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Chapter 4

I’ve always found council meetings boring. It’s not that they’re boring, per se They’re just pointless. Regardless of what these fools think, my plans will stay the same. They pretend that their opinion matters so that they can have some form of peace of mind. It’s always the same thing. We return, and tell them of the newest addition, and explain plans for further conquests.

“What exactly are the plans for the Earth, Lord Remus?” Valerians words pull me out of my thoughts. He’s one of the elders on the council, making his opinion mean very little to me. Which is saying a lot seeing as there’s only 2 members of the council I respect.

“There are no plans for Earth. I’ll assign Ragar and Thinry to the quadrant to monitor its growth, and keep the humans at a minimum reproduction rate. In a few years it will be a slave planet, with a promising market.” I say disinterested. Originally the Earth was going to be destroyed. Not the planet, just its people. The planet is abundant in natural resources. They were just too foolish to respect that fact and turned to the most harmful ways possible to suck the planet dry.

I notice Ezra look at me out of my peripheral. I make a mental note to ask him about his reaction later. I slowly begin to stand, ready to see Iris and spend more time with her.

“If there are no more questions, then this meeting will-”

“I have a question, Remus.” Everyone in the room turns as Acacius speaks for the first time in decades in a council meeting. Acacius is the oldest Leviathin in existence. He’s said to have been here in the time my mother reigned. He’s always silent. Only ever listening to what we say. But today, he has spoken. His voice is almost as soft as a whisper. Almost. His gaze falls on me, and I make sure to keep my gaze steady.

“You’ve bonded, Remus. To a human.” He says. I narrow my gaze at him.

“Ok. And?” I say.

“You were not supposed to bond with anyone if you recall.” He says. Just as he speaks those words a sharp pain rushes through my head. A flash of something appears across my vision. It’s so quick I can’t make it out, and then it’s gone. I close my eyes trying to calm myself from the sudden dizziness, as well as the splitting headache I have.

I feel Xion’s hand on my shoulder, and look up at her. She’s gazing at me in worry, and i take in the fear in her gaze as well. When I look down, I see why. The table that was in front of me has been shattered and frozen. The solid material is now bent at an odd angle, suspended in time. And I don’t recall doing it.

“Remus. Are you alright?” She murmurs. I look at her, and for once I feel uneasy. I look back to Acacius who is gazing at me knowingly. He knows something he isn’t letting on. I swiftly run my gaze over the room, and take note that everyone is gazing at me in fear.

I pull away from Xion.

“My apologies. I seem to be out of sorts at the moment. Excuse me.” I leave the room without looking back. But I can feel Acacius’ gaze on my back as if he’s burning me. Once I’m in the hallway and away from prying eyes, I place my hand over my face, trying to calm myself.

What was that? I try and think and replay it in my head over and over, but I keep coming up with nothing.

I immediately head to the glass room that Iris is in. I put her in there because I knew she would love it. She’ll probably fight me to leave, but we need to leave. I approach and push the double doors open, looking for Iris. I find her immediately sitting by the window. She senses me and turns around.

“We’re leaving.” I snap.



I never pretend to understand Remus or why he does things, but right now he seems a little... unstable. Even more so since the terrifying speech that Christopher gave me.

“They don’t belong on this plane.”

What does that even mean? I look over to where Remus is seated. He isn’t wearing a shirt. Only pants. He’s sitting abnormally still with his eyes closed as if meditating. Which wouldn’t bother me if we weren’t outside in the freezing cold.

Once we returned back to his home, he made sure to dress me in warm clothes, and brought me out away from his palace. I’d say we’re a few miles out. He told me to do as I please, and he took a seat on a perch, and has been silent ever since.

My gaze drops to the symbol on his chest. The same symbol that I now have on my body to signify our bond. The usual calm pulsating rhythm it gives off is gone. It’s still. I turn away from him, and kneel in the snow, beginning to pull it in close to me, making a shape.

I’m so focused on my task, I don’t hear Remus come up behind me.

