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Chapter 12


I always blame my shock and awe on the fact that my entire planet was taken before i could understand anything. Or be able to see anything more magnificent than the blight. This underground prison is fascinating. Even though it’s dark, the walls are solid rock. It’s a winding maze that leads to several different rooms. Acacius said he had built it up just for this occasion over the years.

I haven’t seen Acacius in a few days. He said it was time for him to go and do his duty, whatever that meant. I do know that his purpose for me is to be some kind of muse to Remus. To be able to calm him down and make him into the person he’s been with me instead of the raging monster his mother tried to keep at bay for God knows how long.

My body is healing, slowly but surely. I had forgotten how painful being injured even is, seeing as Remus always healed me before it took too long. I know that in my heart I still fear Remus more than anything. But its hard to hate a person that has been so manipulated that he isn’t even who he truly is. But the way that Acacius described him, he was better now than whoever he was in the past.

I jump in shock when I hear a loud scream echo off the walls. It’s filled with agony and pain. It’s strange, I hadn’t even known that anyone was here. I grab the cane from off the wall and use it to follow the noise. It takes me a while, but I pause as I pass a room and see who is occupying it. Xion. She’s unconscious. She has bandages around her ribcage, and a gash on her forehead and her eyes are shut in obvious pain. Another scream rocks off the walls, and I move to see where it is coming from.

My eyes widen in shock when I see who it is. Ezra. He’s convulsing in pain, with a massive hole right through his chest. His hair is stuck to his head from the sweat and his arm is broken. Acacius is working steadily over him.

“What happened?” I ask. Acacius shakes his head, a grim expression on his face. Ezra’s eyes flutter and he lets out another howl of pain. Acacius reaches out to me.

“Hand me that green vile.” He says. I look over to shelf and grab the vile, handing it to him. He reaches in it, pulling out some kind of ointment, and begins rubbing it over Ezra’s chest.

“Why isn’t he healing?” I ask in confusion. He motions to the room.

“Whatever material this is, it weakens them. Prevents their abilities from performing to its full potential. I’m afraid he may not make it through the night.” He says. My eyes widen. What could have possibly done this to the point of almost killing them? I step back from the scene, and step out of the room.

What is going on outside of this place that has done this?

I’m sitting in my room, sipping on tea when Acacius enters the room. He looks tired.

“How is he?” I ask. He looks at me and I see the grim expression on his face.

“I’ve made him comfortable, but the extent of the damage done... it’s too much. Whatever it was that did this is nothing of Leviathar. I’ve never seen this kind of residue before. Or this damage. Nothing should have been able to penetrate his flesh and bone like that.” He’s genuinely confused.

“How did you find them?” I ask.

“Something happened at the banquet. Something that sent the people running. When I went to check the scene out, it was empty except a massive part of land was missing. I only knew of three people that can do such a thing, and I found them below. Xion hit her skull, but Ezra... whatever did this to them was trying to kill them.”

I keep my gaze down, and then look at Acacius.

“Was Remus there?” I ask. He shakes his head.


“What about their mother, can’t she do something about this?” I ask. He lets out a sigh.

“I don’t know where she is...” He’s quiet.

“I must leave for a while. I have to go and find Sky. Ezra kept calling for her in his pain filled haze. And I’m sure Xion’s mate is with her wherever they are. I can’t let anything happen to him, or it will be Xion that suffers.” My thoughts are running ragged.

“Will he make it long enough to even see her?” I ask. Acacius looks grim.

“I really don’t know. We’ll know soon enough.” He says. He turns away from me, moving to leave the room but pauses in the doorway. He seems to be debating on saying something, but decides against it.

I wait for a few minutes before hopping off of the bed, and making my way through the maze like halls until I find Ezra. He’s laying in bed, covered in sweat. His eyes open upon my approach. They’re dull. Weak. It’s so strange seeing him like this His eyes look around the room.

"Xeiri?” He calls out the name he uses for Sky, but his eyes land on me. Recognition sparks in his gaze, and he lets out a bitter laugh.

“So he got to you too huh?” He says. His voice is so weak. He winces in pain as he tries to laugh it off and fails miserably. I have no idea what he’s talking about, but I don’t want to make him use any more energy than necessary. Especially if what Acacius says is true.

I take a seat in the chair next to his bed, eyeing the now sealed wound through his chest. What on Earth could have done something so horrendous?

“He tried to kill us. We didn’t stand a chance.” He says. I look at him in confusion. He’s gazing up at the ceiling.

“He’s going to destroy everything.” He murmurs. I’m afraid to, but I ask anyway.

“Who?” He looks at me, and his brow furrows in confusion.



I once thought that the Leviathin race was the most powerful in existence. I once thought my mother was the purest thing in the world. And I once thought that I was the son of the brave woman of the stars, and the brave Leviathin that rescued her from her prison. But I was so wrong. So fucking wrong.

