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Chapter 6

Three days. That’s how long it’s been. I’m sitting in front of the glass wall, staring at the winter snow around me. Even when Remus is gone, this place still functions like it’s supposed to. I want to go outside. I’ve never been so in love with a place before. But I can’t. I remember Remus’ words to me before he left. No going outside while he isn’t here.

My cheeks begin burning as I remember what else happened between us before he left. I was so upset from what he said to me, I cried myself to sleep. But when I awoke to his hands on my body, instead of pushing him away like I should have, I let him take it further. I hate myself for thinking it, but at that moment, his approval was so important to me. And when he began licking between my legs, all my rational thoughts were out the window.

It’s strange. Since we bonded I am able to tell when Remus is near, or far. But now, I don’t sense him at all. And it makes me almost sad. I stand, turning away from the glass and moving towards the wall that leads to the hallway. I need to stop getting caught up in this temporary kindness he is sporting. Just because he isn’t as cruel as he was on Earth, doesn’t change everything he did. Not just to me, but to my people. To my planet.

I can’t avenge them in the way that I thought, but I must be able to do something to make him hurt. Something to make him suffer, and feel the pain that we felt. Only then can he try and treat me as his equal. With him constantly being around me i fell into a submissive role. I was in constant awe at the new world around me, and the things that he is capable of. But now that he is gone, and my head is clearing, all of my original emotions are coming back.

I jump, squealing in shock as one of the slaves Remus left behind appears directly on the other side of the door. I don’t know what she is, but she’s not from Earth. Her skin is purple. And her eyes are completely black.

“Lord Ezra is entering the atmosphere. I am to get you properly dressed for the day.” She says. I step aside, letting her enter the room. I feel a pang of sandness in my heart. I wonder what happened to her family. Her people. Her planet. If she’s here, then her home world must be destroyed.


I step past the large opening that I recall Remus and I coming through when we first arrived. There’s a ship of some kind waiting for me at the edge of the path. I look back to the woman with the scales on her flesh. She keeps her gaze trained forward.

“Lord Ezra is waiting.” She says. I slowly turn around, and step forward. I tried to be rebellious and tell her there was no way in hell that i was going with him willingly, but i can see why Remus put her in charge of me. She’s scary when forcing you to do things.

I walk on the path, heading towards the craft. My fear is getting the best of me. I know that his sister hates me, but his brother I haven’t seen since the resistance. And I saw the aftermath and destruction he left behind. It reminds me of Sky. The last time I saw her she was still in chains.

“I see my brother hasn’t marred you too badly.” I look up when I hear the familiar voice. Ezra is standing over me. He has white hair like his siblings, but his eyes are two different colors. And his hair only reaches his shoulders unlike Remus who’s hair falls down his back.

I don’t speak as I approach him. I remember Remus saying that he would come by to check on me, but the way things are going now it seems like he’s going to take me somewhere.

“Come, little flower.” He smiles at me, but I see the twinkle of amusement in his eyes. I step beyond him into the craft.

I gasp when I see Sky. She’s sitting with her hands in chains, her gaze down. She looks beautiful. Stunning actually. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail that’s an explosion of curls. And she’s wearing a beautiful gown that accentuates her body and skin tone. But her eyes. They are so filled with despair and hatred.

“Take a seat, little flower.” Ezra says behind me. So I sit in the chair adjacent to Sky. She doesn’t look up as I sit down, but I take note that her gaze follows my movements.

“Sky?” I say softly. She finally raises her gaze. Slowly. Tears are swimming in her eyes as she looks at me. She blinks and they spill over.

“I’m sorry.” She whispers.

“You were right.”

“Now now, my xeiri, don’t cry. I don’t want you upset before we get a chance to enjoy the day.” Ezra says. He walks towards Sky, and grabs her face between his hands. She jerks away and tries to head-butt him, and he steps back laughing.

“She’s still as feisty as the day I got her.” He says. He sounds so much like Remus. He walks to his seat, plopping down and keeping his eyes trained on Sky.

“She finally earned just the chains. We’ve been through inhibitors, to mouth chains, to anything you can think of. I’ve finally worn her down, but that fire. It’s still there.” I feel my anger surge at his words. I look at him, and open my mouth to say something, but immediately swallow my words. He’s already looking at me with a terrifying gaze.

“You’ve still got that fire too, Iris. I can see it. Question is, what are you going to do with it.” He asks. I don’t know how to respond. He makes me so uneasy. I couldn’t imagine being Sky.

“Stop torturing her.” She says softly. Ezra looks in her direction, and has a lazy smile on his face.

“Is that your wish for today, xeiri?” He asks. She nods her head, more tears falling. He laughs softly.

“Such a beautiful soul.” He says softly. He reaches out, placing his finger on her cheek, and I can see it. I can see him sucking her life out little by little.