“What are you doing.” He asks. I jump, letting out a soft gasp. He’s right over my shoulder. His bright purple gaze boring into the snow in front of me.

“I... I was shaping it.” I say.

“Why.” He asks. I turn back to the snow.

“What else can I do with it.” I murmur. He gives me a smug smile, and rotates his hand over the snow. It begins to slowly rise, and move into shapes while hovering over his palm. I watch in awe at the patterns he begins to create. The shapes become more intricate, and begin forming patterns I’ve never seen before.

“It’s called a kaleidoscope.” He says. I’ve never heard the term before. But if this is what it is, then it’s amazing. I try and hide my excitement. I don’t want him thinking that I have lost any form of resentment for him. He laughs next to me.

“You don’t have to be so stubborn with me, Iris. Showing excitement doesn’t mean you like me. You’re a curious being. It’s only natural.” He says. He stops the motion, and the snow falls around his hands, the small pieces that make contact with his skin melting on contact.

“Do you like this place?” He asks. I realize I let my guard down in those moments. Just because he shows me something pretty. I need to not let him get so close to me.

“No.” I snap. He laughs. He actually laughs like you would at a child that made a mistake.

“No, Iris. I’m asking do you like it. The snow.” He says. I’m tempted to shake my head. But how can I? I love this place. It’s amazing. I’m sure he already knows it.

“It’s beautiful.” I whisper.

“You’re welcome to go anywhere you like. As long as your covered up. This is our home now.” He says. I keep my gaze trained down.

“You’re not a prisoner here, Iris. This world is yours as well as mine.” He says. I immediately stand up, jerking away from him and walking to put some much needed distance between us.

“Why are you being so nice to me.” I say. I turn to look at him. Something I haven’t done since I’ve been here. His gaze is so intense. I want more than anything to look away.

“I thought you hated humans.” I say. He tilts his head to the side, smiling at me in amusement.

“I do.” He stands up, walking through the snow with an inhuman grace. He reaches out, tapping me lightly on the nose.

“You’re my exception.” He says. I think back to what Christopher said to me.

“This bravery you have may have been enough to capture his attention.”

I look at Remus in confusion. Ever since we left Earth, he’s been so kind to me. What is he going to do with me once he grows tired of me? What if Christopher is right, and I am only temporary?

“Come. I want to show you something.” He says. He stands and heads back to the place he was sitting, and grabs his cape, pulling it around his shoulders. Once it’s fastened he begins walking. I follow behind him. The walk isn’t long. And we come upon a lake of some sort. It’s nothing short of beautiful. Remus continues walking until we are close to the water. He kneels, and holds his hand out to me.

I stare at it untrustingly, and he laughs softly. Just a small upturn of the corner of his mouth. He drops his hand. I move next to him, and bend. I look into the reflection, waiting for his lesson.

“When I first found you in that wasteland, you were nothing more than a toy for me. I saw a spark in you. A spark I had never seen before in my time on Earth. Had you not done what you did, I would have killed you, and not thought twice about it. And that’s what I was planning on doing. The moment you showed me a weakness. The moment you showed me you were the very thing I loathed. Human. But no matter what I threw your way, you stood your ground. You stood up for what you believed in, Iris. No matter the consequence. For that, I respect you.” He says. He turns his gaze back to our reflection.

“You are mine, and I am yours. No matter how you feel about that fact.” He says. I take in his face in his reflection, and he suddenly looks troubled. His brow is furrowed, and his gaze isn’t focused on anything. He immediately stands, and looks over the mountain top.

“We should be heading back.” He says.



Iris is fast asleep. It’s amazing what a long walk will do to the human body. I doubt she’d wake up if I shouted at her. She’s laying on her stomach, with her legs and arms sprawled all over the bed. I laugh to myself. Everything about her is wild. Down to the way that she sleeps. I walk to the edge of the bed, placing a soft kiss on her cheek. She doesn’t stir.

I begin to leave the room. Her body is still getting used to the atmosphere. So she should be asleep for a while. Not only that, but she tries to be rebellious by disobeying me when i tell her to sleep. So her sleep cycle is way off.

