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Chapter 1


Humans are considered a danger to themselves and the environment around them. They sent their planet to the brink of extinction itself, knowing that it was their only source of resources. They turned their backs on their own in a time of need, and looked out for themselves as individuals. They have weak senses. Sight, smell, sound, and touch. Even their cognitive abilities. Their resources were nearly depleted, and their space travel capabilities laughable. The humans of Earth have no place in the Leviathin empire. This planet is now a slave planet of the Leviathin empire.

Those words will forever plague me. Because even though I want to believe it not to be true, I know now that it is. Remus made sure of that. Before he took my home from me, and me from my home, he did everything in his power to break me. To make me see the way of humanity. And I saw.

I saw women I grew up with, and fought to protect turn against me when the situation called for it. I watched a mass of my people with the resources to win a battle turn their backs on those in need. Those that couldn’t fight for themselves. I watched the world as I knew it crumble into nothing more than a memory. There is no hope for humanity. We are a disease that the Leviathin caught and destroyed in a matter of years. Probably would have been less if the leader of the empire wasn’t so sadistic and enjoyed seeing people suffer.

In the eyes of their leader, we are better off dead. Their cold, emotionless leader. Remus. The eldest of the divine three. With hair as white a snow, and eyes such a vivid purple, you can’t look away once you’ve seen it. A being that screams perfection and greatness, with no regard for others that aren’t his people or his family. He’s a deadly foe that’s set on purging the universe of mankind, and he succeeded. I pray for anyone that gets on his bad side. How do I know so much about him you ask? Well, because my name is Iris. And I must spend the rest of my life with him.


I’m hunched over the toiled, throwing up. Again. It’s been like this for the past week. I feel Remus’ hand on my back rubbing comforting circles. I reach behind me, swatting away at his hand. I’ve been all too vocal about my hatred for him, and he’s been abnormally patient with me. Not touching me, and keeping his distance.

“Your body isn’t used to the light travel capabilities. It’s making you sick.” He murmurs over me. We’ve been travelling for his home world for about week now. That’s how long it takes by light to get there. I’m ready to get off this ship. I want to get away from him. But now I know that there is literally no where in the universe for me to hide. We are bonded.

When Remus told me about us becoming “life-mates” I thought is was a horrible nightmare. He said that my life is his life, my emotions are his. And I believe him. Sometimes, I can feel his emotions. I can feel his pain. His anger. His sorrow. And I know he can feel mine. But in the week it’s taken us to get here, he’s closed our emotions off from each other. I have no idea how he does it, but sometimes I can feel him poking around in my brain, and others I forget he even bonded himself to me.

I sit up, jerking away from him and going to the sink rushingly splashing water on my face and in my mouth. After I spit, I look at myself in the mirror. I look exhausted. I hear Remus coming close in behind me. And he appears in my reflection. His hair is pushed back, only a few stray strands tickling his forehead, and his eyes are burning bright in excitement. But his face gives me no emotional indication on how he is feeling. We stare at each other for a while before I shove past him, heading into the bedroom. I look out the small window and see the streaks of light that surround the ship as they pass by.

I sit on the edge of the bed, letting my head fall into my hands as a sob escapes me. I bury my face into the pillow, letting my tears fall. I can’t hear him, but I can sense him through our bond. So I know the moment Remus exits the room, leaving me alone once again.

I watched him and his sister take down a mountain without lifting a finger. I watched him take life after life simply by touching the person. I’ve seen his display of strength, his level of intellect. There is no feeling in the world that compares to feeling as helpless as I do in this moment. There is nothing I can do. To free anyone, or save my planet. My planet is just another one down the list of their conquests. And I am just the spoils of war.


I slowly open my eyes, and look out the window. I can see. The stars. I slowly sit up, throwing my legs over the edge of the bed. The door to the bedroom opens, and in comes Remus. He walks to the bathroom, pausing in the doorway as he turns his gaze to me. I know what he wants. So I stand and follow him.

He doesn’t speak as he removes his shirt. He turns to face me.

“We have arrived. It’s going to take three hours to clear the atmosphere.” He says simply. I let out a soft grunt. He knows I won’t respond. I never do. I hate him. He reaches for my shirt, and I step away from him narrowing my gaze.

“Don’t touch me.” I snap. I move my fingers to remove my own clothes, but he brushes my fingers out of the way, completely ignoring my wishes. Remus isn’t the type to voice is dislikes. He says it once, and you had better realize that he’s had enough. I know that when he’s had enough, he’ll give me subtle hints before he does anything drastic. And he knows I know.

His fingers are light against my skin, and I hate my body because it betrays me the moment he touches me. I want to lean into him, and let him hold me. But I refuse to let that happen. Once we’re both naked, Remus pulls me into the warm water with him. It feels amazing against my skin, especially with it being so cold on this ship, and it helps that his body temperature is abnormally high as well.

He seems so at ease and relaxed.


“You’ll love Leviathar. It truly is a planet of wonder.” He says. I bite the inside of my cheek to keep a snide remark from slipping out. He laughs behind me. He pushes my hair away from my shoulder, and places a soft kiss on my throat. A ripple of pleasure rushes through me.

“I know you hate me, Iris. But hating me won’t take you back to your planet. So you might as well enjoy your new home.”

