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Chapter 44

“What are you doing?” Chris barked suspiciously, standing up from the recliner he had been sitting in. “Who are you?”

“I’m Jacob,” the young man answered startled by the big man’s sudden movement and loudness. “I’m here to give the patient a vitamin C booster.”

“I’ve never seen you before,” Chris snarled. “Get away from her!”

“I’m new. Just started here. Sir, Dr. Beeker told me to give her the booster. Right now.” The new nurse reached for Emma’s IV tubing.

Chris reached over Emma’s sleeping form and smacked the syringe out of the man’s hands.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jacob shouted, stepping away from the bed. “I’m getting security.”

“He’s right here,” Chris scoffed. “Go get Dr. Beeker.”

“I will!” He left without picking up the syringe he’d dropped.

“What’s wrong?” Cash asked once the nurse was gone.

“I don’t know him. Vitamin C in already in her IV bag.

Cash stooped down to pick up the syringe. “You think this is some kind of poison?” he asked standing back up. “Why would Dr. Beeker poison her? He has no financial issues.”

“Maybe it’s the ‘new’ nurse?” Chris jeered. “Shouldn’t you go after him?”

Cash spoke into his sleeve where a mike was hidden and waited for a reply.

“He hasn’t left the building,” he informed Chris. “But a man just ditched a white coat in a garbage can and is headed to the employee parking lot.”

“Pick him up!” Cash snapped at his men. “Go get that new nurse!” he ordered the clinic’s security guard assigned to Emma’s door. The guard listened without hesitation.

After a few long minutes, Cash nodded his head to no one in particular. Before he could say anything, the security guard brought Jacob into the room.

“Take him to the safe house,” Cash said into his sleeve. He next turned to the new nurse. “Have you ever met Dr. Beeker before today?”

“No sir. He didn’t interview me. Dr. Berg did.”

“Did Dr. Beeker approach you with this assignment?”

“Yes sir.”

“He was wearing what?”

“Scrubs and a white coat.”

“Did you see a badge?”

“No sir.”

“Come with me.”

Chris was with Christopher and Bruno on the couch when Cash left with the nurse. Thankfully Christopher had been distracted by the commotion but soon enough his book took up all his attention and concentration. Bruno had moved to stand in front of his charge, chuffing low in the back of his throat, warning anyone who was thinking about coming close to his boy. The pit bull relaxed when Chris sat down.

“Daddy?” the little boy asked looking up at his father.

“Yes son?” Chris responded looking down at his son, his face softening with tenderness.

“Mommy’s ok right?”

“Yes Christopher. She’s going to be ok.”

“I miss her.”

“Hopefully it won’t be long now.”


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