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Chapter 5

When I was on Earth, there were places that were off limits to me. I wasn’t allowed to roam, and anytime Remus would take me into public he would have some form of control over me. Whether it was that bracelet or an inhibitor, or even chains. But now he’s true to his word.

He showed me around his home, and told me that I’m free to go anywhere. And he’s meant it. Even the walls now disappear when i approach. I don’t go anywhere though. I mostly spend my time out in the snow. Today, I am sitting in the courtyard, just watching it fall.

Remus has been distant from me. Which is something I never thought would bother me. But I’ll blame it on the bond between us. He’s been avoidant, and almost as if he’s in constant thought. I’m sometimes reminded of how inhuman he is when he does small things like forgetting to feed me, and leaving doors open to the outside.

Even now my stomach is growling, which is how i know something is troubling Remus because he never forgets anything like that when it comes to me. I let out a deep sigh looking up to the sky.

It’s gray, but so clear and pure. It makes me wonder what kind of potential the Earth had. Remus was right about one thing. We destroyed our planet. I may have been young when they took over, but i won’t forget the state that everything was in. The pollution. The smog. This place is so organic.

I look off into the distance. I’m here on a foreign planet, alone. All I have is Remus. I haven’t seen my brother since the destruction of the resistance. And I saw Zaya among them. I don’t even know if he’s dead or alive.

I look up when I hear footsteps. I see Remus passing by, looking at something in his hands. He doesn’t even acknowledge my presence. His hair is pulled back in a ponytail, and i can see his features perfectly. And I catch myself admiring those features. He suddenly pauses, frowning slightly and looks my direction catching me in the act of staring. I feel my cheeks burning, and immediately look away. Suddenly, it’s not so cold anymore.

I hear his slow footsteps until they’re directly behind me.

“What are you doing out here, Iris.” He says. I can hear the amusement in his tone. I motion to the snow.

“Watching.” I murmur. He let’s out a soft laugh.

“Watching.” He repeats. I look up at him, and he’s looking at the snow.

“Do you ever wonder how this place came to exist?” He asks. I shrug, trying not to show him i care. But he knows me. And he knows I care.

“I created it.” He says. I swallow my pride and look at him.

“What?” I ask. He smiles at me.

“I made it.” He repeats.

“But... how?” I ask. My head is spinning. How could he create something so magnificent? I always knew that he was powerful, able to move things without touching them and more beyond that, but creating an entire world within a storm?

“I could explain it to you, but the complexities of it all may cause your brain to run out of your ears.” He says. I gasp in shock, looking at him in horror when I notice his smile is bigger than normal. He’s... joking?

He walks around me, and kneels in front of me. He hold his hand out, and his smile drops as he focuses. The snow slowly rises, as does the dirt beneath it. He picks up his other hand, and holds it over his palm. I watch in fascination as the empty air begins forming, until there is a small spherical shape floating above his palm.

It floats into his palm, resting there. I look at him in fascination, but he’s not finished. He brings his finger to his lips, pressing softly and bringing that finger to the shape in his hand. He closes his eyes, for a few seconds, and then opens them looking at me.

He hands me the shape. I reach out, touching it softly. It’s solid. It looks like a mini planet. Made of snow. I’m speechless. I grab it from him, holding it in my hands. He studies me for a moment, before standing up and walking away without another word.

I turn and look at him, watching this powerful being simply walk away after creating a miniature planet like it’s no big deal. I immediately jump up, and follow him.

He doesn’t falter, and doesn’t tell me to stop following him when he realizes I’m tagging along. He keeps his pace and walks through the magnificent halls. He reaches a wall, and places his palm against it. The wall slowly dissipates, and Remus steps aside, looking at me.

involuntarily clutch the sphere to my chest.

“I assume you’re going to follow me in here as well.” He motions for me to come. So I walk past him into the room. It’s amazing. It’s on the edge of the cliff side, the entire wall made of glass. There’s screens everywhere, and books.

“What is this place?” I ask. Remus walks past me, to one of the screens.

“It’s where I can see other worlds.” He says. I feel my irritation slowly rising, but keep it down. He’s staring at one of the monitors, and I walk over to it with him.

“This is the next planet on the list.” He says. I stare wide eyed at it. It’s a massive planet. It’s red too. He walks away, leading me to another screen.

“The natives of this planet call it Tritari. It’s one of the three planets in its solar system with life on it. Its inhabitants are formidable. But nothing we can’t handle. Given their nature they may be a good addition to the empire.” He says. I look at him with a narrowed gaze.

“Why add them to your empire, when you know their already independent.” I ask.

