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Chapter 7

The world my mother lives in is unlike anything you could ever imagine. It’s a world apart from the three dimensional plane that the universe is based on. It’s her own plane she created. A seperate plane.

My mother is a beautiful being by nature. What being she is exactly, I couldn’t tell you. No one knows her origins. Not even me. And she refuses to tell. There is so much energy flowing through her, her hair is constantly moving, Flowing in waves around her. And her eyes. Though we share the same traits. Hers are almost glowing.

She’s sitting on a patio, staring out into the ocean. She doesn’t even look back to see who it is, she knows. I make my way over to her slowly rounding where she is seated. Her gaze is focused on the waves. I notice her hands are moving slightly, and the waves in the distance are matching the pattern.

“Remus.” She says my name, and looks at me. She stops moving her fingers, and the waves stop. The ocean is as still as the grass.

“It seems there are many parts of a planets structure that is needed to make the most basic of things possible.” She laughs softly. She stands from her seat, moving to greet me. She pulls me in her warm embrace. I missed her. I didn’t realize how much until this moment.

“Where’s father?” I ask. She steps away from me, looking out into the distance.

“He isn’t here.” She says.

“How is our newest conquest?” She asks.

“It’s good. We didn’t have any issues with it, really. It was the rebellion that took us so long to procure.” I say. She laughs softly.

“It always is.” She says. She turns to look at me, and I feel uneasy.

“I’ve recieved news, Remus. That you bonded?” She says. I nod my head, confused how she knows that when i never told her. She stares at me for a while, before smiling. But I don’t miss the disapproval. She lets out a deep sigh.

“Oh, my sweet son.” She moves next to me.

“Come, walk with me.” She says. I slowly take a step forward, and walk next to her to her gardens. A mass she created of flowers from different worlds. Some of them shouldn’t be able to coexist with each other. But they do.

I smile softly as my mind immediately wanders to Iris. She would love this. I think of how her eyes widen and her mouth drops when she sees something that fascinates her. I wonder what she could possibly be into right now.

We walk through the gardens until we reach a clearing. She sits down, motioning for me to take a seat next to her. So I do. She’s being strangely quiet, as if she’s figuring out her next move.

“I’m afraid, the human must die.” She says. Her eyes are set. Cold. I stare at her unsure of how i should respond. If I should respond at all. I’m not even sure my brain has registered what she just said.

“What?” I ask. She reaches out, playing with my hair like she used to when I was a child.

“The human, she must die, Remus.” She says. I pull away from her.

“Why? I bonded with her, if she dies I will, you know this, why would you want her dead?” I ask in disbelief. I feel anger as well, but do everything in my power to keep that anger down. My mother laughs softly at me.

“Oh my sweet, naive boy. That “Bond” is a guideline for your brother and sister. To be more careful with their mates. You are beyond those boudnaries.” She says. I blink. I’m completely in the dark. She places her hand softly against my cheek.

“I suposse the bond with that human has tampered your memories.” She says.

“It’s strange. Out of all of my children, I never thought you would find someone to bond with.” She says.

“I had hoped to reveal things to you at a later date, but it seems that fool Acacius had other plans.” I stare at my mother in shock. I have no idea what it is she is saying right now.

“Do you know what I am, Remus? What you are?” She asks. I don’t know how to respond. All this time i thought I was part Leviathin like my siblings, but I fear she is about to tell me something different. So I just shake my head.

“I am a celestial. A race of beings set apart from the world. Legends claim that we are the next things in existance to angels. That is how we are able to create. Manipulate. That is why we are so different than everyone else.” She says. She looks down.

“When I came to Leviathar, it wasn’t in my interest, nor was I travelling alone.” My ears are ringing, my heart beating rapidly.

“You were with me.”

My gaze widens.


“I took you.” She says. My vision blurs as an image flashes across my brain.

My mother, pulling me out of my bed in the middle of the night. She holds her hand over her lips, telling me to be quiet, but I’m not wanting to go for some reason. I look from her to the door we’re passing by, reaching for it, but she yanks me roughly around to face her.

