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Chapter 29

“Harder,” she cried out.

“Do not tempt me princess,” he managed to get out. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Hurt me!” she panted in frustration. “Please Chris, make me yours.”

He groaned low and deep in his chest at her words. That was precisely what he needed to do, mark her as his and brand her with his scent and seed. Make her forever his. His compulsion to do so was irrational but he didn’t care. All he knew at that moment was that he needed to be her only memory of fucking.

Pulling one leg up against her side, he opened her up even more. He slowed his thrusts but made each one count, battering his way into her body, until he felt the head of his cock bang against her cervix. She felt it too and cried out to God.

Her pussy felt so suffocating and warm. She was all he had dreamed she’d be. Her clenching muscles didn’t want to let go of him, grasping at his cock whenever he moved away from her heated core.

Sweat from his exertions poured off his body, dripping down onto her. She gleamed with her own moisture. As he pounded into her, her nails dug into his back so deeply he moaned with the pain and pleasure of her touch.

Both of them were having trouble breathing. Every time he slammed into her, her breath hitched. He had to remind himself to keep control when all he wanted to do was fuck her senseless. Trying to keep his breath even and his movements precise, he watched her face as he made love to her.

Her gaze was piercing. She stared at him with those big brown eyes like he was the only person in the world. Drowning in those dark pools, he realized he didn’t care to save himself.

He felt her hands slide down to his sides, as he picked up the pace. She clutched at him, letting him ride her hard. Hearing her chant “yes” over and over again drove him to thrust into her faster and harder.

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