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Chapter 2


In hindsight, I should regret the things that I’ve done. But I don’t. I guess if I were a decent being I would feel some form of remorse for taking the home world that belongs to Iris. But I don’t. I’m glad she isn’t there to see her people suffer. And I’m glad her people are suffering.

The trip to Leviathar took a week. We are a galaxy hundreds of light-years from Earth if light travel hadn’t been discovered. So with that new capability, we are only a week away. I’ve missed my home. I’ve missed my planet. And now I have finally returned. I look to Iris, who has been silently ogling my home world. I told her she would love it. But she was so wrapped up in her hatred for me she was snapping at everything that I was saying to her. I doubt she was even listening.

It’s been hard keeping my distance from her. Especially being stuck on a ship for a week. But I know she needs her space. She just lost her planet. That is a heavy burden on anyone. I can understand her hatred for me. And I can give her that space. But it doesn’t mean that it is killing me. There have been many times I’ve wanted to take her and bury myself so deep inside of her, never leaving the comfort of her body. But I can’t. Not if I want this transfer to go smoothly.

I know her body is screaming for me as well, but her mind is not. That is the effects of bonding. It ties you to that person, making your connection stronger. But Iris has always had a hatred for me. So there is nothing strengthening but her physical attraction. But for me, it’s everything. I want nothing more than to be near her every second of every day. I want to hold her, and make her smile and laugh. It’s foreign to me having these emotions. I would blame it on the bonding, but I can’t. From the moment I saw her, I despised her, and I wanted to break her.

But the more she proved me wrong about her kind, the more I fell for her. I tried to run from my feelings by locking them away, and forcing her into situations that would force the basic human instinct out of her, and by showing me that it would deter any emotional attachment I was gaining for her. But Iris is nothing like her people. She is different. Rare. One of the very few that stands out.

I look at her now, her bright green gaze staring at the snow. On her planet it is a white shade, but on my planet, it’s a soft lavender. And she seems to be in awe at the moment. I can’t help the smile that crosses my features as I watch her. Even her mouth is slightly agape. Her hands are against the glass and her face is almost touching it. It’s the one thing she always does no matter her location. She looks out the glass. I used to tell her to stop that, but now I see it’s her curiosity.

The ship begins its descent, landing in the soft snow. I am beyond happy to be home. But there is still a lot of business to attend to. Meetings, celebrations, and not to mention speaking with my mother about the newest addition. But for now, like we do every time we return from battle, the divine three rest. For one whole day, I am not to be disturbed from my home.

I rise from my seat, and Iris immediately looks in my direction. I can hear her soft heartbeat even now slightly speed up. It does that every time I move around her. It’s her fear of me. I have instilled that inside of her.

“Come.” I say turning to leave the ship. Then I remember that Iris is human. I pause in the doorway, taking off my cape and wrapping it around her, making sure to lock it securely around her neck. The temperature outside is deadly cold for a human, especially with her body temperature being so low. She’d freeze to death in a matter of minutes. I linger for a moment, enjoying the closeness between us. This is probably the closest I’ll be able to be to her for a while. Maybe even forever. If she’s proven anything to me, it’s that she feels strongly for her people and her planet. And currently, she is unaware of the true fate that awaits her home world.

My gaze travels to her hair. It’s grown so much since I first caught her and had to cut most of it off from damage. It’s beautiful. Unique. Wild. Like her. I turn away from her, stepping out into the cold. It feels amazing against my skin. The wind barely touching my flesh due to my high body temperature.

I hear Iris’ cautious footsteps behind me, and pause momentarily for her to catch up. When she does, I wrap my arm around her waist. I feel her body tense under me but choose to ignore it like I always do. We walk in the silence, heading into my home.

Each of my siblings have secluded homes. Because of who we are. Xion lives in the forest, and Ezra lives in the ocean. My home is in the floating mountains, and I surrounded it with a storm so that no one but me can get in. It’s nearly impossible to get to my home, and my siblings homes. I’ve always enjoyed the peace and quiet. And now, I have someone to share it with. Even if she loathes me.

Irises gaze travels up, and she’s looking at the mountainside that my home is carved into. I try and focus on her heartbeat and breathing. The air on Leviathar is much more cleaner than the air on Earth. At some point she will begin to feel the effects of a clean atmosphere. I don’t want it to catch her off guard. But right now she’s doing fine on the walk.

