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Chapter 37

“Come here little one,” Chris said quietly, pulling her onto his lap. She laid her head against his shoulder. She took a deep breath and let it out raggedly. It seemed like it had been a long time since she had done that. Her entire body relaxed against his hard one. Remembering how he used to hold her after they had made love, he had to restrain tears from flowing at the sweetness of finally being back with her.

They had just put Christopher down for a nap. The three of them had spent the morning coloring and reading, as well as learning how to print his name. While Chris took Christopher outside into their fenced in back yard to kick a soccer ball around with Bruno, Emma made some sandwiches for lunch. After they finished eating, Christopher fell fast asleep in his bed.

“I missed you Emma,” he told her honestly as they sat on the couch together. “I looked for you but couldn’t find you. Oh baby please promise you’ll never run away like that again.”

“They said they would hurt you. I couldn’t let them do that. And then they threatened Christopher.”

“Tell me who they are.”

“They say they are football ‘boosters.’ They help take care of ‘problems’ for players and teams.”

“Who sent them to you?”

“They never said.”

“How do you know they are watching you?”

“Every month they send – pictures of us, taken while we were at the grocery store or at the park.”

“You don’t have to worry about them anymore,” he said hugging her tightly. “I’m here now to take care of you and Christopher.”

“Chris if you want to … take Christopher and go back to your life in LA, I’ll understand. I know you’re seeing a – woman. They said it was very serious. I don’t want to – I understand you’ve moved on. Now that you know about Christopher, I know you can probably take better care of him than I can and it’s been selfish of me to keep him from you. I didn’t want him to not know me. But I know it’s me they don’t want in your life.”

He pulled her away from him in order to look her in the eye. Controlling his anger, he spoke softly but steely, “I am here for both of you. Nicole doesn’t mean anything to me. She never did. Who told you it was serious?”

“They did. They sent me pictures of the two of you. You looked very happy. I was glad you had found someone you could love in public.”

“Look at me Emma,” he snapped when her gaze wandered from his. She obeyed immediately. “I never loved Nicole. She was just a warm body. I was devastated when you disappeared. I am so sorry I didn’t protect you Emma from those bastards and what they did to you.”

Her eyes widened in surprise. “You know?” she whispered.

“Yes baby girl. I saw them raping you on the security stream. I should have been there to stop them.”

“You were at practice. How could you know?”

“I said I would keep you safe. You were my little girl, as your daddy I should have kept you safe.”

She shook her head. “I – I never blamed you Chris. I realize now how much stress I was putting on you. Stress you didn’t deserve. You needed a woman that could make your life easier not harder. Nicole seems like she’s real good for you. She’s very pretty and just your type.”

“But boring as hell. I never loved her Emma. You made my life wonderful. I’m not letting you out of my sight from now on.”

“You can’t say that Chris.”

“I already have Emma. You and Christopher are coming back home with me.”

“No I can’t –”

“Yes you can and you will, even if it means I have to tie you up and carry you onboard my jet. I think I’ll have a pretty hard time explaining to Christopher why I had to do that but I won’t let that stop me.”

He smiled when he heard her giggle. There was his little girl. He hadn’t lost her entirely. It would probably take patience but he would get her to come out and play.

Kissing her forehead, his lips wandered down to the tip of her nose and then both cheeks. He lingered over her mouth, gently applying pressure, not wanting to scare her with his overwhelming need for her.

As his tongue swiped at her lips, he heard her whimper and then she allowed him entrance. He savored the taste of her. It had been too long. Slowly, sensually he explored her like he wanted to do to her petals below. He groaned with satisfaction when she took up the dance with her tongue. At first she was hesitant but then grew bolder as he encouraged her. Her hand came up to fist itself in his longer than usual hair. Quickly the passion of their kiss grew more heated and physical. They were devouring each other.

He moved his hands along her thigh. He grunted with annoyance because she was wearing jeans. There was no easy access to what he needed. His fingers made short work of her button and zipper. Soon he was feeling her striped skin beneath his hand. She had lost a lot of weight, he thought with worry. Gone were most of her curves. He would have to soften her up again.

When his hand cupped her mound, she sighed. He pulled away in order to look at her. “Mine,” he growled.

