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Chapter 33

What are you doing here?”

Emma’s face scrunched up in disgust. She had hoped to avoid Sara this afternoon. They were in the owner’s box for the first game of the season. Not wanting to be there, Chris had insisted she make it to this one game at least.

He had dressed her in a flirty white wrap dress. It hugged her curves beautifully highlighting her tits and ass. The six-inch strappy heels showed off her legs. The entire ensemble made her golden skin glow even brighter. She always had gorgeous caramel colored skin. The warm California sun darkened her to a rich gold.

Her hair fell in loose waves. She didn’t need to wear any make-up, her skin youthfully flawless. There was no mistaking why Chris was attracted to her. At least too most people.

She turned to face Sara, who wore a silver one-piece jumper that plunged deeply to her waist. All that was visible however was a very flat chest and stomach. Nevertheless she was beautiful, her tall figure giving her legs for miles. Unfortunately her face was pinched with revulsion and jealousy.

“The same reason you are here,” Emma answered lightly. “Watching the game.”

“You could have dressed up like every decent woman that is here.”

Emma tried to keep the smile on her face, but it was becoming difficult with every word the other woman was saying. She reminded herself that Chris hadn’t been able to keep his hands off of her while he dressed her. He almost had her change into something more – frumpy, when he realized how sexy she looked. He didn’t want other men looking at his woman.

“You look nice,” she complimented Sara. “Not everyone can wear something like – that.”

“You mean this Dolce and Gabbana jumper?” she sneered. “Some of us can afford to buy luxury. As well as be able to wear it.”

“True. Some of us aren’t shaped like clothes hangers.” Emma retorted.

Emma relaxed when she heard Rachel’s trilling laughter. The older woman had joined the two younger women. “Hello Emma,” she said hugging her. “It’s so good to see you here for the first game of the season. I’m sure Chris appreciates having you close by. Sara did you bring a date today?”

Sara huffed, turned and left them without another word.

Rachel rolled her eyes as the other woman left. “Don’t mind her,” she told Emma.

“I won’t. How are you Rachel?”

“Just wonderful!”

The two women spent the entire game talking to each other. Rachel would introduce her to everyone who came up to them. Most were polite, some even friendly but none stuck around to talk.

Toward the end of the game, Rachel went to the restroom, leaving Emma alone. Sara appeared with two of the football player’s wives. All of them looked down at her condescendingly.

“Why are you still here?” Sara jeered. “You have to know you don’t belong. I know who you are.”

That spiked Emma’s fear. “What do you mean?” she asked trying to keep the tremble out of her voice.

“Oh you know exactly what I mean. Do I have to say it out loud? You and Chris being more intimately related.”

“What do you want from me?” Emma asked tired of dealing with his woman.

“You need to leave Chris, California. You’re going to bring him down.”

“I’m not going anywhere. I love Chris and he loves me.”

Sara and the other women laughed as if they had heard the funniest joke in their lives. “Yeah right,” she finally managed to get out in between snickers. “Why would Chris love you? I’m surprised he can stand looking at you.”

“He loves my body. I have something to look at unlike … some.”

“You have fat to look at.”

“Tits and ass are hard to miss, unless they don’t exist of course.”

“You’re perverted,” she stated with quiet anger. “You perverted him.”

Emma saw the cold judgment on the other woman’s face. She was done with this bitch. “Go to hell,” she said and then pushed her way through the trio to leave.

Emma managed to keep the tears in until she got to Chris’ home. She stripped off the pretty dress and shoes, feeling like a dolled up pig. Naked she huddled under the covers of his bed.

What was she going to do? Sara wasn’t going to keep their secret for long. It would all come out. Would everybody think she had perverted Chris? Was that how it happened?

She shook her head. “No,” she whispered. They had fallen in love with each other. Chris loved her. He thought she was beautiful and smart.

Their summer together had been the best time of her short life. He had pampered her, cared for her, loved her. He had wanted her love too. They had found each other and it was a once in a lifetime relationship.

Every day he proved to her how much he loved her. She didn’t need to doubt him. Surely people would understand how right their love was despite how they had started out together in life?


She quickly sat up wondering how long she had been wallowing in self-pity. He was home. “In the bedroom!” she called out weakly.

He rushed in and sat next to her on the bed. He grabbed her head gently and stared into her eyes. “Are you ok?” he asked with great concern evident on his face. “Rachel told me you had left in a hurry right after talking with Sara. What did that bitch say to you?”

“She knows about us,” Emma told him. “That we’re brother and sister.”

“Ok. That’s ok,” he tried to reassure. “It’ll be good to have it out there finally. Emma I don’t want you to worry about this. No little girl of mine should worry about such things. I will take care of you.”

“Chris I want to believe you. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You could never hurt me baby girl. We’re in this together. As long as we hold onto each other we can survive anything. Right Emma?”

“Yes Daddy.”

He pulled her in tight. “We are going to be all right, I promise little one.”

She nodded her head. He didn’t push her to use her words.

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