I’ve never felt such energy surge through my body. I’ve never felt such power, and such rage. The rage is like a disease. Festering and boiling until it’s seeping through the pores in my flesh. I want to kill. Murder. Destroy. But I can’t. I’m trapped. And I don’t know how or why.

It seems like time is non-existant. I don’t know what time it is, i don’t know where up or down is. All I know is me. Everything became so clear to me in an instant. It was as if someone or something was whispering the truth in my ear. As if a door was opened. And I could see everything. Including the past. I could see who i was. Who I am.

My whole life has been a lie. All of it. I am a purebred. My mother and father are of the same race. My father, was the king. My mother the queen. And me, the first son and heir. The only child. I was exceptional at everything. But my mother didn’t want me to be who my father is, so she stole me. In the middle of the night. I remember now.

My people were created for one purpose. To create. That’s our legacy. Our legend. We always watched on a whole other plane, different planets, guiding them to prosper. If we saw that their planet was dying, we would create a similar one, and whisper in their ear, giving them the notion to advance, explore, and find, or die. It all fell down to the mindset of the race.

If they were a destructive race, it was our job to destroy them, and Erase their existence.

“Remus.” I look up at the sound of my name. I feel so much confusion and anger, I don’t know what to focus on anymore. I am not who I was nor am I who I was supposed to be. I look up when I see a man. I don’t know him. I’ve never seen him before. Although he shares physical traits with me. His hair is white. His eyes a deep purple.

I let out a snarl, trying to attack, and my body is jerked backwards. My arms and legs are chained. Also my throat. I feel irritation at the fact that I can’t break these chains. The man frowns at me.

“Now. Is that anyway to greet your father after all these centuries?” He says. I register what he’s saying, but i only feel anger. I know rationally that I should feel curious, shocked. But the only emotion I can latch onto is betrayal. Anger. Rage.

He begins walking towards me. Gliding so gracefully across the floor. He places his hand on my forehead, and I feel my energy being taken away from me. I can barely move by the time he’s done, but I have more clarity. I sag against the chains, unable to hold myself up. I don’t even have the energy anymore to feel rage.

“Now, my son. Tell me, do you remember?” He asks. I lift my head, looking at this man that claims he is my father. He places his finger against my temple.

“Let me help you.” In a flash of white, and a searing pain through my head, my mind unlocks and opens up.

The world is different. It isn’t Leviathar. I’m younger. Much younger. A child. My father and mother are above, watching me from the balcony of the palace. I’m training, with someone. A woman. Celise. I know her. She helped raise me. She was gifted in control. And I seemed to be showing more promise than anyone before me. I am the one that will bring my people out of the darkness. Out of this prison.

I’m stunned out of my haze, and look up at my father. He glares at me knowingly.

“We were once a proud race. Legends claim there were none more divine than us. We were created, to create. To help beings from all over create new worlds, new homes once it was their original’s time to die.” He walks around me, and I keep my gaze down.

“What...happened..” I manage. My mind is blurry, all of this new information is coming in, all of my past from the moment I was old enough to store memory. It’s overwhelming. But when I think about the present, or how I even got into this situation, I see one thing that terrifies me.

My hand going through Ezra’s back.

“I never would have found you if that seal didn’t break. Your mother is quite the trickster. All this time she’s kept you at bay. But you finally hit your maturation. You finally broke free.” He smiles as if he’s so proud.

“Right now, you’re feeling foreign emotions and it’s probably hard for you to cope with who you are and who you should be. It will take some time for you to differentiate. I don’t want you reaching full maturity until you’re in your right mind. So I will have to keep you drained until then.” He’s going on, but I’m not listening.

I pull at my chains, not listening to him. I feel panicked as my more recent memories come back.

“Where’s my mother.” I rasp. His eyes harden at the mention of her. He waves his hand and it’s as if there’s a rip in the space, and he pulls my mother from it’s reach. She looks weak. She collapses on the ground in front of me, looking at me in fear.

Now I know why.

“Where are Ezra & Xion.” I ask him weakly. He scoffs at me, turning his back on us.

“Those half-breed bastards are as good as dead.” He says. I can hear the disgust laced in his tone at the mention of them. I jerk on my chains, mustering all the strength I can.

“What did you do to them!” I shout in anger. He pauses, and my mother freezes in front of me, looking truly terrified. My father turns, and has a smile on his face.

“I did nothing to them. You, on the other hand, my son, did everything-”

“Don’t listen to him, Remus! He’s just trying to manipulate you!” My mother says, but I can hear panic in her tone. I don’t trust a word she says. I whip my gaze to her, narrowing my eyes. My father laughs as he walks around us.