“Yes,” she whispered, her eyes sparkling with love. “Always yours.”

“Damn right,” he said softly but full of emotion. “I am never losing you again little one. Never.”

“Never,” she echoed quietly, her voice slightly stunned.

He could understand. She had been without him for four years and probably had written him off. Not any more, he thought. She was stuck with him. Even without their child, he would still be taking her home with him. He had missed her, his heart broken by the loss of her. Redoubling his efforts on the field as a way to get out all his anger and frustration had helped him take his team to the Super Bowl two years in a row. It had been a hollow victory both times, as he had no one to share the celebration with, more specifically, he didn’t have Emma at his side.

His long fingers easily found her clit. He loved feeling it get hard as he caressed it. She began to squirm beneath his touch, her body going tight and hot. They maintained eye contact as he brought her to the precipice. Despite the fact that she looked starved for release, he pulled back before letting her fall over into orgasm. He needed her to come in his mouth. It had been too long since he had last tasted her. His hunger grew ferocious as he smelled how excited she was.

Laying her down on the couch, he slid down pulling her jeans and panties with him. He ripped them off of her then grabbed her ankles bringing them together. As he lifted her legs into the air, his hand glided down her calves to the back of her knees. There he held her up, exposing that pretty pink cunt to him. She was already wet and puffy. The scent of her sex was intoxicating. He felt his cock grow hard at the sight of her moist pussy. His body had never felt this alive, even when he had thrown the winning touchdown at the last Super Bowl. This felt like he had an electric current humming through his blood stream. Every part of him tingled with anticipation.

Slurping up her pussy lips, he grunted with supreme masculine gratification when she cried out softly, so as to not wake the baby. Getting her back to his bed so he could make her scream would be so fulfilling to his male ego.

Nibbling her petals delicately, he savored the taste and touch of her. He liked that she kept herself shaved, even though she thought she would never see him again. She hadn’t been in the habit of doing so until he took over grooming her. He loved being able to feel her smoothness beneath his lips and against his cheeks. It was such a heady sensation.

Her hips bucked when his tongue entered her damp channel. Notwithstanding having given birth to a baby, she was still so very tight. As he moved in and out of her, she placed a hand over her mouth to keep her cries muffled.

Splaying her pussy lips with two fingers, he moved his tongue all around her sex, into every crevice and valley. The lower half of his face was covered in her honey. He slithered his tongue down to her tight bud and rimmed it. Her moans announced her coming orgasm. It was sweetest sound he had ever heard. Moving back to her hot slit, he took one last swipe from the bottom to the top and then pulled back, causing tendrils of her juices to stretch out from her body to his mouth.

“Emma,” he commanded quietly. “Come for me.”

He slapped her pussy hard, making sure he caught her clit directly. Putting his mouth back on her opening, he drank in her liquid love as she finally took her release. His fingers gripped her bucking hips keeping her in place so she didn’t fall off the couch. The muscles of her cunt grasped at his inadequately sized tongue. She screamed into her hand, barely containing the sound.

After letting go of her legs, they fell carelessly to either side of his shoulders. His hand lay heavy on her lower stomach holding her still as she came so he could continue to work at her. He felt her come a second time. This time is wasn’t so intense; she could whimper her climax.

Removing his hand, her panting heightened his arousal for her. Her smaller tits moved up and down quickly with her breath. She lay languid on the couch having been reduced to a puddle of satisfied desires. He had brought her this gratification. Only he could do so.

He pulled her onto his lap again. Her arms went around his neck and she hugged him tightly. Returning her embrace he held her for the longest time before she let go and sat back to look him in the eye.

A look of fresh hunger took over her countenance. Leaning in she cleaned up his mouth and face with her tongue, like a kitten grooming itself, with tiny licks. He thought he could hear her purring with contentment. When she moved over his lips again, he took hers greedily, aroused by the fact that she could taste herself.

“I love you Emma,” he said, touching his forehead to hers. He gently grabbed her head, running his thumb over and over her cheek. His gaze was intense.

“I love you Chris,” she breathed. His heart constricted with emotion at her words. It had been too long since he had heard those words. For the first time in four years, he was home, in his rightful place in the world, by Emma’s side. No one would drive them apart ever again.

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