The image ends. I hold my head in pain. I feel her hand on me, and flinch away.

“You took me out of my bed...” I say. She watches me, clearing her face of all emotion.

“But why?” I ask. She looks away.

“You were the heir. You were going to rule. You would have destroyed everything, Remus. I couldn’t let that happen.” She says. I shake my head in disbelief.

“The heir?” I repeat. I stumble backwards, until I realize what all of this information could possibly mean. My mother came to Leviathar thousands of years ago when it was first developing. If I were with her before she even met my father... I then realize that in all of my visions, Xion and Ezra are nowhere to be found.

“Ezra... Xion..” I trail off. She looks down, shaking her head. She seems hesitant to answer.

“The only blood they share with you is through me, Remus. They are not pure blood like you. With Xion, we were lucky her traits came out to look like you, so there was no explaining to you why you would have looked different. But Ezra... He is still coming into his own. It seems my influence over genes weakened over the decades.” She says.

I think back to when we were kids, back to us growing together, fighting together. Those aren’t my real siblings?

“Then... who is my father?” I ask. She stands up, and closes her eyes.

“I’m afraid that is something i can’t tell you Remus.” She says. I don’t respond. How do you when your whole life is turning out to be nothing more than a lie? How is it even possible?

“If you can’t even tell me who my father is, why are you telling me all of this?” I ask.

My body is jolted, and I realize my mother has some kind of hold on me. I can’t move my arms. I gaze at her in shock, and for once, fear. She has a grim expression on her face.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve had this conversation. And it won’t be the last, I can assure you. But it will buy me more time to hide your cognisance so that your father can’t find you. And that human girl, she’ll have to die. The bond between you two is breaking up my hold. Once I embed your memories, it’ll be her turn next. And we won’t have to worry about the fate that awaits the world should you ever recall who you truly are.” She says.

She presses her fingers against my forehead, and I can feel her inside of my head.

“No!” I scream. I’m panicking. But there’s nothing I can do. I can’t move. I’m virtually powerless in my mothers presence. My mind shifts to Iris. She’s going to kill her if I don’t do something. My mother senses the direction of my thoughts, and smiles.

“Maybe I’ll be merciful. How about, we break this bond, and erase all memory of her rather than kill her, huh?” She says.

I see my mother in a whole new light now. Maybe I’ve seen her several times before like this. It makes me wonder how many times she’s done this to me. How long have i been living this lie.

I can feel each of my memories being locked away, and when i look at my mother, I see the desperation in her eyes. Whatever she is trying to prevent me from becoming, she truly fears it. I use my last moments of consciousness to let down the mental block that I had built, and reach out to Iris. I don’t even know what I’m sending her way, I just pray it’s something to help her understand what’s about to happen.

I figured Ezra would check on me every once in a while, but he’s literally been by to pick me up everyday for the past week. Sky and I are sitting on the shore of his home. It’s funny how much of a stark contrast he is to Remus when choosing where they would reside.

Remus chose a frozen wonderland, and Ezra chose a magical kingdom surrounded by water. Even part of his home is under the ocean. It’s fascinating. I turn around and see Ezra in the distance. Despite his small bouts of insanity, and scariness, he sometimes seems a bit normal.

The sun feels so warm against my skin. And when I look over to sky I see that she’s enjoying the scenery as well.

“I’ve never seen a beach.” She says. Her gaze is down, and she keeps running her fingers through the sand.

“I didn’t know this kind of thing even existed until Ezra brought me here.” She lets out a bitter laugh.

“It’s kind of hard to enjoy it under the circumstances, huh.” I shake my head, understanding her point of view exactly.

I had never seen snow until Remus showed it to me. Two beings of mass destruction, that destroyed our home, ended up being the beings to show us something we had never seen before.

“I grew up in that mountain, away from the world. Hidden. And they blew it all away in a matter of seconds.” She says.

“Why is he being so nice?” I ask.

Remus is never one to hide his true intentions. He tells me them before they occur. But with Ezra, he constantly keeps me guessing. Sky shrugs.