“Unlike the Earth, they are aware that there is other life out there. They’re able to take care of themselves. All I want is their loyalty. I have no use for their planet.” He says.

“Then why would you bother us. You obviously have no use for the Earth, why would you step in and take our planet from us, regardless of what we were doing to it? It’s our home, why did you feel tha-”

“Enough, Iris!” He shouts. I immediately jump back, and tears spring into my vision. Remus never shouts. Never. He may raise his voice, he may throw his snide remarks, and sometimes he’ll even prove to me how volatile we were as a race. But he shouted at me. He glares at me, seemingly feeling no remorse for yelling.

“I don’t want to hear another word about that wasteland of a home you used to have. It is no more! No matter how many times you shout at me, fight with me, and throw the same argument at me, it doesn’t matter! The Earth is gone. The Earth is finished! Nothing you do or say will bring that back. And if I ever hear about it from you again, I swear I will punish you accordingly, and treat you like the pet you once were!”

I feel all of my anger dissipate, and immediately be replaced with sadness. My tears spill over, and the thing that once fascinated me drops out of my hand, collapsing onto the ground below. I bite my bottom lip that’s beginning to tremble, and turn away from him. I don’t run, but I walk. I walk out of the room and try and keep my dignity still in tact. But his words are beating against my skull.

“Treat you like the pet you once were.”



I’m going crazy. Never have I been so stressed out before from all corners of my life. After my discussion with Acacius, and his refusal to elaborate on anything, I’ve been trying to lie as though nothing is going on. But I can’t. I keep having flashes of memories I don’t recall.

I watch Iris walk out of the room, trying to hold back her sobs. I want to stop her from leaving, but I know it’s for the best. I’m not my usual self. I’m all over the place. And she keeps bringing up the same argument with me over something that will not change.

I turn my back to her to stop myself from feeling anymore temptation. I’m trying to be someone that she can enjoy being with, but I even I can’t fool myself any longer. I can feel a darkness inside of me. And I have no idea where it’s coming from. But with each passing day it’s growing, and the temptation to destroy and hurt is growing. I look back to the monitors, letting out a deep sigh. I stand to leave this place. I need to speak to someone.


It takes me a few minutes to reach Xion’s home. Since light travel was discovered, we have been able to make trips that would take days in minutes. Xion lives on the South end of the planet. Which is the complete opposite of mine.

I step inside, making my way through the halls.

“Remus!” She stands smiling at me as I round the corner. No matter what, Xion is always happy to see me. I give her a hug and my eyes land on the man she’s bonded to. He immediately backs away, giving a slight bow before leaving the room.

His people crash-landed on our planet years ago. It was his people that forced our decision to destroy the Earth. And it was Iris that saved it.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” Xion asks. I walk around her taking a seat.

“What do you remember about our childhood?” I ask. Her smile drops and she raises a brow.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, did we ever... did I ever go places alone?” I ask. She shakes her head.

“We trained together, played together, learned together, grew up together. It doesn’t get more in depth than that.” She says. I shake my head.

“I’ve been feeling different lately. Like I’m not fully me.” I say. Xion tilts her head looking at me in confusion.

“How?” She asks.

“I’ve been seeing things. Awful things. That I’m doing alone.” I say. I look at her, taking a deep breath before I say what’s next.

“And recently, I keep seeing a man. He looks like us. He has the hair, the eyes...” I have to stop the chill that runs up my spine as I remember this man.

“But those eyes...” I trail off.

“Have you talked to mother about this? You know she’ll know what’s best.” She says. I shake my head.

“Something inside of me is telling me not to.” I say. Now Xion looks confused.

“Remus, if something is going on with you I think mother would be the best person to tell.” She says.

“Does this have anything to do with what happened at the council meeting?” She asks. I nod.

“That was when it all started. I went and spoke with Acacius, but the old fool won’t tell me a damn thing. All he keeps saying is that I’m remembering.” I say. I shake my head.

“But I don’t know what I’m supposed to be remembering.” I recall all of the horrible images that are beginning to come back to me.

“And if these are my memories, then what the hell am I?” I say. I feel Xion’s hand on my cheek, and look up. She’s giving me a soft smile.

“You’re my brother. You’re our leader. You’re the one that led us through all these victories. You’re the one that would do anything to keep your family safe, and anything to please our mother.” She says.

I let out a deep sigh.

“I’ll go speak with her.” I say.


I’m standing over Iris as she sleeps. I can tell she cried herself to sleep. Her cheeks are still red. I reach out, brushing my knuckles against her cheek. Her body temperature is warm. Not as hot as mine, but still warm. All this time and I’ve barely touched her. It’s beginning to ware me down.

