “You haven’t … entered me. I wonder – why.”

“If you wonder why, you should ask me,” he said frowning. “You don’t have to believe what other people think about how I feel.”

“I’m afraid to ask you.”

“Why? Are you scared of me?”

“No, no. I’m not scared of you. I’m afraid of your answer.”

“Because you think that you know the answer already?”

She nodded her head and whispered “yes.”

“Let’s have a new rule,” he said sitting up straighter and taking one of her hands in his. “No assumptions anymore. I don’t want you to assume anything more about me. If you’re unsure ask. Can you do that baby girl?”

“Yes. I’m sorry to – think that you don’t … want me.”

“Have I acted like I didn’t want you? Do you think I went down on you because I hated tasting your pussy?”

“No sir,” she said deferentially.

“Did you think the fact that I can’t keep from touching your luscious body all the time is an hallucination?”

“No sir.”

“Then why did you think I didn’t want you? Why did you believe Sara?”

“I know how – disgusting I am. I – I’m damaged goods and not – pretty.”

“What do I think about you?” he asked, trying to reign in his anger. He wasn’t angry with her. He hated her parents and the men that raped her. They had left her wounded and scarred. Bullies like Sara kept reopening her wounds. Thankfully she was finally standing up to them.

“You …”

“What baby girl?” he encouraged gently.

“You don’t think I’m damaged?”

“Is that a question or a statement?” he asked making her be very clear about what she said and believed.

“You don’t think I’m damaged. You – want me.”

“Yes I do. Why do I want you?”

“Uh – you think I’m – sexy …”

He smiled at her answer. “Sexy, smart, kind and gorgeous,” he finished for her.

God he loved her innocence and humbleness. She was blushing at his words and sentiments. Cupping her head he stroked her cheek tenderly with his thumb. Her skin was flush beneath his touch.

“You need to hold onto that baby girl,” he told her his voice low and compelling. “Don’t ever forget that Emma.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“As for why I haven’t taken you yet,” he began, lowering his fingers from her head to her breast. He loved how responsive her body was to him. Almost immediately her nipple pebbled so hard, she whimpered. “I want very badly to fuck you, to sink myself into your softness. Don’t ever doubt that. I haven’t because I want you to be very sure about us being together. As far as I am concerned you’re a virgin and you need to be particular about to whom you give that gift little one.”

“I want you,” she rasped, her words sending a jolt of electricity down to his dick. Her eyes sparkled with desire. “Please Daddy. I need you. I love you.”

“Are you sure Emma?”

“Yes. I’ve never been so sure of anything Chris. Please make love to me.”

“Ok, baby girl. I love you. Hold onto that. Come with me.”

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