“This is your home?” She whispers in shock. I don’t know if she’s talking to me, or herself, so I just keep silent like I always do with her. We reach the front door, and I place my hand out, feeling the make up of the door, causing it to dissolve. Iris has always been confused with the way my life works. I don’t use doors. I keep walls, and I remove them at will. She’s always been shocked by that. I recall her once running right into the wall, thinking that was the trick I’m assuming.

We step into my home, and the familiar surroundings engulf me. For the first time since I set out to conquer the Earth, I am completely at ease. This is my place of solace. Where I know I will be safe. I lead Iris through the halls and to the bedroom, where I let go of her to light the fireplace. When I turn back to her, I take note that she is shivering.

“Give it a moment to heat up the room.” I say simply. I move to take off my shirt, enjoying the cool air against my skin. When I look back to Iris, she is staring out the glass wall. I turn to take in the same view as her. It is magnificent. You can see the whole winter wonderland from here.

I study her face. She’s sad. I don’t need the bond to tell me that. She’s always been easy to read. But even now, I don’t know if there is even any hope left in her. I said that’s what I wanted, but now that I see the effect it’s had on her, I don’t know if it was what’s best. Her eyes are dull, and her mouth is set in a frown. I notice that her hands are grasping my cape tightly to her. It’s something she doesn’t realize she’s doing.

I let out a deep sigh, making my way over to where she is standing. Hear heart beat speeds up the closer I get. I slowly grasp onto the edges of the cape, pulling her with me to the bed. I take a seat on the edge pulling her between my legs. She’s keeping her eyes down, avoiding eye contact with me. I place a finger under her chin, and guide her gaze up to meet mine.

I offer her a soft smile. There’s a curl in her face and I push it behind her ear. Already her cheeks are flushing from the contact of our skin.

“I’m sorry, that your planet went down the road it did, Iris. There is nothing I can do to change it. You’ve seen yourself how humans are. There was no saving them.” I say. Her eyes narrow at me, and I can feel her anger.

“You never gave them a chance.” She hisses at me.

“Contrary to your beliefs, Iris, they didn’t deserve one.” I say back. Her face turns red, and I see her lip trembling. I think she’s about to scream at me, or something. But she does the exact opposite. Her legs give out, and she crumbles to the ground in front of me. She’s been stoic the whole trip, keeping her emotions and face blank. But now, everything she’s been holding in is let out.

Her loud cry fills the room. And I feel an ache in my heart. I did this.

“You took my home.” She sobs. It almost comes out like a moan the way she is crying. I let out a deep sigh.

“This is your home now, Iris.” She looks up at me, and it takes everything in me not to just reach out to hold her.

“This will never be my home.” She hisses. There it is. That fire is back. She reaches around her neck, jerking my cape off and throwing it across the room. I feel amusement at her little act of rebellion. She would rather be cold than wear my clothes. Interesting. I slowly stand from where I’m seated, and Iris watches me with wary eyes. I don’t offer her an explanation, or even a spare glance as I head to the bathroom to cleanse myself.

I don’t know how long I stay in the bathroom, but I make sure to extend my stay longer than I originally planned, due to the fact that Iris despises my very essence. I step out of the shower, placing a towel around my waist as I make my way into the bedroom. My eyes scan the room for Iris. There’s no way she could have left, it’s physically impossible for her.

For once, I’m actually shocked where I find her. She’s in the bed. Her body has a light shiver running over it, even with the large blanket made from Kumtat fur. I stare at her curiously. She is a constant puzzle I cannot figure out. I know her every move, I know what she will do, and I know when she wants to know something. But for the life of me, I don’t know why her thoughts go the direction that they do. Why she fights her most basic instinct.

I make my way over to the bed, standing over her unconscious form. She’s beautiful. Stunning. She’s my light. My mother always told me, that I am the product of darkness. And Iris is my light. She makes me not as heartless as I could be. Her hair tickling her shoulder blades, and I can see my mark glowing on her flesh.

Her cheeks are red from the cold. The temperature up here is too cold for a human. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest because of my high body heat. So I may have to modify my home to accommodate Iris. Luckily the hearth is large so it’s warm glow is engulfing the entire room already. Pretty soon she’ll be warm.

She takes in a shuddering breath, and I feel the urge to drop my mental block, and see how she’s feeling. But I know it will only distract me in places I don’t need to be distracted right now. I move away from the bed to put some clothes on, and head to the ship. Since I don’t need food to sustain myself, there isn’t any in my home. So I need to go and pick up things for Iris.


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