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Chapter 45

Six months later …

“You’re so beautiful,” Chris whispered into Emma’s ear. “But I can’t wait to strip you out of that dress and fuck you.”

He chuckled wickedly when he saw her blush. Even now as a married woman, she still could be so innocent. He pulled her in tighter to his hard body, liking how her soft curvy contours molded to him. After three months the doctor had finally released her from the clinic. She had steadily gained back all the weight she had lost plus a little extra. He was so happy to have her back intact.

“I wish we could be alone,” she told him looking up at him. “I love all this but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.”

“Just lean on me baby girl. Daddy will take care of you.”

He heard her sigh as she laid her head against his chest. All around them other couples slow danced to a 90’s Toni Braxton song. Catching sight of Christopher he smiled at his son as he sat with their parents. He had taken off the jacket of his tuxedo but still had kept on the vest and bowtie. Bruno, his faithful companion, sat next to him in his own vest and bowtie.

His son had been the cutest ring bearer. Another teammate’s daughter was the flower girl. Jackson had been his best man. Rachel was Emma’s matron of honor. Mom and dad had given Emma away.

It had been a short but sweet ceremony. Not many people were invited. The reception however was packed. The whole team and its staff were there. Except for the general manager and his daughter. They were in county lock up awaiting their trial on murder in the first degree.

Cash had beaten it out of the imposter, Dr. Beeker. He had not been one of the original trio that had raped and gotten Emma out of LA. Nor had he been one of her keepers in New Orleans. He had been hired when word got out that Emma was back in town. His specific task was to kill Emma. Evidently Sara was tired of dealing with her.

Chris didn’t know what possessed Sara to think that by getting rid of Emma, she could then have him. The four years that Emma was gone, Sara had tried many times to get him to begin a relationship with her, but he had always deflected her advances. She had tried to before Emma left but he knew better than to sleep with the GM’s daughter who also was a bit psychopathic herself. It never occurred to him that her actions had a deeper meaning like she and her father had been the ones to contact the freelance mob guys to “take care” of Emma. It was unbelievable that the general manager had indulged her crazy schemes. The man always seemed to appreciate Chris keeping his distance from his daughter.

First they had wanted her relocated and kept away from Chris. But then she had returned and they had progressed to hiring an actual hit man who could make it look like she had died from natural causes.

“Dr. Beeker” made a deal with the district attorney for his testimony and recorded conversations with the GM and his daughter. Before Emma was even out of the clinic, the two of them had been arrested and locked up, any bail denied.

Once they were behind bars and Emma was released from the clinic’s care, Chris asked her to marry him. He had taken her back to Venice Beach, this time with Christopher and Bruno. At sunset, as they sat together on the sand watching glorious colors light up the sky, he pulled both Emma and Christopher into an embrace. Telling them both that he loved them and couldn’t imagine his life without them, he pulled a light blue box out of his jacket pocket and handed it to Emma. Her eyes widened when she saw the large marquise cut diamond engagement ring nestled in its silk lining.

She had looked up at him with those dark brown eyes, sparkling with joy and agreed to marry him without a moment’s hesitation. He hated to admit it but he had teared up when she had said yes. It was a relief. Now with no threat hanging over her head, she could take Christopher and start a new life without fear. As hard as it would have been to give them up he would not have trapped her in a relationship with him. They wouldn’t have been totally out of his life. He would insist on having joint custody of their son. However it would have been hard seeing Emma even in that limited way. It would be hell if he ever found out she was seeing another man.

That didn’t matter anymore. Now she was his completely and he would do everything in his power to keep her by his side. Nothing would ever separate them again.

While there were still some constituencies in society that thought their marriage was an abomination to God, most of his public seemed happy for him. His sponsors had not pulled out so he assumed that meant that most if not all of his fans were ok with their relationship. He really didn’t care. He had made more than enough money to take care of his family including their parents.

Now they were going to cut the cake, throw the bouquet and garter and hopefully get the hell out of the hotel ballroom and up to the penthouse suite soon. It had been six months since they had made love or had any type of sex. He hadn’t bothered her while she was in recovery at the clinic. Once she got home, it took her a while to get back into the swing of things with Christopher, leaving her exhausted most nights and not really up to anything more strenuous than sleep.

The lack of sex didn’t bother him. He was just as content to hold her in his arms while she slept as he was fucking her. But this was their wedding night. His need for her seemed to know how special this night was in their relationship. He wanted to show her how much he loved her body, heart and soul.

He wondered how he could move things along.

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