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I don’t want to wake up. I want to stay in my dreamless slumber, where the nightmare of the real world can’t get me. I want to lay here, and never wake up. But as my thoughts become more coherent, and my body slips away from unconsciousness, I wake up.

I’m in bed. Not a familiar bed. A massive bed. I look around me, and the room that I’m in is a cool blue themed color. I also take note that it is abnormally cold in here. But the covers that I am under are warm. Perfectly so. I slowly sit up, and hear something that causes my stomach to coil and my nerves to fry. The soft jangle of chains.

I reach up with shaky hands, feeling the intricate material around my throat. I reach around to the back, and feel a strange material that seems to be almsot surging as it keeps me connected to the bed. My breathing begins to speed up as a panic sets over me.

“They’re energy cuffs.” I jump, and look to my left. Remus is walking towards me. He’s once again dressed in all white, his hair pulled back away from his face, and the new symbol on his face is visible. All of my memories come washing back to me.

The planet being destroyed, and Remus’ admission of the life I lost because of him. He takes a seat on the edge of the bed, holding his palm out. A soft blue hue spins from his palm, connecting to this thing around my throat. He’s showing me that I am literally shackled to him.

I explode in a fit of anger, and lunge for him not caring about how feeble or inferior I am compared to him.

“You murderer!” I scream. There’s a rough pull on my throat, and I’m yanked backwards. Remus is watching me with a blank expression. He’s studying me. Gauging my reactions. It’s strange that he looks to be the same man, but is so different.

“You’re a monster! You’re not capable of anything other than destroying! That’s why even your own mother couldn’t stand the tho-” My words are caught in my throat as the cuff around my throat tightens. I can’t breathe. I reach for it in a panic, but I seem to be clawing at nothing.

Remus is just watching me. No emotion on his face. Tears are burning my cheeks, there is no sound coming from me anymore. Only my pathetic attempts at breathing. Finally, I can breathe again. I fall flat on my stomach, gasping in desperation.

“You’re right. I am a murderer.” His voice comes out over me, and it’s scary. Terrifying.

“I didn’t kill my family if that’s what you’re thinking. Or yours.” He says. I try and focus on what he is saying, but the tone of his voice is chilling my spine.

“Xion and Ezra are alive and in my custody as well as their mates. Even that mongrel we brought back from Earth. And your brother is safe as well.” I rub my neck trying to ease the aching throbbing.

“I spared some of the people of Leviathar. Of course they no longer have a place in this world, so they’ll have to find their own. Without the help of the divine three.” He says bitterly. I look at him, and there still isn’t any damn emotion on his face. He’s like a robot.

“My family betrayed me. I want to kill them. My mother. The man that I thought was my father. I want them both dead.” He says. He finally turns and looks at me. He’s cold. Distant. I narrow my gaze at him, and his lips turn upward slightly.

“Don’t look at me like that. You should rejoice. I spared them because you asked me to.” He says. He stands up.

“You’re a hero, Iris.” He says as he walks away from me. I reach around me trying to feel the chains, but there is nothing there.

“Like I said before. They’re energy cuffs.” I look up to see Remus coming towards me with clothes in his hands.

“They’re linked to me. You can’t break them.” He says. I drop my gaze, looking at my hands. The world blurs and becomes clear as tears fall from my eyes. Remus still doesn’t speak. He only takes a seat next to me. I feel his fingers on my face, and I jerk away from him slapping his hand away.

“Don’t touch me.” I hiss. He gives me no reaction. I drop my head in my hands letting out a soft moan. It’s just too much. Too much too fast. Too much pain, and loss and at the end of it all, I am still stuck with a monster. On Leviathar, he was changing at least. Even if it was small, he was... but his parents have destroyed any chance he had at becoming compassionate.

He looks like Remus, he sounds like Remus, but his whole demeanor, and way of being is completely different.

“Where am I.” I ask. I look up when I see him standing by a door.

“Come.” He says. I narrow my gaze, and want to tell him that there is no way in hell that I am following him after everything he’s put me through, but I decide against it. The look in his eyes, the expression on his face, it’s now clear to me what that is exactly.

Emotionless. Not the kind that you use to describe someone that can do evil without blinking an eye, but the kind that you fear. The kind that chills you to the bone. The kind that, as you look into the eyes of that person, you don’t know whether to feel fear, or worry, because they obviously have no kind of moral compass on how to treat life.

“Iris. You look as though you’ve seen a ghost.” He says. I slowly slide off the bed, half expecting to be jolted back again, but am shocked when I am able to move. Remus watches me as I come close to him, walking past him and through the arch way.

