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Chapter 3

I’ve always appreciated the beauty of a planet. I love my home. It’s my place of solace. My peace. After I arrived back home, and got Iris cleaned up, I decided to take her on a tour of her new home. I love the excitement in her face. The awe in her eyes. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of it.

She’s wearing one of my coats to keep her warm. It’s going to take a while for the whole entire palace to warm up so that she is comfortable. Until then, she’ll have to make do with my warm clothes. I considered bringing my slaves from Earth back with me, but i figure since I am going to be with Iris the rest of my life I may as well learn how to care for a human.

They are so fragile. If I forget to feed her, if I let her in certain parts of the palace that aren’t properly heated, if I leave a passage open, she could die easily. I know this will take her a while to get used to. Being completely under my rule. Without me she can die.

“This is the courtyard. You must tell me before you come out here. I don’t want you to freeze to death.” I say as we pass the open archway that leads outside. She nods her head, but i feel like my warning went right over it. I make a mental note to close the archway soon. I keep my gaze trained on her. Her mouth slightly opens as she looks around in awe.

“You live here alone?” She asks. I’m caught off guard for a moment at her question. Mainly for the fact that she’s talking to me. Which is something she hasn’t been too fond of lately. I look down at her and she’s looking up at me in complete curiosity. I nod my head.

“That’s really sad.” She says softly. I raise a brow in confusion, stepping in front of her.

“Oh? How so.” I ask. My curiosity is getting the best of me. She immediately looks down, and I frown because i can’t see those bright green irises. But I can see those thick lashes as they fan her cheeks. Cheeks that are blushing a soft red from the cold.

“Being alone is sad.” She says. I stare at her. Really stare. Sometimes she speaks before her mind catches up to her mouth. I can see the sorrow of her being alone. Then I smile. I reach out placing my palms on either side of her face, pulling her gaze up to meet mine. I take note that the snow is falling outside. So I pull the hat I’ve been carrying around out of my pocket, and place it over her head, making sure to cover her ears. I then secure the pants and my cape around her shoulders.

“Do you want to see the snow.” I ask. Her eyes widen, and she vigorously nods her head. I knew she would. I don’t think she’s ever seen snow before. Not even Earth’s snow. I reach out pushing open the gate ,and leading her into the courtyard. She looks around in awe. I watch her carefully as she reaches out, touching the snow with her fingers and giggling softly. She begins running her fingers over it lightly, as if testing the texture.

“It’s so beautiful.” She murmurs.

“You’re beautiful.” I murmur. She doesn’t hear me. I make sure that she doesn’t. My affections are the last thing she wants right now. The only reason she is tolerating me is because she’s so overwhelmed by the beauty surrounding her. But once she settles and realizes her place, she’s going to go back to that rebellious female i picked up from the burning streets.

I take notice that she’s gathering snow in mounds around her, and begins shaping it. I keep my distance, not wanting to startle her or ruin her sudden happiness. She’s been constantly crying and snapping at me, so it’s nice to see her happy. and about something i created as well. This whole realm in the sky is of my creation. I wanted quiet, and i wanted seclusion when i created this place. Iris is enjoying the snow so much, I think I’ll keep it to myself for a while that this is my doing. She’ll hate it immediately just to spite me once she finds out.

I take note that her body is beginning to shake despite the warm clothes she has on. I make my way over to her.

“Come on inside. It’s getting to be too cold for you out here.” She’s hesitant in her steps, but comes anyway. I give her a soft smile, immediately sensing her mood. She is cold, but doesn’t want to leave the outside. She loves it.

“You’ll be able to come back once i get a proper wardrobe for you.” I say. She nods her head, and follows me back into my home.


Sadness. I can feel it radiating from my very core. But it isn’t mine. I slowly sit up in my bed, and look over to the archway of the bathroom. I left Iris alone to bathe, and dozed a little. I stand from the bed, and make my way over to the bathroom. Sure enough she’s sitting in the water, with tears falling down her cheeks. Her knees are drawn to her chest, and she’s resting her cheek on them. She isn’t looking at anything in particular.

I’ve left her alone the whole trip her, and even when we got here I’ve not bothered her. But now I’m unsure if that was the best thing for her. I recall her words earlier in the courtyard.

“Being alone is sad.”

I walk over to the edge of the tub, and take a seat placing my hand on her back. She tenses, and her breathing speeds up, but she doesn’t jerk away.

“Iris... You don’t have to go through this alone.” I say. She’s quiet. She turns her gaze to look at me. Her eyes are red.

“How could you possible understand what I’m feeling.” She asks. I keep to myself the fact that I can sense how she feels through our bond. I’ll never understand her love for her people.