“He’s like a child. He does what he likes.” She says. I look on her body and take note that she sports no kinds of bruising.

“Is he kind to you?” I ask. She stops playing in the sand, and looks into the distance. She lets out a deep sigh.

“He tries to be.” She says.

“But I can’t forgive him. Not for what he did to my people.” She says matter of factly.

“I hope you know that this is our life now. There is nothing you can do, Iris.” I stare at her in disbelief.

“How can you say that? How can you give up so soon?” I ask. She laughs, and looks at me.

“How can you not give up? Look around you, Iris. You’re on an alien planet light years away from home. A home that is in fact under the control of this empire. I mean, what are you doing to do Iris. Kill them? You can’t.” She says.

“It’s best to accept what is. Each time he brings you around is because he wants to see if I’ve learned my lessons about trying to escape. He knows you haven’t given up Iris. He wants you to goad me into helping so he can punish me accordingly.” I shake my head in disbelief.

“I know I can’t kill them, but we can make them regret their decision. We can make them see what they’re doing is wrong!” I say. Sky stands up, and I see anger on her face.

“My father always said outsiders were stupid. I never believed him until now. These creatures, will never see anything wrong in their decisions. We are an ant in comparison to them. The only reason Earth stayed and had a rebellion for as long as it did, is because their sister bonded to a man from Earth. They were finding ways they believed humane to conquer us instead of slaughtering us by the millions. But they didn’t have to do that. We were already doing it to ourselves.” She shouts at me.

“The Earth is gone! The sooner you acc-” She doesn’t finish her sentence. I lunge at her, and we both fall into the sand, rolling over ourselves.

“Don’t say that! Don’t ever say that!” I scream. She shoves me and we’re rolling again, trying to fight one another. I aim for her face, and miss. She aims for my throat and misses.

Suddenly our bodies are torn apart, and Ezra is staring at us in irritation.

“I leave you alone for five minutes.” He growls. But sky isn’t finished with me.

“You’re a fool, Iris! You just want to die but are too scared to end it yourself so you want to drag the rest of us along with you! So you can appear to be a hero, but you’ve seen it all first hand! Your ignorance will get us all killed!” She screams. Ezra lets go of me, and looks at Sky.

“Now, Xeiri. That’s no way to speak to our guest.” He says. Sky is angry though. She’s livd. Tears are running down her face, and she slaps Ezra. I stare wide eyed in fear of what is going to come next.

“I hate you! You do not own me! You never will!” She screeches. Ezra doesn’t put up with it for another second. He places his finger against her forehead, and she passes out. He looks at me in irritation.

“I thought being around another human would make her feel better, but you seem to be making things worse for her.” He growls. He picks her up and begins walking back to his castle, and I follow. Her words are ringing in my ears.

“She has such a strong spirit.” He says next to me.
“It took a lot to get her to be this quiet. But being around you has brought back that fighting spirit of hers. I’m not like my brother. I do not believe in mercy the way he is so lenient with you. Sky will be punished for her outburst, and I hope you can live with yourself knowing you started it.” He says.

I feel awful. She’s right. I’m stupid, and naive, and i didn’t want to hear the truth. Hearing it thrown at me like that just about killed whatevet I had left in me. I shouldn’t have attacked her. I shouldn’t have gotten her worked up. I’m a coward.

I open my mouth to tell Ezra I am sorry, but a wave of complete and utter confusion and fear washes over me. It hits me so hard, I can’t stand. I drop to my knees, my breathing becoming shallow, and my heart accelerating.

I hear Ezra calling my name, but I can only focus on the emotion I’m feeling. It’s foreign. I let out a loud scream, releasing the fear I am feeling, but also the rage. It’s all a lie. All of it. My whole life.

“She’s taking it from me!” I rush out with a loud scream. An explosion of colors dots my vision, and I can see something forming. No. Someone. A person? A woman. A beautiful woman. She looks at me, right in the eyes, and smiles.
Then everything goes black.

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