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Chapter 13


I slowly open my eyes. I hear sobbing. The days have been blurring together. Especially since there is no way to tell time here. The walls are high and dark, and there is no light indicating the time of day. The sobbing turns to wailing. Loud, and in pain. I slowly sit up, wincing in pain as I grab the cane on the side of the bed, and make my way towards the sound.

I don’t have to follow the sound to know where to go. Ezra’s room. Acacius said he wouldn’t make it through the night. I’m assuming that time has come. I’m shaking as I approach the archway that leads to his room. I’ve never known Ezra on a personal level, but from the weeks he was taking care of me, even when Remus rejected me, he was a kind person. Completely different from his siblings, at least in my eyes.

I round the corner to see Xion laying over his body, crying.

Her white hair is splayed everywhere as she wails over her brother. I don’t know how long i watch the scene in front of me, but eventually I feel a tear rolling down my cheek. I can’t believe that I am crying for them. The ones that took my planet, my home, my family. But as I stare at Xion cry over her brothers body, I can’t help but feel sorrow for her. I couldn’t imagine watching my brother die. I look over to Ezra, and his eyes are closed. He’s so still.

Is he really dead? Can he really be gone? He told me that Remus attacked them with the intent to kill them, but he could have been delusional from the pain. Xion is still sobbing. It’s strange seeing such a powerful being cry. Over death of all things, seeing how she’s one that causes it a lot. I hear footsteps and look up to see Sky and Chris coming towards us, followed by Acacius. He has a grim expression on his face. Sky looks beaten up and dirty, her clothes are torn and she has cuts and bruises on her. Christopher as well.

She doesn’t acknowledge me as she rounds the corner. She stands, watching the scene with an unreadable expression on her face, staring down at Ezra’s body. She blinks once, twice, and then steps forward, kneeling next to Xion. She reaches for Ezra, and everything happens in an instant. Xion launches for her, growling like an animal, and luckily Acacius grabs her in time. She narrowly missed Sky.

“Please, let her help him..” He says to Xion. She finally stops her struggling, and Chris steps hesitantly forward, taking her from Acacius. He wraps his arms around her shoulders, holding her close to him.

Sky doesn’t seem fazed in the least. She kneels next to Ezra, moving behind him, and placing his head in her lap. She lightly strokes his hair out of his face, and begins humming. We all watch in confusion and fascination as she comforts him. He’s still. So still and unmoving. Her humming grows into a soft song, her voice echoing off the walls around us. It’s beautiful. And soft.

A small smile spreads on her lips, as she sings. Her eyes are still watching Ezra. She doesn’t seem worried in the least. In her gaze I see compassion. My gaze moves to Ezra, and his eyes are still closed, but his lips slightly upturn, and a small smile is on his face. It’s so small that if I hadn’t been staring i probably wouldn’t have noticed. Sky reaches for his palm, tracing a light circle in the center of it, and placing it on her cheek.

“Toanno llhoa as iya’aums” She whispers. I hear Xion gasp, Ezra suddenly looks much better. He even takes in a shuddering breath. But as he does, Sky grows weaker. That’s when I realize that he’s sucking life from her. I’m almost afraid he’s going to take too much, but he stops, and takes his hand away from her face. His smile is clear on his face, although his eyes are still closed.

"Yui esa naila, eln I en irruisr.” He murmurs. It’s so soft, and weak, but it’s audible. Xion’s sobs of relief fill the room.

Acacius steps around us, helping Sky up. She wobbles slightly as she stands, threatening to pass out but Acacius keeps her upright. He helps her out of the room, leaving all of us stunned as to what just happened. Xion brushes past me, falling next to her brother crying tears of joy.

I look up when I see Sky entering my room. She’s changed and her wounds have been dressed. Her gaze roams over me.

“What happened to you?” She asks. I look away as ice cold fear grips my gut.

“Their mother.” I say. She steps further into the room, taking a seat across from me. I look up at this woman. The first time I met her, I thought she was naïve and smitten with an evil being, but she’s shown me completely different in her time here. She’s been calm, and smart. And she somehow saved Ezras life.

“How did you do it? Acacius said he wouldn’t make it through the night. Do you have some kind of power?” I ask. She smiles at me in amusement, shaking her head.

“Did you know that they are very emotional creatures?” She asks.


“Ezra and his siblings. They don’t understand emotion, so they latch onto whatever foreign emotion comes their way. They may be superior in mind and body, but emotionally, we are.” She says. She reaches out grabbing the extra cup of tea off the table, and takes a sip.

“I thought that I hated him, for what he did to Earth. And I did at first. But the longer we were together the more I understood them. All of them. They saved Earth itself from the human race. And I will always pity my race, but we were destructive, and we would have destroyed ourselves. Once I accepted the fact that Ezra wasn’t trying to get rid of me like the rest of my race, it was easy to understand him more.” She’s explaining to me like I’m a child. Maybe I am.