“I have no reason to lie, Remus. See for yourself.” He says. No sooner do the words leave his lips do I see everything. Everything that I did to them. I watch the entire battle in horror, down to the point where Xion and Ezra tumble into the ocean below. I gasp, unable to accept it. My eyes are burning.

“No, Remus, you didn’t know what you were doing... don’t listen to him he-”

“You be quiet woman. Be glad I haven’t taken your life yet.” He growls. Normally I would lunge at the fact that he even said such words to her. But I am in complete shock. And anguish. Then, I see a woman. She’s beautiful. Innocent, but strong. She has green eyes. And black hair. It’s grown so much. I don’t know how i know that little detail, but I do. And she likes flowers. One flower in particular... an Iris. I open my eyes as I remember every detail down to the day we met. Iris.

I feel despair curdling deep in my gut as I remember my hand around her throat, squeezing life from her, and the hurt in her gaze because of what she caught me doing. I open my eyes, unable to continue anymore. Both of my parents are looking at me. I look to my father.

“What did you do to Iris..” I barely muster. He looks at my mother with a grim expression on his face. I follow his gaze and she’s looking at me with tears running down her face.

“Remus, I did what I did to protect you, to protect the world from you! To prevent this from happening!” She says. My father grabs a handful of her hair, pulling.

“Everything you have ever heard come out of your mothers mouth is a lie. She’s quite the trickster. We were married young. We didn’t know each other, and she was already in love with another. She couldn’t let him go. And when you were born, she saw the power you extruded. You would be the one to destroy his race. Your decision would have been final, and she couldn’t let that happen. So she stole you and ran.” He walks towards me, dragging my mother along with him. I jerk at my chains.

“Stop it!” I shout, but he doesn’t. Not until he is directly in front of me. My chain disappears on my left hand, and he drops my mother.

“You want to know what happened to your mate? Touch her hand.” He says. I look at him, and to my mother. The two people that brought me into this world, that I can’t even begin to trust.

“Touch her hand, Remus. Look for the information you seek. You are a celestivine. It is in your blood.” He goads. My mother is trying to keep herself away from me, my heart is racing in fear of what I will see. I slowly reach out, and she looks at me.

“Remus...please...don’t..” She sobs. I touch her hand. The world around me breaks away, and I can see through her mind. I focus on the information I seek. Iris. And in seconds I find her.

I watch in horror, as my mother speaks to Iris, and strikes fear into her heart. I watch, as she places her hands against Iris’ cheeks, holding her face steady between her hands and takes her life. I watch as Iris’ legs give out. I’m screaming at my mother to stop. At the back of my mind, I know this has already happened, but all logic I contain has flown out the window as I watch her drain the life of the woman I love.

“Stop, please!” I scream, but she’s not stopping. I can hear Iris’ heartbeat growing more faint with each passing second. Her eyes are growing heavy, but my mother doesn’t stop. Iris’ body grows limp, and I can hear her heartbeat giving out, and I watch in horror as my mother picks her up and drops her over the edge of the cliff, to the water below.

I jerk away from my mothers hand, and snarl at her trying to attack her.

“Why!” I scream. I scream until there is nothing left in me. I scream in agony and pain. I can’t get the image of Iris’ dead body out of my mind. She can’t be gone. She can’t be. My father makes his way over to me. I feel him kneeling next to me as he whispers in my ear.

“Your mate was carrying your child before you strangled her and caused her to lose it.”

Numb. I feel numb. I look up, feeling complete and utter horror. I pull and yank at my chains, but can do nothing but struggle. I scream, and scream and scream. For my brother, and sister, for Iris, and for our unborn child.

I feel something surging within me. Something strong. Something uncontrollable.

“That’s it, my son. Remember who you are. Know who you will become. Take that pain, and let it mold you into who you are supposed to be.” He says. I feel my body dropping, and I hit the ground hard. I look around me, and see that I’m alone, in a dark room.

I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to figure out what is happening. Why my parents have caused me so much pain and strife. My memories are still coming back to me a mile a minute, and everything that they just threw at me as well. My siblings, my mate, my child. Everything I ever loved or cared about, and I am the one that killed them. I feel like my heart is about to give out from all the grief. My memories, my pain, the power surging through my veins, it’s all too much.

I feel everything until eventually, I feel nothing.


How do you make something be completely and utterly under your control? You break it down emotionally, until there is nothing left, but you for it to latch on to.

I look at my son. My son who I haven't seen in centuries because of my wife. I can see his suffering like it's a tangible thing. I can see him emotionally cracking. And once he gains control of his newfound power, it will be time to release him upon that damn wasteland Leviathar, and kill everyone and everything.

I look to his mother, who is the cause of all of this. She's crying crouched on the ground. I grab her and pull her so that she can see our son.

I roughly shove her into the floor so that she can see our son and his suffering.

"You caused this." I growl. I step away from her, and wait for the moment my son arises a new man.

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