I took a walk today to clear my head. But even then I couldn’t bring myself to focus. I tried to clear my thoughts, but the sound of Iris playing in the snow was driving me crazy. All she was doing was pushing it into mounds and patting it constantly. I didn’t understand why she was doing it. And judging from her heart rate she was enjoying doing it.

But during my explanation to her, something came to me. Something that I am unsure of. It was a vision. I turn away from Iris, and make my way to Western edge of the planet.

“My king. This is a surprise.” Acacius stands in his doorway, gazing at me. His eyes are fading. The slight blur in them a clear indication. But he can still see me. I can tell by his heart, his scent, and the way his index finger twitches he’s lying. He was expecting me. He steps aside, holding the door open wide.

“Please. Come in.” He says. I walk past him, into his home. It’s decently sized, and beige. Not at all a window into the type of person he is.

“All these years, Acacius. Why do you decide to become such a chatterbox now.” I say as I take a seat. He comes behind me,sitting down as well. A slave with an inhibitor around his neck comes to poor Acacius a drink.

“Would you like anything, My king?” He says. I shake my head.

“We both know that I don’t drink or eat. So get on with it.” I say. He chuckles softly. He can put on a false façade all he wants. But I can sense his fear. It’s small, but it’s still there.

“My king, you are the one on my doorstep.” He says.

“And yet you were ready for me.” I say. He smiles, taking a sip of his drink.

“What was that outburst in the meeting today.” I ask. He pauses bringing his cup to his lips and looks to me.

“It wasn’t an outburst. Just a question.” He says.

“Iris has nothing to do with planetary reports.” I say. He raises a brow at me.

“So her name is Iris.” He says. I keep my mouth shut trying to reign in my patience with this old man.

“Do you really not remember, Remus?” He asks. I look at him in confusion.

“Remember what?” I ask. He narrows his gaze.

“You saw something. Today in the council meeting. It shocked you. Can you tell me what it was?” He asks. I shake my head. I’m tempted to lie. To not bother with answering his question. But it’s not in my best interest. He knows something about me that i don’t know.

“It happened so fast. It was like a splitting headache, and then nothing.” I say. He nods his head.

“You’re trying to remember.” He says.

“Remember what?” I ask again.

“Tell me something. Why did you come here tonight if you remember nothing?” He asks. He stares at me for a moment, and then smiles.

“Oh, you remembered something is it?” He says. I shake my head. This wasn’t a memory. It couldn’t have been.

“I had a vision.” I say. He nods his head.

“Remus, has your mother ever told you your purpose in life?” He asks.

“To bring glory to the Leviathin empire.” I say. He laughs softly, shaking his head.

“No. I didn’t ask for your siblings purpose. I asked for yours.” He says.

“Do you ever remember your mother specifically telling you to bring Glory to the empire?” He says. I rack my brain for the words but I can’t find them. I always assumed though because that’s what she told Ezra and Xion.

“What is it you want from me old man.” I growl. He finally puts down that damn cup.

“I simply want to know why you have bonded, Lord Remus.” He says. It’s quiet. I don’t see how that’s any of his business. I shove from my seat, heading towards the door. He’s obviously senile and talking in circles. I can’t kill him because he’s one of the elders, and my father would highly disapprove.

“Lord Remus.” He says just as I reach the door.

“Tell me what you saw.” He says. I turn and look at him, and he’s watching me in concern. I can smell his fear. It’s getting more and more easy to detect as I stare him down. I listen to his heart as I tell him my vision.

“It’s blurry. But one thing is for certain. There was death. Death everywhere.” I say. His heart is beginning to speed up.

“How can you be sure it’s a vision. Have you not brought death in your wake these past few years as you conquered planets?” He says. His voice is steady. If I were a normal Leviathin I may not have been able to tell he is terrified.

I shake my head.

“I remember every battle. Every death. Everything I cause. But this time was different. I was here. On Leviathar. Except it looked older. The people were different. And I was holding someone’s head in my hands. Eating their flesh.”


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