I step out into an unfamiliar hallway, and Remus walks around me, not sparing me a glance as he takes the lead. I want to ask him questions, I want to scream at him in anger, I want him to hold me as I cry my eyes out for the loss of so much. But I just quietly follow him.

“Where are we going.” I ask. He doesn’t respond. Which only heightens my anticipation. We walk through the maze, and there is no indication of where i am, what time of day it is, or anything like that. We walk down a flight of stairs, and Remus waves his hand over the wall, revealing an opening. He stands, watching me expectantly, and waiting for me to go through. So I do.

There’s a hall, with glass on either side of me. I pause, looking back to Remus. He looks ahead of us, motioning for me to move. I take a shaky step forward. I look into the glass and let out a soft gasp. Xion is behind the glass, a bright blue cuff aroudn her throat adn arms, shackling her to the wall. She’s unconscious, her white hair falling in her face. I also see Chris. He has regular chains, he’s laying on his side, unconscious as well.

I step forward, and see Ezra. He’s awake, tears running down his face. His eyes are wide in shock. Sky is next to him unconscious, and she has chains around her wrists, her throat, and something around her mouth as well.

“What have you done?” I whisper in horror. Remus walks pass me, not sparing them a glance.

“She’s a biter.” He says. I look at him in horror, and turn my gaze back to Ezra and Sky. Ezra looks horror stricken. I follow Remus, pausing when I see his mother. I haven’t seen her since she tried to kill me. Even she is in chains. She looks exhausted. Drained of any and all her energy. She’s laying against the wall, her gaze focused on the ceiling.

And when I step forward again, I see someone that I have never seen before. A man that looks like Remus. He has white hair, purple eyes, and he looks mad. His hair is falling in his face, yet he’s not wearing any cuffs. Remus walks next to me, pausing.

“My father. My real father.” He says nonchalantly. I look at him in confusion.

“Why are they all imprisoned, Remus, this is your family!” I say in disbelief. Remus shakes his head.

“Family means nothing.” He says simply. He turns away from me, and I don’t think. I reach out grabbing his sleeve.

“No.. you once told me your siblings were your weakness. You would die for them. that doesn’t change just because your past is different.” I say. He stares me down for a moment, and I actually think he’s listening to me, but he jerks his sleeve out of my grasp, turning away from me.

“It does when you destroy their home world.” He walks away from me, expecting me to follow. And I do. I pause in front of the glass that I’m assuming he brought me down here for in the first place. My eyes widen, and tears immedaitely form down my face.

Andrew. and not just Andrew. But Jude as well. They’re both unconscious, and alive. I let out a gasp, holding my chest.

“Family doesn’t mean anything to me anymore, but I know it means everything to you.” Remus says behind me. I hold my hand against the glass, looking at my brother. My gaze travels to Jude.


“He shares the same blood as Xion’s mate.” He says. I turn back to them, smiling softly to myself. He’s done the unthinkable, and he’s claimed that family means nothing to him, but somewhere in there, deep down is Remus. The man that loves his family more than anything. He just has to find his way back.

“Why am I not in chains.” I ask. Remus steps around me, holding up his hand that blue aura slowly begins forming until I can see the line that is connnected to my throat.

“Technically you are.” He says. He drops his hand, standing to his full height.

“I’m assuming you mean imprisoned down here.” He says. He walks away from me.

“Come.” He says. I’m beginning to really hate that word.

I follow him out of the dungeon like place, and we end up in front of two massive double doors. He pushes them open, revealing a night sky, with clouds forming as if you could touch them. He grabs ahold of my hand, pulling me along.

Remus pulls me down so that I am sitting in front of him. His face is serious, hsi eyes are empty and burning bright.

“I must rebuild my people. My real people. My kingdom. The ones my mother stole me from for her own selfish gain. My siblings will never forgive me for what I’ve done. I accepted that. And I will never regret what I did.” I flinch from the cold tone of his voice. He stands, walking towards the edge of the balcony.

“You are the only thing in my life, that is real Iris. I want you around. I know you will hate me in these coming days, and I’ve accepted that. As long as the one thing that is true stays in my life.” He says. He turns to me, and I feel my blood run cold. For the first time since I awoke, he’s showing me an emotion. He walks towards me with that glint in his eyes.

That look that gives me all that I need to know. Whatever his parents did, whatever he discovered about himself, and his people has changed his being entirely. This is a new kind of monster on my hands. A whole new kind of entity. I feel myself shaking in fear as realization dawns on me. As my body finally accepts the truth that’s been staring me in the face since I awoke.

“And if you try and kill yourself, I will murder every single person in that chamber. And I will make sure they suffer too.”


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