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Chapter 15


I feel fear, relief, happiness, and sadness all in one moment. Remus obviously remembers me. But as I look at him, I take notice that there is now a marking on his face. On the right side of his face, starting from his cheekbone and curving up and over his eye. He doesn’t seem the same man that I once knew. He’s different, and everything about him is making me nervous.

He seems more like his mother now. More divine. I take note that the world around us is still being destroyed. It’s as if we’re in a small bubble. His gaze travels down to Xion, and he walks near us not saying anything. I cover her with my body, mustering all the courage I can to protect her from him.

“No, don’t..” I sob. My body is literally shaking like a leaf I’m so terrified. He still doesn’t say anything, only continues walking towards us. As he looms over us, I know that there is nothing i can do in the face of this monster, so I close my eyes and wait for death to take me. Only, it doesn’t come.

Xion gasps under me, and takes in a deep breath. I sit up immediately looking at her in shock, and that’s when I realize Remus has a hand on her. The wound in her abdomen is completely gone. I blink in shock, and before Xion can say anything, Remus places his hand over her face, and she falls unconscious. He still doesn’t speak, and I can’t help but wonder what the hell he could possibly be thinking at this very moment.

His gaze flashes to mine, and he reaches out to me, placing his hand against my cheek. I immediately flinch in fear, and when I feel the heat his palm emits, I know this isn’t a dream. This is real. My breathing catches in my throat, as a myriad of emotions run through me. I don’t know which one to feel. Remus just stares. That bright purple gaze seems to be burning brighter now than it ever has.

“You’re alive.” He says in disbelief. His lips press together, and it takes me a moment to realize he’s smiling. He’s actually smiling. One of the very rare things I ever see from Remus.

“I...” I trail off when I feel my body growing heavy. I can’t keep my eyes open any longer, and the world tilts around me until there is nothing around me, but darkness.

I jolt awake, immediately sitting up. I sit up too fast, causing the world to spin around me, and I sway slightly. I grab ahold of my head, trying to staunch the headache that’s pounding my skull. I immediately take note that my arm is healed, as well as my leg. I look around the room immediately, and I recognize it instantly. Remus’ bedroom. Sure enough when I look ahead, the glass wall is there and I can see the snowy world beyond.

But that’s not what makes my heart beat fast in my chest. It’s Remus. He’s standing with his back to me, looking out at the world he created. I look around the room, and see that no one else is here. I open my mouth to ask where Xion is, but Remus speaks before I can.

“How did you survive.” He asks. His back is still to me.

“I watched my mother take your life. I watched her push you over the edge of that cliff. How are you here.” He asks. I begin fiddling with my fingers, trying to calm myself.

“Acacius...” I whisper. He scoffs lightly turning towards me. His usually pulled back hair is free, falling around his shoulders. I can see the new symbol on his face as well, and I can’t help but wonder what it is and where it came from. He has his hands behind his back, and is watching me carefully. He isn’t showing me any kind of emotion, which scares me.

“What did he ask for in return.” He asks. His gaze is boring into my soul.

“He...” I think back to everything that everyone has been placing on my shoulders. The fate of this world, either being destroyed or saved if I can convince the being in front of me. My chest is burning, and my ears are ringing. I thought that I could be heartless, and let what happened to my home happen to these people, but after seeing the destruction and hearing that Remus actually spared Earth from the original fate that awaited us, I can’t do it.

“You have to stop this..” I whisper.

“You can’t just kill an entire planet of people. Your people.” I say in desperation. He doesn’t respond. He only watches me, as if waiting for something.

“So that’s why he saved you. He wants you to convince me.” He says. I don’t respond for fear that he won’t like my reaction. He walks towards the bed, taking a seat at the edge looking me in the eyes.

“Convince me then.” He says. My eyes widen in shock, but I immediately get a grip on myself.

“There are innocents on this planet Remus that don’t deserve the fate you’re doling out... whatever happened to you, you can’t let them suffer because of it.” I hurry out. He finally gives me a reaction.

“Why. Why do you care. These aren’t even your people.” He says.

“They’re still living beings that have lives, they’re your people, Remus.” I say. He narrows his gaze at me.

“These are not my people. These are creatures that are beneath me. These are savages that don’t deserve the air they breathe.” He growls. He looks back out at the snow.

“I know they’ve told you. Who I am. What I am.” He says. The room is quiet. I don’t know how to respond. He’s angry. Hurt. Betrayed by those he loved.

“They took everything from me, Iris. Everything. I don’t even know who I truly am. I’ve been a slave my entire life.” He says. I feel my heart breaking for him.

“Remus... you can’t just wipe out an entire planet...” He laughs lightly.

“But I can, Iris.” He says.

“Why? Why would you do such a thing? Why wipe out this planet when you spared mine against your mothers wishes?” I say. He keeps his back to me.

