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Chapter 28

Just by placing his cock at her entrance, she felt her pussy go wet all over again. Her body wanted him so badly. But it was her heart that needed him. He looked down at her with so much tenderness and adoration. For her! Nobody had ever shown her such love and kindness.

A body memory came to the surface when he pushed himself in a slight bit at her opening. She stiffened with fear, remembering someone else who had entered her painfully. Her hands went to his bunched up shoulder muscles getting ready to push him away.

“Emma it’s me,” she heard him say. Her eyes cleared of the painful memory and she saw him staring down at her. He looked worried.

“I – I know it’s you,” she said tremulously. “I’m ok. It’s ok. Please don’t stop.”

He pulled away but then returned quickly, this time a little more pushy with her. Doing this two more times, she gasped when his thick head breached her opening. She pulled him closer to her.

Being absolutely still, he watched her face for any indication of pain. She managed a small wobbly smile. Instead of pulling out, he continued to push inward. Her neck arched as she felt him invade her, stretching her wider.

Feeling her body want to resist him, she reached up, grabbed his head and kissed him. The taste of her pussy in his mouth made her moan and relax ever so slightly. He lowered himself even deeper into her.

She began to pant with the effort of keeping herself calm as he buried himself slowly into her tight channel. “Oh God!” she cried out with the delicious friction between her legs. Feeling his entire girth and length entering her was breathtaking. All the times before she had left her body to the men hurting it. But this time she remained present with Chris, her lover, her brother. His love wouldn’t hurt her.

Sweat sprang up on both their foreheads. They were both trying so hard to keep control over themselves. The raw power of their need scared each of them. It scrabbled at the veneer of their humanity.

Before long, she felt his balls hit her asshole. Looking up at him for affirmation that he was entirely within her, she saw his eyes light up with happiness.

“You fit,” she said with awe. “I can’t believe your fit.”

“Oh baby,” he rasped, kissing her on the forehead. “You feel incredible.”

“I do?”

“Yes baby. So fucking tight and soft. How does it feel for you? Are you in any pain?”

“No sir,” she answered swiftly. “I feel – full. Stretched, but no hurt.”

“Good,” he breathed relieved. “You let me know if I’m hurting you.”

“I will but you aren’t.”

He reached down and kissed her with fierce longing. His tongue knocked at her lips to be let in. When he pushed into her mouth, he ran it along her tongue. He retreated and at the same time, he pulled out of her. Not all the way, but enough to cause some friction inside her pussy walls. When his tongue entered her mouth again, he pushed himself back inside her. Slowly he continued to coordinate his mouth and his dick to a rhythm that was devastating her.

“Ok?” he asked pulling away from her mouth.

Her eyes started to fill with tears. His care for her was so genuine. Instead of taking from her, he was trying to give back to her, to give back her body, heart and mind. He saw her past as something to reclaim and let go of, not get stuck in and drown. Every move of his pelvis against her, took ownership of her back from the former days of her childhood.

“Fuck me Chris,” she whispered desperation making her words ragged. “Fuck me hard.”

“Yes princess,” he agreed with a devastating smile.

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