“How can you cry for a home that brought you nothing but misery.” I ask. She shakes her head, and jerks away from me.

“The only reason it brought me misery is because you showed up.” She snaps. I have to bite back the snarl threatening to escape my throat. It irritates me how ignorant she is to her own race.

“If I hadn’t shown up you’d all be dead within the next ten years from fighting each other and killing your ecosystems out.” I say. She shakes her head.

“You don’t know that.” She shouts. I stand up, and glare at her.

“Oh yes. I do know it, Iris. You so love to point out the fact that i am conqueror. But you love to forget what that entails. I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen planets that are heading down the path to destruction, and that’s just where your planet was going. Your people were aware that they lived in a dead solar system yet they chose to destroy their only home, and each other. They didn’t respect their planet, iris. They were parasites to it.” I snap.

“That didn’t give you the right to swipe in and enslave us!” She yells. I can’t stop myself. I feel my anger radiating from my fingertips. I smash my fist into the wall, feeling it creak and shatter beneath my fist.

“It gave me every right, Iris! Your people don’t deserve to even live! Any other planet i would have crushed within weeks of being there. Instead of hating the one that you are bonded to, you should be grateful that you aren’t classified as one of those pets anymore. Is that what you want? To be in chains? To be led around and seen as beneath me?” I growl. She’s quiet. And I can hear her heartbeat. It’s fast.

It makes me calm myself. I take a deep breath. This is an argument that we will never agree on. Yet she constantly brings it up. She constantly holds on to that hatred. My anger is so high, I have to walk away from her before i do something I’ll regret.

It takes a few minutes, but Iris finally emerges from the bathroom. Her eyes are downcast. Her body is drenched with water. I have to fight the smile threatening to form on my lips. She doesn’t know her way around yet, so it’s only natural that she would completely ignore the towels.

She pauses across the room, looking up and staring at me. Her arms are over her chest, and she has her knees touching trying to shield herself from my gaze. I rise from my seat, and walk past her into the bathroom, emerging seconds later and wrapping the towel around her. I push her wet hair away from her face, and place a soft kiss on her forehead.

“This is your home now, Iris.” I say.



“This is your home now.”

Never have i hated an arrangement of words so much. This isn’t my home. This will never be my home. I will never accept it as that. For all I know, this is a prison. Remus is messing with the strings of the dress he’s forcing me to wear. It’s beautiful. Elegant. So I immediately know we’re going somewhere important. Leaving this sanctuary.

I won’t lie. His home is magnificent. It’s a beautiful palace in a land of snow and mountains, filled with constant peace and tranquility. I don’t see why he’d ever want to leave just to conquer other planets he hates so much.

He pulls lightly on the string, taking a step away from me. He inspects the outfit, and nods his head slightly, holding his hand out to me. I stare at him like he’s crazy.

“What no chains? No inhibitor? No bracelet that controls my every move?” I snap at him. I expect him to yell, or grab me or something, but he just glares at me. His bright purple gaze as emotionless as the day I met him. Then he laughs. Softly. The corners of his mouth turning up slightly.

“No, my pet.” He grabs a hold of my hand as he speaks, placing a soft kiss across my knuckles. Then his smile grows, and i sense his malice as if it’s a part of me.

“Not unless you force me to.”

The trip away from his home is as magnificent as the trip inside. It’s confusing to me how a constant whirring storm circles the landscape he lives in, but it’s something that i will probably never understand.

“Where are we going.” I say. Each time on Earth when we would go somewhere, it meant a bloodbath, or a lesson. I hate to imagine the things he has in store on his own planet.

“Just to the capital.” He says. I look over to him, but his gaze is focused ahead.

“What’s at the capital.”

“The council.” He says. I look at him in confusion but he doesn’t bother to elaborate. So shift in my seat, and train my gaze forwards once again.

The ride to the capital takes longer than i expected. The city is beautifully crafted and well spaced. It makes you wonder where we went wrong in creating our own cities. We land on the roof of the tallest building, surpassing the usual adoring crowd, and head straight into a moving box like the one in Remus’ home on Earth.

He’s silent the whole way, his regal stature and distant expression becoming evident on his face. I really feel that Remus’ has some form of disdain towards his people. But he won’t admit that to me. The doors open, revealing two people that scare me almost as much as Remus. His sister, and his brother. The woman that ripped open the mountainside, and turned men into piles of torn flesh and bones. The man that escaped his bonds, and took out a room full of guards single handedly.

My footsteps falter the moment his sisters gaze falls on me. She slightly frowns and turns her nose up at me. She doesn’t like me.

