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Chapter 46

“Finally alone with my princess,” Chris murmured as he nipped Emma’s earlobe. After rushing through the last hour at hyper speed, they had left their guests still partying in the ballroom with the DJ. Slipping out they took a staff elevator to the penthouse and quickly entered their honeymoon suite.

The Pumas were in the middle of the football season so they couldn’t go away for their honeymoon just yet. Instead they settled for a weekend alone at the Ritz-Carlton. Their parents were watching Christopher and Bruno.

Emma squealed with delight when Chris picked her up and stalked over to the master bedroom. He slid her down his body as he put her down on her feet, trapping her between the bed and his hard frame. Emma’s nipples hardened as his tuxedo vest’s rough texture scraped across her tits. Looking up at him, her eyes wide with need, Chris couldn’t help but want to dive into those deep brown pools of desire. He couldn’t think of a better way to die.

“I love this dress,” he said his voice low and seductive. “It’s quite lovely. Simple but elegant, like you. But you don’t need it anymore, now that you are away from all the guys’ leering eyes.”

“I doubt very much that any man tonight has been leering at me,” she deflected his jealousy with a giggle. “They all knew you would beat them if they even looked at me with anything other than kindness.”

She smiled when he chuckled knowingly. Closing her eyes, she shivered when he looped his finger underneath one of her spaghetti straps and pulled it off her shoulder. Having her hands on his hips caught the dress from falling completely off her. His calloused hand gently grabbing her exposed breast made her whimper.

“Perfect,” he told her as his hand cupped her overflowing tit. As his fingers pinched and rolled her nipple she grew louder. She was so caught up in his ministrations that she didn’t realize he had dropped her other strap off her shoulder until she felt coolness spread across her slow burning body.

Now both his hands came up to cup her voluminous flesh. She pushed into his hot palms.

“So beautiful,” he said, leaning down to capture a dusky nipple in his mouth. He laved it with his hot moist tongue. Sucking hard he pulled at her lushness until she cried out from the pleasurable tugging. Letting go of her, he laid a trail of kisses in between her breasts before turning to her other tit in order to pay it some much-needed attention.

Emma dropped her hands from his hips and let her wedding dress fall to the floor in a puddle of white silk at their feet. Standing naked before him she felt a little of the old insecurity bubble up. She had gained weight in the last six months. She was no longer skinny. Would he still think her sexy?

At the moment he seemed too busy sucking roughly at her breast to have even noticed she was nude before him. Every insistent pull on her breast had a corresponding warming in her pussy. His hands wandered down her sides to her hips, lighting up every nerve ending he passed over. His touch was light and teasing. Sliding his hands around her hips to her plump ass, she murmured a throaty “yes” when he grabbed himself two handfuls of her flesh.

It had been so long since he had touched her with any kind of masculine possession and need. For the last six months his caresses had been gentle and tender, soothing and loving. She had luxuriated underneath his fingers and palms, like a cat desperate for it owners stroking. His kisses had been lingering but never passionate or devouring. They had been sweet and reassuring. His every touch reminded her that his love for her was unconditional. He didn’t care about the weight. It didn’t matter that they had been separated for four years and she’d kept his child hidden from him. All he demanded from her was to love him in return, something she had no trouble giving to him.

She wanted so much more now. Wanting him to brand her with his ownership of her body, she struggled with how to let him know her desires. She rarely initiated sex, preferring that he take the lead. But tonight she didn’t think she could hold back her needs long enough to wait on him to satisfy them eventually.

Despite their trembling, Emma’s fingers managed to get Chris’ bowtie off. Next off was his tuxedo jacket, vest and shirt. Flinging the clothes to the floor, she grabbed the back of his head and insisted that he come up to kiss her properly. With a groan he took her lead and placed his lips on hers fiercely. Opening their mouths, their tongues tangled with one another in the space between them. Forcing his tongue into her mouth, he seemed desperate to inhale her soul into his body.

Turning her head, she broke their kiss but her lips and tongue didn’t stray very far. Laying kisses down his throat onto his shoulders and then his chest, she began to lick him like he was her very own male ice cream cone. The taste of his salty sweat didn’t overpower his own pheromone-laced, masculine and tantalizing flavor. Her tongue traced over each defined muscle on his chest, down to his carved out of stone abs. His grunts of satisfaction pleased her immensely. She was still unsure of what she was doing, but he seemed to be enjoying it. His flesh grew so hot as she continued to pet him.

