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Chapter 39

Chapter 38

Chris watched them disappear behind the curtain that separated the galley from the main compartment.

His woman and his son, he thought overprotectively. He growled at having them out of his sight. Calm down, he told himself. What could happen to them on the plane? If he became overbearing, Emma would struggle against his domination.

Setting boundaries was part of his duty as a daddy. Raising their self-esteem was also within his power and that entailed giving them space to be themselves. Emma had already proven how self-reliant she could be. He couldn’t quench that accomplishment. She should be proud of what she had done, raising a child by herself. Letting her continue in her role as mommy wasn’t something he could take away from her, even if he wanted to.

Their child was well adjusted, sweet and happy. He had her intellect and was already reading beyond his age. Chris would continue the work she was already doing with Christopher.

Chris had noticed the change in Emma. She moved with more self-assurance. No longer cowering in her own skin, her body claimed her place in the world. It was a beautiful sight. She had grown up a lot in the last four years. Would she still be willing to play little to his daddy? Maybe she no longer needed him like that anymore.

It didn’t matter because he was still keeping her. They would adjust their relationship accordingly. Whatever she wanted he would give to her. She was still his princess.

While she was doing a good job of hiding her problems, Chris could see that she was suffering from some serious health issues. Her hands trembled like every thing she did with them took a lot of strength she didn’t have. Her hair was thinning. It was no longer shiny but brittle. She was struggling with walking sometimes. There were times when he held her, she flinched as if she was in pain. She was literally half the woman she had been. He needed to get her to a doctor as soon as they got home.

His phone rang. He debated whether to answer it or not. It was nice not having to deal with the rest of the world for a little while longer. Looking at who it was, he swiped right to answer the call.

“Hello Mr. Carrington,” a deep voice spoke. “It’s Cash Davenport.”

“Hello Mr. Davenport. To what do I owe this conversation?”

“I just wanted you to know that I would be picking you all up at the airport. I have assigned several men to the house, but only I and one other man will be onsite 24/7. We have already set up in the extra bedrooms. I have spoken to the pilot and he tells me the flight will be on time sir.”

“Good,” Chris approved. “What about the investigation? Any new information?”

“No sir. I am still digging. I have found evidence of their existence but nothing specific yet. I hope to have something for you soon.”

“Great. Thank you and I appreciate you personally guarding my girl and boy.”

“Of course sir. I understand the seriousness of the situation. I need to be at their side to keep them safe.”

“Well again thank you. I feel better already about bringing them back home.”

“Rest assured they will be protected.”

“We will see you in a few hours then.”

“Yes sir. Have a good flight.”


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