“Ezra and his siblings saw something in each one of us that they had never seen before, and for that we caught their eyes. With Ezra, he learned what it is to be human. To love and be loved, and appreciate. And he is so passionate about that love, about not letting that love go that he told me he would never leave me, so long as I asked him to stay.” My eyes widen. It sounds like something out of a fairytale. He was dying, succumbing to his injuries, and I’m supposed to believe he decided to stay because she asked him to?

She takes note of my gaze.

“You don’t believe me.” She laughs.

“I don’t blame you. But ask yourself this. Before Remus turned on you, how did he act? Was he still cruel and evil?” She asks. I want to say yes, but as I think back on it, I realize that he wasn’t... he was trying to teach me, spend time with me, interact with me. And there were times i would catch him watching me with curiosity and confusion, as if trying to understand his feelings.

“What was the main thing that humans were taught? Forgiveness, right? So why is it that when faced with the perfect opportunities to do so, we never did what our most basis of instinct claimed to do?” She asks. She laughs at my lack of response.

“Acacius believes you’ll save this planet. I think you’ll only speed up the process of him destroying it.” She says.

“You’re too hell-bent on revenge and hate.” She stands walking out of the room.


“How much longer must we stay here.” I ask. Acacius looks up upon hearing me. I’m standing in the doorway, and he frowns slightly at me.

“Until it is time.” He says. I shake my head.

“Time for what? For you to sacrifice me for the sake of your planet?” I ask. He shakes his head, motioning for me to come inside the room. I move towards him, using my cane to balance.

“Remus’ father has him. And when he is done with him, I’m afraid there will be nothing we can do but pray that you can stop him.” He says. I gaze at him in shock.

“You’re basing this all on a whim?” I ask in confusion. He nods his head.

“It’s all I can do.”

“How do you even know all of this. How do you know that Remus’ father has him, and how do you even figure that i will have any kind of sway over him?” I ask in confusion. He’s quiet, and stands up, leading me to another door. He pushes on it, and it opens to reveal a man I’ve never seen before. He’s obviously Leviathin. His eyes are closed as if he’s meditating, but upon hearing us enter, he opens them. His gaze immediately falls on me.

“So you are alive.” He says. I glare at him, unaware if I should know this man since he obviously knows me.

“Please, take a seat.” He says. He looks to Acacius.

“You can leave us.” He says. Acacius bows slightly, and leaves me with this stranger.

“My name is Hynden. I’m Ezra and Xion’s father.” He says. I stare at him in shock. How the hell is Ezra and Xion’s father sitting in front of me, when his children are right down the hall, one who was almost dead hours ago.

“I’m sure you’re aware of the special circumstances that come with Remus.” He says softly. I’m still stunned speechless.

“Ezra almost died...” I say. He looks grim.

“I know.” I shake my head in disbelief.

“You know? Why the hell were you in here, hiding from them instead of comforting your son?” I shout. He looks at me, and i see anger in his gaze. But his tone is calm.

“Everything that I am doing is for the greater good of my children.” He snaps.

“Minus Remus.” I counter. He glares at me, and finally breaks my gaze letting out a soft laugh.

“Well Remus technically isn’t mine.” He says. I shake my head in disbelief. I’ll never understand why Remus thought these people were superior. They’re more messed up than humans.

“Sit, Please. I want to tell you a story.” He says. I narrow my gaze at him.

“Acacius already told me the story.” I mutter in irritation, but I take a seat regardless. He shakes his head.

“A different one. One involving the Leviathin, and the Celestials. The Celestials were creatures of legend. Myths that we would tell our children to help them go to sleep at night, because they knew that someone was watching over them. Someone that would decide their fate based on the way that they lived. I wasn’t anything special. The son of a thief, and a female that just happened to be in the village he was occupying. My upbringing was nothing but war and bloodshed. The stories don’t do the times justice.”

“Me’rite. That was her name. I met her, on complete chance. She always told me there was something special about me. And even though she was promised to another, she gave her heart to me. Even after she was married, she continued to break her oaths and see me. And by the time Remus was born, judgement had been passed on my planet. And with his maturation would have been the end of Leviathar. Of course she couldn’t let that happen, so she took her son, and she ran with him, right into my arms. Of course I knew who she was and how she got here, but my people thought she was a goddess. And I guess in some ways she was. She was a legend come true.”

I have no idea why he is opening up to me and telling me this. From what he is telling me this is just a tragic love story gone sour. And millions of beings are about to pay the price because she couldn’t sit back and accept what was.

“When Remus went on his rampages, people grew skeptical, and built this prison. It has minerals in it that absorb the power they have like that.” He emphasizes by snapping his fingers.

