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Chapter 26

Emma moaned softly as Chris washed her hair. He massaged her scalp with the right amount of pressure to make her want to swoon under his fingers, yet again. They were in the huge tub that was in the master bathroom. Bubbles nearly overflowed onto the floor.

After slowly undressing her, leaving kisses on her flesh along the way, he had picked her up and brought her in to the shower. Rubbing soap all over her with his bare hands, he had cleaned up her every possible nook, cranny and crevice. She had returned the favor.

It had been so intoxicating to finally feel his body beneath her hands. She slowly stroked every muscle she found, marveling at the hardness encased in his supple skin. Running her fingers around the ‘v’ at his sides causing him to shudder, she felt a corresponding shiver in her own body.

Just as he had worshipped her, so she worshipped him. She could spend a whole day adoring his cock. To say he was big, bigger than any she could remember would not do him justice. Majestic, powerful, awe-inspiring were the words she would use to describe his manhood.

After letting her hold him in her hands for a few seconds, he pulled them away and placed her hands on his ass. She leaned into him, laying her cheek against his rock hard abs, his erection pressed up against her throat and chest. Nuzzling him, she heard and felt a growl rush through his body. It was nice to know that he was as affected by her as she was by him.

Sliding her wet body up his, rubbing herself against him like a cat, she slowly stood and embraced him to her. He was so solid and real. Never had she thought she could be this intimate with a man so incredible.

Before they exited the shower for the tub, he had her sit on the bench installed into the wall of the shower. Spreading her legs he brought a can of shaving cream and a razor to her womanhood. He had been so gentle as he cleaned up her pussy, no his pussy. It had not been sexual but soothing. Stroking her in a comforting way as he pulled the razor across her ultra sensitive skin, she felt taken care of. Her daddy was grooming her.

Like he now did by washing her hair. He rinsed the shampoo out and then settled into the tub, pulling her toward him. Molding her softness to his hard body, they both sighed as they settled into each other’s presence.

They reclined there lost in each other’s scent and feel until the water began to cool. Chris led her back to the shower, where he rinsed off her and himself one more time. After wrapping her in a big fluffy towel and himself in a small one around his waist, he sat her down at the vanity and pulled out a hair dryer.

As he dried her hair, she again had that delightful feeling of being cared for by her daddy. She relaxed under his sure ministrations. Was this how it would have felt if her parents had cared for and not pimped her out? This sense of security had never existed in her life. Even with the Carringtons she hadn’t experienced such safety and affirmation. It almost made her cry the intensity of emotions she was suffering from. Anger, fear and love all cycled through her heart and mind.

When he finished with drying her hair, he began to brush it. It gave her chills as the bristles moved through her thick black hair. Chris’ touch was light. The one time her mother had done anything with her hair, she had hurt her little self so badly, she never went back to the woman. Heavenly is how she would describe having someone taking care with her now.

“Beautiful,” he said softly after finishing and kissed the top of her head. She flashed a contented smile at him in the mirror. As she watched him, his gaze turned from attention to desire. His jaw tightened with need and his nostrils flared taking in more oxygen. “Up little one,” he commanded her curtly.

She obeyed without a second thought. Her body started to quiver in anticipation of what he would do to her tonight. Her attraction to him overcame her fear of having him inside her. He was so big, she wondered at how he could ever fit within her. It had hurt so much when she was younger and much smaller when the adult men penetrated her. Always, she bled as they took her.

Even though she was an adult now, she wondered at how painful it would be to take in his rather large cock. To some extent it didn’t matter. She wanted him inside her. She needed him to fuck her, claim her as his. Only then would she be able to truly rest in their relationship because she would know that they were compatible in all the ways necessary between a man and a woman.

“Take off that towel,” he told her. She let it slip off. While he lingered over her body in the mirror, she too checked out his muscular form. When their eyes finally met, they both could see the other’s cupidity for them. It took her breath away, the longing in his face. He had a hunger for her, as did she for him. Tonight they would both be satisfied.

Before she could react, he had picked her up and was carrying her to the huge bed in his room. It could easily sleep four people. Fleetingly she wondered how many women he had in this bed at one time.

When he put her down on the mattress, she nearly moaned out loud from the hedonistic feeling of the silken sheets on her skin. They were even turning her on. She was primed for him, needing him now!

He flipped off the towel around his narrow waist and climbed into bed next to her. Kissing her passionately, he ran his hands all over her body, awaking ever nerve she had. He pinched her nipples firmly raising her pain receptors sharply. But then he moved his warm, moist mouth to the hard pebbles to soothe away the hurt with his tongue.

Goosebumps rose all over her as he kissed his way down her belly. No man had ever touched her like Chris did. He was gentle and sweet, but also demanding and possessive. Caring as much if not more about her sweet release than his own, he always made sure she had orgasms multiple times before finally leaving her body in peace.

But tonight he would have his own shattering orgasm. She’d do everything in her power to make sure he never wanted to be without her. Having little to no experience in how to please a man she was a little worried.

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