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Chapter 47

Chris had never felt such raw emotional and physical lust rampaging through his body. Watching his cock disappear into Emma’s mouth was so fucking hot. Hitting the back of her throat almost made him come but he managed to control himself.

Slowly he moved her up and down his dick. Her mouth was so moist and warm. Seeing her saliva fall off him in sheets made him moan. A woman’s mouth had never felt so perfect. With a hand on her neck, he could feel himself moving up and down her throat. It made him more delirious with need.

Letting go of her hair, he let her take over. Her tongue got back into the action and swiped at him as he went in and out. He started to tremble with his desire to come in her mouth. Taking himself to the very edge of his control, he finally grabbed her head with both hands and pulled her off of him. Watching her wipe the saliva from her chin and those big brown eyes staring up at him with innocence made it perfectly plain to him that she was perfect. A sexy little kitten that needed a firm hand and loved him for it.

“You are so beautiful,” he told her, his voice rough with desire. He watched her blush begin on her cheeks and spread down her chest. He experienced an overwhelming need to follow it as it progressed over her body.

“Lie down,” he ordered her gently but commandingly. As she did so his gaze raked over her body, searching for the end of her blush. He growled when he saw it stopped right where he was hoping.

Spreading her thighs, her glistening wetness beckoned him to come in for a taste. Her pussy lips were engorged with blood and need. His tongue delved in between her petals like she was the best honey he had ever savored. She fucking drove him wild. He could feel his cock throb in time with his racing heart. As much as he could feast upon her all night long, he had a more pressing desire he needed to fulfill or he would explode.

Picking her up, he moved her to the middle of the king-size bed. Laying her down he knelt between her legs, spreading them wide allowing that dripping pussy to tease him. Looking her in the eye, he recognized that she wanted him as bad as he wanted her. Her heaving chest distracted him.

“Chris,” her whisper broke through the sensual haze she seemed to have wrapped him in. “Please make love to me. I need you. Inside of me. Please.”

“You don’t have to beg,” he told her roughly and then bent over her, lining his cock up against her hot slit. She brought her thighs up to his hips. He could feel them trembling against him as he slowly slid up into her.

Feeling her every muscle pulsating around him, he groaned as he inched up into her tight channel. Her soft walls were pulling on him as he pulled out slightly to angle himself better inside her. When he pushed into her again, she gasped and dug her fingernails into his sides. He smiled at finding her spot. Continuing with that angle he rocked himself in and out of her slowly.

“Oh God Chris,” she cried out, arching her neck. “Yes, yes.”

He began to speed up his thrusts to rub against her faster.

The little mewls of pleasure she made in the back of her throat were driving him wild. He leaned down and kissed her exposed neck, nipping at it enough to leave a mark.

“No!” she nearly screamed when he pulled out of her. Her thighs tried to tighten on his hips to keep him in place. He loved seeing her frantic need for him. It made his male pride swell, among other male parts of him.

Quickly he turned her over. Holding up her hips with one powerful hand, he used the other to push her upper body into the mattress. Without being told, she opened her legs wider to him, submitting to his will to take her from behind. She was totally at his mercy.

He felt his heart lurch with emotion. Despite everything she had been through, she laid herself open for him to take. She trusted him enough to be exposed to him like this. He wouldn’t disappoint her.

This time he went at her hard. Grabbing her long hair in his fist, he pulled on it, elevating her head slightly. He used the hand on her hip and in her hair to pull her back against him as he slammed into her.

She screamed his name and he felt her pussy walls contract all around his cock. He screwed up every bit of discipline and self-control he had not to come inside her yet. He wanted to make her come one more time. Wiping the sweat from his face, he continued to ride her deeply. He released her hair, but immediately went to her clit to stimulate it. Shortly there after he felt her come apart again. He let himself go then, filling her with his seed. His cock pulsed as jets of his sperm splashed up against her tender walls.

Not wanting to crush her, he pulled out of her. She collapsed onto her side. Her body gleamed with sweat and her ragged breathing made her shake. He lay down next to her. Pushing a lock of hair off her damp forehead, he smiled at the look of contentment on her face. She smiled up at him coyly.

“That was incredible,” she managed to get out in between breaths.

He chuckled sexily.

“We’re not through yet,” he told her seductively.

“I hope not,” she said very seriously.

This time he laughed at her voraciousness. “Not even close baby girl. Not even close.”

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