“It was something left to us from our elders. And to this day we don’t know why or how they even knew of the celestials. And when I freed her from here, she created her own world where we would live in peace, and raise our family together.” He smiles as if remembering.

“Why are you telling me this.” I ask. He looks up as if remembering I’m even here.

“Because, I want you to understand the burden that has been laid at your feet. His mothers suppressions failed, and as soon as his mind opened up, his father caught on to his trail and came after him. I’m sure his father is the one that manipulated his rampage against Ezra and Xion. He also took Me’rite. Remus’ father, is one of the most manipulative, evil beings in existence. He will tear Remus down, and build him back up into a weapon of mass destruction. The weapon he was supposed to be all this time. All that we have, all that we can latch onto for any kind of hope, is that he will recognize you.” He says. I shake my head in disbelief.

"How do you know what his father is like? How do you know he's breaking him?" I ask. He gives me a grim expression.

"Me'rite told me to go into hiding as soon as she sensed his father. She's been relaying me messages through our mental link when she can. I can see what he's doing to Remus through her eyes.." He says. I stare with wide eyes.

"What... is he doing?" I ask. My voice is shaky. He looks up at me and I see sadness in his gaze.

"It isn't something that I wish to share with you." He says. I feel a heavy sinking in my heart. Remus is being tortured by his own father, and spent his whole life being manipulated by his own mother. These beings are evil to do that to their own child.

I couldn't imagine the amount of betrayal and suffering Remus is feeling, and on top of that confusion. Why would they do something like this to him? Will he even be able to come back, after all of this revelation and torture? I know I said that I wanted him to suffer, but now I see he's been suffering all along, and I had no idea.

“And so what if he does recognize me? Remus and I don’t exactly have a perfect track record. Why on Earth would he listen to me in sparing your planet, when he wouldn’t even spare my own?” I ask. Hynden smiles at me.

“But he did.” He says. I sit back in confusion.


“He saved Earth. They may be a slave planet now, but they are alive nonetheless. Their ecosystems will regrow, their destruction will cease, and the planet will prosper as well as its people who will have a steady reproduction rate. That was never a part of the plan. The plan, was to go in, and destroy.” He says.

“Actually, once he rounded up all the humans, he was supposed to choose the ones that were healthiest, and then leave the planet destroying the rest, and the planet itself. But he didn’t. Earth was supposed to be nothing but shattered rock by now. But he spared it, and gave it a purpose. In your eyes a cruel purpose, but he spared them nonetheless. Why do you think that is?” He asks. My eyes widen as i take in this new bout of information. I wrack my brain to all the times I would shout at him, begging him to give back the planet, blaming him for everything, when all along he had spared it without even telling me.

“And when we realized the Earth was still in existence, and even more so that Remus had bonded with one of its inhabitants, we realized just how much you mean to him.” He says. I’m still reeling from his earlier words. I think back to all the horrible things that Remus did to me on Earth, and in the end he saved it because of me? He’s a complex being.

“I know that you hate my people, my planet, and everything we stand for, but i am asking you as a humbled leviathin. Find it in your heart to convince him. This is my home. And I don’t want it to be a mere memory.” He says. I look away, unable to make eye contact anymore. He just bared his soul to me and now is begging me to spare his planet. But they are all basing this on a whim.

“What would you have done if Remus’ mother succeeded in killing me. Then how would you have saved your planet.” I say. He shakes his head.

“We wouldn’t have. We got very lucky. Which only heightens our hope. There must be a reason you didn’t die.”

“If you knew she was already with another man, why would you still continue to be with her? Why would you put the lives of your entire planet at risk, knowing the man she was married to, the father of the child she brought with her was as evil as you say. Why risk it all?” I ask. He shakes his head with a sad smile on his face.

“You do crazy things when you’re in love.” He murmurs. There it is again. That word. Love. The same word Ezra used, and Sky. I look down at my hands.

“What is love?” I ask. The room is quiet.

“I guess there are different definitions of it, but in the end it’s you wanting to be with someone, no matter what. Making sacrifices no matter how big or small to make them happy.” He says. His definition is different from Ezra’s.

“I’m scared of him..” I admit. I don’t want to look into this mans face, I feel ashamed, but it’s how I have felt for a long time. Especially now that I know what he’s capable of. And what he did to his siblings.

“I’m terrified of him. Everyone keeps telling me what a monster he is, his mother tried to kill me she was so afraid of what he is. He almost killed Ezra and Xion, and I watched them destroy an entire mountainside on my planet. What can I do? I’m weak, and scared.” I whisper. The room is silent, and my sobs echo off the wall. My body is shaking from the tears I’m trying to hold back, but the harder I try, the faster they come.

“We all are.” He murmurs.


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