For the first time since this trip started, Remus forces me to come out of the room. He’s completely silent as he leads me through the winding hallways. We enter a room with a lot of people looking at screens and pressing buttons, so I’m guessing this is the control room.

Remus stands over me, looking around, and opens his mouth, saying something in his language. One of the Leviathin are more than happy to reply to him, and no sooner does he,does the wall at the front of the room raise, revealing the window, and the planet beyond.

My mouth drops in amazement. It’s beautiful. The world around me slowly passes by, and I immediately take notice of the beautiful and abundant greenery. It’s amazing. The trees are littered with foreign flowers that shine bright, and range from every color.

As the greenery thins out, we pass over a city. It’s amazing. The buildings are so tall, I can see the clouds are they wrap around them. They’re made of some kind of foreign material that looks clean and spaced. My eyes widen as I take in the planet of Leviathar. When I look to the sky, I can see the massive neighboring planet in the atmosphere. It’s a beautiful hue of blue, purple, and white.

One of the crew members speak up, and Remus responds in his native tongue. I feel his hand in mine, and raise my gaze to meet his. He’s giving me a soft smile as he leads me over to the window. I place my hands against the glass, getting a closer look. We pass over a massive sea of water, and my eyes bulge at the color. It’s so clear and blue, and the moment I look down, a fish like creature jumps out of the water, diving back underneath the surface.

“Wow.” I whisper. I know at the back of my mind I should be filled with anger and hate, but the world that I’m looking at right now is beautiful to say the least. The awe and wonder that fills me is unprecedented. I hate to say it, but this world puts the wonders of the Earth to shame. Remus hadn’t lied when he said it was a planet of wonder.

We travel for a bit longer, eventually reaching another city. I can see the thousands of Leviathin lined up behind the gates as they applaud and cheer in excitement at their leader being home. I peek at Remus from my position to see his reaction, and to my shock he’s looking at me. I blink in confusion, but he still has a soft smile on his lips, as he gazes at me. Completely oblivious to the people that are screaming his praise.

"Portyunid, opreuinfr" Remus turns as one of his people speaks to him, bowing as he does so. Remus nods, and turns back to me.

“Come.” He turns away from me, heading towards the exit of the room.

The roars are deafening. The door to the ship opens, and the world of Leviathar is revealed to me. There is a soft purple glow cast over the sky. Remus steps down the platform, nodding to his people. When I look to my left, I see Ezra and Sky. My heart breaks for her. She’s behind him, with her arms chained in front of her. He has a tight grip on the leash, but her head is down, and I see the depression and despair in her eyes.

I look to my right, and see Xion and the man she is so in love with. He is at her side, an arm wrapped possessively around her waist. I wonder how he feels about the fall of the Earth. My jaw drops when I see Jude. He steps out of the ship behind them, a blank expression. It makes me wonder what her relationship with him is.

“Iris.” I tear my gaze away from Jude when I hear Remus’ voice. I look at him and he’s already ahead of me, a look of irritation on his face.

“Let’s go.” He says. I swallow the lump in my throat, and follow behind him slowly, looking at the people of this planet they are all so happy for him and his siblings to be home. Some kind of transport pod lands in front of each of the divine three as they walk down the ramps from the ship, and I watch as Ezra pulls Sky in, and Xions man helps her into the car. He pauses, and looks to me, meeting my gaze directly. I gasp softly when he gives me a sad smile. But I know he’s trying to reassure me. It’s only for a split second before he disappears into the craft along with Jude.

I look back to Remus, who is holding the door open for me. His purple gaze is level with mine. He’s watching me carefully. Like he expects me to do something here. I won’t. I duck my head, and climb inside.

“You’ve been abnormally quiet, Iris.” Remus says interrupting the quiet. I only shrug, keeping my gaze trained out the window. I have completely detached myself from my emotions. There are so many things I want to feel, but now that he has taken me away from my home, I see nothing in my future.

We seem to be climbing higher into the sky, and when I look out the window, I have to rub my eyes to make sure what I’m seeing is true. There is a massive storm cloud circling directly in front of us. It’s just in one place, like a massive ball of smoke. I can see the lightning, and I look to Remus in shock when I realize we’re headed straight for it. Remus doesn’t seem to be the least bit worried.

The front of the ship is surrounded by the storm, and immediately the cabin begins shaking like crazy. Lightning is flashing and I feel sick as fear comes over me. I subconsciously grab ahold of Remus, fear shaking me as the storm rages around us.

But when I look up at him, he’s not scared at all. He has an amused grin on his face. He places his hand over mine, and looks me in the eyes.

“It won’t hurt us, Iris.” He says. It takes about a minute for the storm to pass, and we’re through. It stops in an instant. I blink in shock. It’s a mountain. It’s beautiful, and surrounded by that storm, but here on the inside is a world of wonder. It’s calm and safe.

I look in wide eyes at the lavender snow that covers the mountain. That’s right. Lavender. It’s a soft, pale color, but it’s purple none the less. We fly over the icy wonderland, and there are trees with white branches and leaves on them. There’s a frozen lake as well. And when we cross over the mountain, there built within it is a castle. It’s amazing. It’s carved out of the mountain, matching the stone.

I feel a hand on my neck, brushing my hair aside.

“Welcome to your new home.”


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