Especially with this bond we share. Keeping up a mental block, and keeping my distance have been difficult. I haven’t touched her since the night after our bonding.

I feel my fingertips tingle in anticipation, just being near her. I can’t help myself anymore. I lean forward, placing a soft kiss on her cheek, and moving down to her slender throat. I place another kiss there, and am met with a soft moan. I can already sense her body changing. It’s screaming for me.

I move my hand under the dress she is wearing, running my palm over her stomach. I immediately drop the mental block I’ve kept, and can feel her every emotion as if it were my own. She’s waking up. I can sense her confusion, her arousal, and her excitement all in one.

I move down placing kisses along her stomach, moving lower until I am between her thighs. I place a soft kiss against her inner thigh, and I know immediately she’s awake. I expect her to push me away, to jerk away from me, to shout or something. But she doesn’t.

I place a kiss along the waistband of her panties, wrapping my fingers under the elastic, slowly pulling them down. I move back up and hook her legs over my shoulders, making sure to spread them apart. She gasps, and I feel the embarrassment she feels as if it were a part of me. But as soon as I press my tongue into her folds, the embarrassment disappears, replaced with complete and utter arousal.

She even places her hands in my hair. She isn’t even aware she is doing it. I immediately move up her body, capturing her lips between mine. I missed this. I missed her. I run my hands up, pulling her dress off and capturing her nipples between my mouth. Her moans are even louder.

I find pleasure in hearing those moans. I can’t stand it any longer. I can feel myself straining against my pants. My clothes are in ribbons on the floor in seconds, and I’m inside of her. Her pleasure is my own as our bond connects us, making us closer as if we were one being instead of two.

With each thrust I feel myself climbing higher, her along with me. I feel her fingers on my back, and her nails digging into my flesh, but I don’t care. All I care about in this moment is her. She reaches her climax, and arches her back letting her cries of pleasure echo off the walls. I immediately capture her lips, swallowing her moans.

She pulsing around me, causing me to reach my own climax as well. And I hold her tight to me as shudder in pleasure.


“I’m sorry.” I say. Iris looks up in shock. We’re both sitting in the bathtub. She’s glowing.

“I shouldn’t have shouted at you.” I clarify. I continue to massage the lather into her hair. She doesn’t speak. She doesn’t have to though. She doesn’t understand the specifics of the bond between us. I’ve been slowly building the mental block back up so that she won’t notice I let it down in the first place.

“I’m going to be gone for a few weeks.” I say. Silence. She sure knows how to hold a grudge.

“Where are you going.” She asks. I reach over and grab the vase of water, and pour it over her head, washing the lather out of her hair.

“A place beyond this one.” I say. She’s quiet again.

“When will you be back?” She asks. I smile.

“Is my- are you going to miss me?” I ask. I have to catch myself from almost calling her my pet. It was a name that I had grown fond of because that’s what she was in my eyes. But when she tried to kill herself just to get away from me, well I understood in that moment that she is much more than that. And that’s why I picked her in the first place.

She doesn’t respond to my teasing, so I answer.

“A few weeks. I don’t know how long to be exact.” I say.

“What am I supposed to do in the time you’re gone.” She asks. I shrug.

“Explore. Learn. This is your home now you’re free to do as you please. But no going outside while I’m gone. It’s too cold and I don’t want you to get lost or something bad happen to you.” I say.

She nods her head. But I feel like she isn’t listening.

“Do you understand Iris? I know you have a bit of a rebellious streak, so just do as I say this time.”

“I will have someone here to take care of you, and I’ll have Ezra check up on you from time to time.” I say. I don’t trust Xion to do it. She has a blatant dislike for Iris. When I brought Iris to the meeting she was pissed. I can understand her anger, seeing as I don’t like the man she chose.

“Is it dangerous where you’re going?” She asks. I smile softly.

“No.” I say.

Once we’re both cleaned and Iris is fed, she falls right to sleep. She must be exhausted. I turn away from the door, heading out of the palace and into the snow beyond. It takes me a while to reach a cave. An empty cave.

I take a seat, and close my eyes, focusing on the world around me. The essence of it. The matter. The makeup. The sounds and mass and color. I can feel the planets structure, all the way down to its heated core. I can feel the atmosphere. The denseness. The gravitational pull. I can feel it all. I focus on my body, and begin to move myself. Away from this plane. To the next. To the dimension of my mother.

It takes a lot of focus. A lot. I can feel my body being stretched, and my skin begins prickling. In an instant, I’m here. I don’t even have to open my eyes yet.

“My beautiful son. To what do I owe this visit?”


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