“Come Iris. Don’t fall behind.” Remus says ahead of me. He’s either oblivious to his sisters face or just choosing to completely ignore it. Even though they are his siblings, once he approaches they both bow slightly to him.

His sister is the first to speak. She opens her mouth, and their native language comes rolling out. Her gaze shifts to me, and back to him and to me again, until she is only staring at me with the same hatred i use to stare at her brother. Remus snaps something at her, and she closes her mouth, her eyes widening. She cuts her gaze to me once more and turns away from him, heading into a room with double doors.

His brother, I remember Remus calling him Ezra, shakes his head and turns away as well. And when I dare look at Remus, he is glaring after them in irritation. His eyes shift and he is looking at me. He looks over my head, and says something in his language. No sooner is a slave of some form next to me with a bowed head.

I immediately take note of the inhibitor around his neck.

“Take her to the glass room.” He says. The boy nods his head, and turns away from me, beginning to walk. When he realizes I haven’t followed him, he looks back to me, and I shiver from his empty gaze. I feel my rage threatening to spill over, and at the back of my mind, I feel like this is yet another test Remus is trying to put me through.

Remus steps around me, and places his fingers along my jaw. He has a dreamy expression on his face as he traces my facial structure.

“If I break your jaw, and let it heal on its own, we would have to wire it shut just for it to heal.” He murmurs. He looks at me, with that glint in his gaze. He’s challenging me. His eyes travel to my chest, and I can feel his gaze watching the rapid rate of my heart.

“Go with him. Don’t push me, Iris. Not today.” He growls. He let’s go of me, and i stumble back in shock. I quickly turn away from him, making sure to pick up a light jog just to getaway. But I don’t miss the deep chuckle that follows me.


The Glass Room is just as it sounds. The walls, and the ceiling is completely made of glass, making it easy to see the world around me. I look out and see the city beyond the building we’re in. It’s completely enclosed within a lush, green mountain range. It’s more stunning than the places Remus took me when we were back on Earth. Even the sky seems more vivid and clean here.

The door behind me closes, but I’m too busy looking around me in awe.

“You must be Iris.” I jump in fear, and scream when the random voice shocks me out of my ogling. I recognize him immediately. It’s the man from Earth. The celebration. He was the one on Xion’s arm. He gives me a nice smile, and holds his hands up in surrender.

“It’s alright. I’m not gonna hurt you.” He says. I take note of his accent. He has a southern drawl with his words. I narrow my gaze at him.

“Who are you.” I growl. He slowly holds his hand out.

“My name is Christopher. Christopher Griffin.” I stare at his hand untrustingly. Even though he looked sad, he was all over Xion. With love and affection. I saw it. I don’t trust him. He realizes I’m not going to shake his hand, and lowers it slowly.

“You were with Xion.” I say. He nods his head, slowly. I take note of the pulsing symbol on his throat. Just like mine.

“You two are bonded.” I say again. He raises a brow.

“How do you know what bonding is?” He asks.

“I don’t. I just know that Remus said something about it when this weird symbol appeared on my body.” I say. He gives me a smile filled with pity.

“I wish I could explain it to you.” He says. His smile drops.

“But it isn’t my place.” Chris looks down in sadness. He’s a handsome man, with a type of aura around him that makes you enjoy his presence. He doesn’t even look like he’s abused. His spirit is strong. Pure.

“Why are you with her.” I snap. His eyes widen at me.

“Who?” He says.

“That monster that tore down the resistance. That murdered all of those innocent people. Why do you hold her and look at her with love when she’s done what she’s done. How can you have bonded to her?” I ask in confusion. He shakes his head.

“It’s complicated.” He says. I scoff at him.

“How did you end up with a bonding to him?” He asks. He’s genuinely curious. I grow quiet as I recall the horrible turn of events that led to my bonding to that monster.

“He forced it on me.” I look Christopher in the eyes.

“I would never willingly bond to that monster. Never.” I snap. He looks at me. Really looks. Then he laughs.

“Don’t you feel any remorse for your people? For the Earth? We didn’t ask for thi-”

“Look, little girl. I’m sure in your mind, your argument seems plausible. But you haven’t seen what I’ve seen. What these... these beings are capable of.” I take note of the horror in his eyes.

“I do. I’ve seen it. What you saw, was only a fraction of the power they radiate. They are unlike anything we’ve ever encountered. They’re... otherworldly. This bravery you have may have been enough to capture his attention. But it may very well get you killed. I’m telling you this human to human. The one your with, Remus. He is as dangerous as they come. He shouldn’t even exist on the same plane as us. Yet he does. For everyone’s sake, please. Don’t piss him off.”


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