“I spared the Earth, because you asked me to. I did that because you earned my respect. No one on this planet has earned that, Iris. No one.” He growls. He still has his back to me.

“What about Xion? And Ezra? They didn’t know what was going on... this is their home.” I say. He’s quiet, then he stands.

“You once told me that your siblings were your weakness... Destroying this planet would crush them, Remus. This is their home.” I say. He shakes his head.

“I don’t want to talk about this Iris. I’ve made up my mind. You won’t change it.” He says. My heart is sinking into my stomach.

“Then what are you waiting for...” I mumble. He finally looks at me, and my breath catches in my throat.

“I thought you were dead. I saw what she did to you. What she did to me, and what she caused to us...Both of my parents, have done nothing but manipulate me, even now my father thinks he is using me to get revenge on my mothers choices.” He walks to me, until he is standing over me. He makes his way over to the bed, grabbing me and pulling me in his embrace. I’m completely shocked. His body heat is warm, and his arms are pulling me close to him. He takes a deep breath.

“I just want to hold you. Before everything goes to shit and reality hits.” He mumbles. I think back to what Sky said about them. How they are emotional. I’ve only seen this side of Remus once. After I kissed Jude and he almost killed me.

I slowly reach up with shaky hands, placing them against his back and return his embrace. My heart is erratic, and my breathing is as well. Remus presses a soft kiss on the top of my head.

“You’re the only thing in my life that is real. You’re the only thing that I can always count on to be real. I love you, Iris...” He says. Emotions run wild through me. I’ve been hearing this word from every person since I got on this planet. And now, Remus is saying it to me.

“Once we leave this place, you will hate me again. Beyond those doors...Beyond this world, I am something else entirely. Something that you cannot begin to comprehend.” He takes in a shuddering breath.

“But I want you to know, Iris, that you are the only weakness that exists in my life. The only one.” He says. He pulls away from me, and I can feel the world fading. I look around, and see that the room around me is dissolving. I look up at Remus in fear and confusion at what the hell is happening. He’s just watching me as if I’m going to break at any moment.

There’s suddenly a loud whirring in my ears, and Remus disappears from in front of me, and I’m only in the room alone, until it is shaking. The world goes black, and I jolt awake to screaming. I look around me, and see familiar faces.

When I try and move, I’m jerked backed and look at my arms to see chains holding me down.

“Remus, please!” I look to my left and Xion is begging. She’s in chains as well, but hers look different than mine. I also see Ezra who has his head down, a look of shock on his features. I look in front of me, and take note that we’re behind glass. My eyes widen as I take in the planet beyond the glass. Leviathar.

Remus is standing with his back to us. His hair is pulled back, and he’s dressed in regal clothing. He doesn’t seem to be fazed by the screaming. I jerk on my chains.

“What’s happening?” I ask. My voice is raw. Xion ignores me, still begging. But Ezra responds.

“He’s destroying the planet.” He says softly.

“He locked us all up. He’s going to make her suffer. Both of them.” He says breathlessly. I look at him in horror. Now I understand Xion's desperation. I think back to all the people on that planet, my brother included.

“Remus, no! Remus, please don’t do this..” I sob. He isn’t listening though. His back is still to us. I think back to what he said to me in that dream like state he had me in.

“Remus... if you love me.. you won’t do this..” I cry. I finally gauge a reaction. He slowly turns, and I see something that will terrify me for the rest of my life. He has a look of hatred on his face. He walks until he is face to face with the glass, looking me dead in the eyes. Xion is silent, and Ezra as well.

“She took our child.” He says. I blink in confusion, but I hear Xion gasp softly behind me.

“When I left and came back not knowing who you were, it was because my mother wiped my memory. I attacked you, not knowing who you were. Not even sensing that you were carrying a child. My child. Our child."

“Remus-” Xion begins, but he looks at her with such a malice filled gaze, she shuts up real quick. His gaze travels back to mine.

“My mother knew this, yet she let me go knowing what would happen. My siblings found out, when you were in Ezra’s care, and they kept it from you. You were carrying life, Iris. And because of the Leviathin empire, you lost it. I took it from you.” I hear the hurt, and anger in his tone.

I realize now. I suddenly can’t breathe. My breathing turns to pants and I can’t seem to get in enough air to satisfy my lungs. I lost a child? I lost a child?? Remus glares me down, gauging my reaction. He steps closer and the glass shifts with his entrance into the room. He kneels next to me, whispering in my ear.

“When I said they took everything from me, I meant it. They took everything. I’m returning the favor.” He growls. Tears are streaming down my face, and I can’t focus on anything other than the pain I feel in my heart.

Remus stands, turning away from me.

“Still think they deserve your sympathies?” He growls. He walks away from me, and I hear Xion and Ezra screaming next to me. I can’t focus on anything anymore. I feel lost. Broken. Hurt. Betrayed. Nothing. I look up just in time to see the planet in front of me spark, and implode on itself as Remus himself destroys it.

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