“My beautiful soul.” He says. He lets go of her, and she falls back, gasping softly. I know how she feels. It’s miserable having them take your life like that.

“Don’t want you having all of that energy where we’re going.” He murmurs. And when I look at him, he isn’t smiling. All of his earlier amusement is gone. His gaze switches to me.

“If you try anything with her, I may not be able to punish you. But I will make her suffer more than she already is. Understand?” He growls at me. I shiver despite my brave façade, and nod my head.



A market. Ezra took us to a market. It’s amazing I can’t lie. There’s Leviathin everywhere. Selling goods and shouting offers. I look ahead of me. Ezra has a hold of Sky’s chains. He’s very protective of her I’ve noticed. He keeps her close.

"Fsarh llsiaid llus dha azudais faeidirr?" I jump as a man shoves a strange looking orb in my face. I step away.

“Um, no thank you.” I murmur, but Ezra is by my side in an instant.

“He’s asking if you want to try the fruit.” He says. I stare at it in confusion, but eventually shake my head. Ezra laughs at me, but takes the fruit from the man. The man bows profusely and speaks all kinds of gibberish, I’m assuming is thanks. Ezra only nods walking away.

We walk through the market, and I see more and more of the life of this planet. It also gives me insight to who these people are. I can see why Remus always complained about the human races ignorance. The Leviathin people are a pretty generic race of people. They are stunningly beautiful don’t get me wrong. But humans come with different facial features, hair textures, skin tones. I do take note of how the people are looking at Sky as well. To them she must be a sight they’ve never seen before.

Ezra takes us into what I’m assuming is a clothing store. But once we’re inside I know it’s a dress shop. He turns to face Sky, and begins working with the chains around her arms.

“If you try and run from me, I will break you leg. Do you understand me?” He says. Sky nods her head, but avoids his gaze. He grabs her chin forcing her to look at him.

“I mean it. There is nowhere on this planet you can go that I won’t find you. It will be a pointless bout of rebellion.” He growls. She nods her head again, but I can see the hatred lurking in her gaze. I pray she won’t try and run. Ezra is exactly like his brother. And I doubt he makes idle threats.

He steps away from us, looking for someone, and I take my chance.

“Are you alright?” I ask. Sky look away from me.

“I don’t see how you can speak to me. You were right. He wasn’t who I thought he was. He tricked me.” She says. I shake my head.

“No. There is nothing either of us could have done to stop them.” I say reassured. I look around the shop, and back to her.

“Did you let him escape?” I ask. Now she looks at me, straight in the eyes, and I see fear. She shakes her head.

“I would never. He was never a prisoner to begin with. He played us all from the beginning. He was unlike anything I had ever seen, he-”

“Sky.” We both jump. Ezra motions for her to come along, and I follow. As it turns out, Ezra came to give Sky a new wardrobe. As I watch him interact with her, it makes me realize how obsessive he is with his new “toy”. I’m pretty sure he brought her in public to show her off. Remus somehow always has my clothing for me without having to take me anywhere. I can tell Ezra likes the attention.

I won’t lie though. Sky looks beautiful in all of the dresses he had made for her. Even some of the clothes that aren’t dresses. If Earth wasn’t invaded, I’m pretty sure she could have been a model. Ezra begins speaking with one of the workers, and they take Sky back somewhere, leaving Ezra and me alone.

“You’re probably wondering why i bothered bringing you with me today.” He asks. I was actually. But I wasn’t going to ask him that. He chuckles softly.

“You’ll go crazy in that place alone. I don’t know when my brother will be back. But you need to be nice and socialized when he returns.” He says.

“Do you know where he went?” I ask. When I asked Remus, he only told me a vague answer.

“Of course I do. But if you don’t know, then he didn’t tell you for good reason.” He says.

“My brother has never been one to make rash decisions. I can tell you we’ve conquered worlds with creatures that were the most exotic things you’ve ever seen. And he never touched any of them. Sure he has his little collection of beings from different planets, but a companion? Never.” He says.

“It seems all of us have been caught in your little human snare.” He jokes.

“Is my brother alive?” I ask. I look at Ezra, and he’s watching me carefully.

“Remus didn’t tell you?” He asks. My heart begins racing. Please don’t say he’s dead. Ezra lets out a sigh.

“He’s alive. But I’m not sure that’s the best option for him, with the woman he’s been paired with.” He says. I look for some form of humor in his sentence, but he’s dead serious.

“What? Who is he with-”

"Mirr Lusn wuirn irrui raica du raa irruis faeidaillir renirr?" The woman rounds the corner, with a huge smile on her face. Ezra responds quickly and stands. He then turns to me.

“That is something to ask your mate.” He says before walking away.


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