When she reached the edge of his pants, she ran her tongue along the line of skin right above it. She lifted her eyes to see him looking down at her with an intensity he had never had before. Both eyes were so dilated she couldn’t see the blue in them. Sliding her hand down his covered erection, she continued to stare at him, wondering if she was doing it right. His hands fisted and his entire body seemed to tighten. She sat down on the edge of the bed.

As she unbuckled his belt and pulled it through the loops smartly, she heard him growl. A small smile began to play on her lips. A feeling of power came over her. She had the distinct feeling that she was driving him crazy. She was about to do something she had never done before voluntarily as an adult. Her childhood experience had put her off on ever even thinking about it. But with Chris it felt right. She wanted to please him as much as he had ever thrilled her.

Unbuttoning his pants, she then unzipped them and pushed them down over his narrow hips. When his dick popped out, her gaze turned to it and her mouth began to water. She would never ceased to be amazed at his magnificent cock nestled in a neatly trimmed thicket of hair. The bulbous head already had a drop of pre cum glistening on its top. She couldn’t resist. Her tongue came out and caught it, fluttering ever so slightly against his manhood, enough to make him growl again, deep in his chest. The rigid shaft was long and thick. There was a scattering of blood vessels all around it with one main pulsing vein that ran the length of him underneath. He was so hard, his cock bounced up against his lower abs. With eyes glued to his manhood, her hands were busy tracing those etched “V’s” on either side of his hips.

He stepped out of his pants and underwear. They were both now naked. Her hands slid down to his muscular thighs. Moving them down on the outside, she moved them up on the inside. His balls overflowed in her one hand. The other hand gripped his cock at the base. She could barely get her fingers around him. When he moaned, she looked up at him with just her eyes.

“Emma,” he said his voice cracking. “You don’t have to do this. I don’t need this from you.”

“You don’t?” she whispered surprised. “I thought all men liked – blowjobs. I know you might think I won’t be good at it, but you can show me what you want and I’ll do it. I want to please you.”

“Oh baby girl,” he said softly, running his fingers through her hair. “You please me by agreeing to be my wife. I would love for you to take me into your hot, wet mouth, but I don’t need you to if it makes you uncomfortable. That is the last thing I want to do, get you to hate making love to me.”

“I would never hate making love to you,” she protested vehemently. “I just want to do to you all the things you do to me. May I sir?”

“Yes you may Emma,” he rumbled from his chest.

She pulled his cock down to be level with her mouth. She licked the tip again savoring the delicious little taste of his cum that was there. Swiveling her head she ran her tongue up underneath the length of his shaft from balls to tip. He was burning with heat, jerking and stiffening in her hand.

Next she traced over every vein she could see on his throbbing member. His taste and aroma were intoxicating her. She had no idea that pleasing him could get her so sexually excited. Her womanhood was salivating at the thought of capturing him with her mouth. His vulnerability aroused her.

Leaning back, she got into a position where she could bring his cock to her closed lips. She kissed him once. Her eyes rose to meet his gaze. He was watching her closely. The second time she kissed him she opened her mouth wide and slid her lips over his head. She saw his face tense. The hungry expression in his eyes made her ache with need. No man had ever made her feel like he saw her and desperately wanted her.

She stopped when she reached his shaft. Watching him still, she swirled her tongue all round the carved tip in her mouth. He was so still and silent, she began to wonder if she was doing it wrong.

Inadvertently she touched the tip of her tongue to the indentation underneath his head where it joined his shaft. His hips jerked involuntarily. He groaned loudly and fisted his hand in her hair. She tried to pull away thinking she had hurt him, but he held her in place. Gently he pulled her head toward him, encouraging her to take more of him into her mouth. Laying her tongue flat and opening up her jaw, she tried to make room for his huge member.

Fear flared up and then quickly died when he reached the back of her throat and he didn’t stop pulling her closer to him. Relaxing her throat she let him pull her so near her nose now touched his springy pubic hair. Rivulets of saliva ran down the sides of her mouth. Her breath was ragged as her nostrils flared trying to take in as much oxygen as she could.

“Fuck,” he whispered harshly. “Your throat is so goddamn tight baby.” His other hand grabbed her neck feeling for his cock sheathed inside it.

Emma had always been an emotional eater. She knew she ate to try and fill a void in her that always remained empty no matter how much food she stuffed into her face. A hunger persisted, until that moment.

With Chris’ granite hard manhood in her mouth, she suddenly felt full. He was her sustenance. His love was all she needed to finally be satisfied in every way possible – physically, mentally and emotionally. She hoped she could do the same for him.

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