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Chapter 27

She was his downfall. He couldn’t resist her and had given up trying to. Every time his lips and tongue tasted her, he fed his addiction to her. To hear her come apart was all that he longed for now. What was happening to him?

Never had he felt like this with a woman. He had a mild interest in fucking them but not a need to do so. Keeping himself in check these past two weeks had been torture but he needed to make sure she was willing and able to give him her body. Too many had already taken it without her permission. He would be damned if he put himself in league with her past. No he coveted her longing to be with him and him only. Having her ask him to fuck her was what he had been waiting to hear before actually taking her.

As he lapped at her pussy, her fingers in his hair caused chills to run across his skin. He was going to enjoy letting her touch him. When she had held his cock in her hands he had no way of understanding how right it felt to be in her grip. Cupping his balls like they were precious jewels, he hadn’t realized how the usual women in his life crowed over the size of his cock but never could bring out more than a tepid interest in them.

His cock was always at least semi hard when Emma was nearby. Her scent could take him from flaccid to engorged with only a few inhalations. Tasting her wet pussy placated his hunger for her somewhat. Tonight however he would find total satisfaction with her.

He still needed to feed from her. Her wet juices only sharpened his appetite for her even more. Holding her hips still, to keep them from grinding up into his face, he only made the fingertip bruises already there deeper. With her hands free she was able to push his face into her pussy. Realizing that he would gladly suffocate on her cunt if it meant bringing her to utter abandon, he stepped up his licking and nibbling on her sensitive flesh.

Growling when he heard her scream her heady release, he opened his mouth wide to take in all the juices flooding out of her. He drank from her like she was a stream in the desert. Worrying at her again, he brought her to another and another orgasm. She had let go of his head and now lay limply on the bed, all her limbs boneless.

Still between her legs, he got up on his knees. He loved watching her afterglow. Her trust in him was at the highest during these times. He could do anything to her and she would consent. He had put nipple and clitoris clips on her. Typing her up in intricate designs, he had bent her body in so many submissive and tortuous ways. The massive vibrator he put on her clit and left on for hours, as she hung from the metal bars in his playroom while he watched her come again and again had nearly made her unconscious from such prolonged inebriating play.

Spanking her was only used for discipline. That didn’t keep him from flogging her upper back or taking his riding crop to that delicious ass and pussy of hers. Hearing her cry out in pain and then moan with pleasure nearly did him in many times. But he had maintained his control and kept from taking her even as she laid spread open to him every night.

He crawled up her body until he hovered over her, the only contact between them the heat of their flesh radiating out to the other.

“Emma,” he called softly. Slowly she blinked her eyes open and returned from subspace. She smiled shyly at him. “Are you back with me baby girl?”

“Yes Daddy,” she whispered. “I’m here.”

“Very good. I want you to tell me what you want.”

“I want you sir,” she answered quickly. She grabbed his shoulders with her hands. “I need you sir. Please don’t make me wait anymore.”

“What do you want me to do?” he asked needing her to say the words so they both knew what would happen and to remind her that she had all the control. She always did even when she was restrained. All she would have to do to make him stop was utter her safe word. She had yet to do so.

He smiled at her face reddened with shyness. “I want you to – make love to me,” she spoke very clearly but softly. “I need your – cock in my pussy sir.”

“You have me wrapped around your little finger princess. Whatever my little one wants, she should get,” he drawled seductively. He loved the sound of her giggle. It signified that she was in her little girl place, the one that believed in him totally. She was definitely Daddy’s little girl.

As he kissed her passionately, one hand grabbed the back of her knee and pulled her leg up and out. He repeated the same action on the other leg. He spread her wide for him. Rubbing his dick against her outer lips, he lubricated himself with her sweet honey. His body pulsed with desire when she wrapped her arms around his torso. Letting her touch him was the acute distraction he thought it would be. In order to keep his total concentration on her pleasure, he had kept her restrained.

Tonight however he wanted to give her the freedom to push him away if it became too much for her. He wanted their first time together to be as equals since nobody had ever treated her like that when they had raped her. But damned if it wasn’t going to be hard to not lose himself in her caresses.

Breaking their kiss, he looked down at her. Her lips were swollen from his rough capture of her mouth. Her gaze was hazy with desire. He lifted himself up on his hands to get better leverage.

“I want you to keep your eyes open and on me princess,” he ordered her. She nodded her head.

“Words baby girl,” he snapped abruptly.

“Yes sir,” she quickly responded.

“Good girl. Do you remember your safe word?”

“Yes sir. Dragon.”

“I love you Emma,” he said his voice breaking on the words. “Don’t ever forget that.”

“I won’t,” she promised. “I love you too.”

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