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Chapter 8

I jolt awake. Immedaitely I know that something is missing. It feels like a weight has been lifted off of me, but I don’t know what it is. I roll over, and feel a horrible soreness in my neck. Slowly, I crack my eyes open, and look around me. I’m in an unfamiliar room.

I open my mouth, and a pathetic squeak comes out, followed by a fit of coughing. My throat is on fire. I look around and see Sky in the corner, she’s coming towards me with a glass of water. We both don’t speak, but she helps me sit up and take a sip of the water. It feels amazing running down my throat.

“What happened?” I croak. Sky doesn’t respond to me. She just keeps her gaze down, and then i see the inhibitor around her neck. I let out a soft gasp, and immediately reach for it.

“I wouldn’t if I were you. No one but me can take it off and if you try to, you’ll both be electrocuted.” I look up to see Ezra walking in. He has his hands behind his back, and his gaze shifts to Sky as he walks past her. She immediately stands and leaves the room, but not before pausing in front of him, letting him kiss her softly on the top of her head.

My heart aches for her. This is my fault. I remember the argument and the fight we had on the beach. I didn’t want to admit it, but she’s right. There is no hope for the Earth anymore. There’s no revenge. There’s no turning back. And I was a fool to try and get her involved, seeing the man she’s stuck with. Remus may be cruel, but when it came to me, he would show mercy, and sometimes even patience. I can see now that is something Ezra lacks completely.

I don’t realize I’m crying until I feel a tear roll down my cheek. I immediately look away, wiping it. Ezra takes a seat next to the bed, and stares at me. He looks confused.

“Earlier, you started screaming out of nowhere. You said something about someone “taking” it from you.” He says. I look down at my hands, trying to recall. That’s when it comes to me. The images that were flashing into my mind. I don’t recall saying anything. I can barely recall what I saw. But I know that there was a woman.

“Iris.” I look up when Ezra says my name, but I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to respond to him. I shake my head.

“I...” I trail off still at a loss for words. Ezra lets out a deep sigh, and moves to grab something.

“Your mark is gone.” He says. I look at him in confusion. He holds out a small mirror to me. I take note that it’s beautiful. Elegant. He points to my throat where Remus’ mark is. I slowly hold up the mirror, and my eyes widen. There’s nothing there. Bare skin. I pull the collar of my shirt down, and it’s still bare. How is that even possible?

“What is happening?” I ask in confusion. Ezra shakes his head as well.

“Did Remus ever explain the “bond” to you?” He asks. I shake my head. Remus only ever told me we were bonded. He never explained what that meant to any extent. Ezra laughs soflty, sitting back in his seat.

“The bond, is what we do when we find a person that we want to spend the rest of our lives with. I guess in some way it’s like marriage on Earth. Except there is no breaking up. There is no divorce when the going gets tough. It’s a life commitment.” He pulls his shirt up, revealing a symbol similar to Remus’ on his chest, stretching to his ribs.

“I believe your people call it birthmarks, but ours are much deeper than that. It defines us. Who we are. What we are. It gives off our emotion, and well being. It’s a literal window to our soul. And when we decide to bond, we are giving part of our soul to that person. Which is why the venom in our saliva, causes the symbol to form on you as well. Becuase as of that moment, you are one.”

“Your thoughts are his thoughts, and vice versa. You can communicate with each other, you can tell how the other is feeling by just a simple check. You are a unit. A team. Life partners. When one dies, the other may live on, but it’s usually unlikely. The other dies from heart break, or so our mother says. And with you being human, you need his existance to live.” He says all of this with a serious expression. It scares me. I also realize why I was always able to tell when he was in the room. But it doesn’t explain why I feel so... empty suddenly.

“Before he left, my brother told me he had a mental block up, so that you wouldn’t be aware of him, and he wouldn’t be aware of you. And after you collapsed, his bonding symbol disappeared.” He says. I gasp at what that could mean.

“Is he... dead?” I ask. Ezra makes a face at me.

“No naive girl. He is very much alive. Tell me what you saw, before you collapsed.” He says.

I open my mouth to tell him about the woman. To explain to him what I saw. But suddenly it feels as though there are ice cold hands on my throat, and the words wont come out. I can’t get them to come out. And suddenly, the memory is gone. I look at Ezra again, and he’s watching me very closely.

“I don’t know.” I say.
Ezra keeps me under constant guard. He doesn’t speak to me, just passes by every once in a while and goes about his busines. He won’t even let me speak to Sky. Not like that would make any difference, he’s had an inhibitor on her for the past week.

When I asked him to return back to Remus’ home, he told me no. I can’t help but wonder if he knows something that I don’t.

I keep looking in the mirror, trying to find some kind of explanation as to why the symbol is suddenly gone, but each time i try and recall what went down on the beach, I come up with nothing. It’s as if I was just walking, and the rest is a blank.

It’s been a whole month and a few days since Remus left. Before he left he told me he would be gone a few weeks, not a month. I can’t help but wonder if he’s ok. And each time I ask Ezra where he went, he tells me it isn’t my business. But even I can see that Ezra is getting worried as well.

I’m sitting on a balcony, looking at the ocean beyond when Sky comes out. She’s dressed in a lovely two piece with shorts and a top that accentuates her body. And I feel relief when I see she isn’t wearing an inhibitor. I immediately stand and run up to her, all of my hostile feelings gone out the window.

I pull her in a hug.

“I’m so sorry.” I murmur.

“You were right, you are so right. I was dumb and naive, and I’m sorry.” I say. She doesn’t respond, but gives me a soft hug back. After a moment she finally speaks.

“It’s fine.” She says. She walks past me, looking out at the sea.

“Ezra wants you. He said Remus has returned. He’s going to take you back to him.” She says. I nod my head, taking a step back, and heading away from the balcony.
I can see that he’s worried. He’s not as good at hiding his emotions as Remus is.

“How did you know he’s back.” I ask. Ezra looks up at me.
“I can sense it. Anytime one of us returns or leaves the plane there’s an energy surge.” He says. I look out the window. I’ll never understand their complex way of life.

“Why didn’t he come get me.” I ask. Remus has never been one to leave me anywhere. If anything, I would have expected him to be irritated I wasn’t home to greet him. Ezra shrugs.

“He probably knows you’re with me. Maybe he wants you to have more interaction with humans. Even though you can’t be trusted around them.” He growls. I doubt that. Something can’t be right.

“How am I alive if the bond is gone?” I ask. Ezra looks out the window.

“I don’t know.” He says.

We arrive at Remus’ home, and I immediately feel comfort. I’ve always loved the snow. And he’s always made sure to let me enjoy it, even if he’s busy. He would take me out across the land and let me play in it. I then realize I’m smiling.

We step off the ship, and Ezra makes sure to give me a coat, and we walk across the balcony to the castle carved in mountain. As soon as Ezra opens the door, I know something is wrong. It’s cold. Remus always makes sure it’s warm enough for me to be able to walk the halls. Ezra walks ahead of me, and I follow.

He pauses, but I hear it. A woman. Screaming. Not in pain. In pleasure. My ears are ringing. My heart is racing. My blood is boiling. I look to Ezra, and he’s as shocked as I am. He turns to me.

“Stay here.” He says. He walks around the corner, and disappears. I try and come to terms with my feelings. I feel betrayed. But I hate him, right? Why would I feel betrayed that he turned his attention elsewhere. Isn’t that what I wanted? I shake my head.

How do I know for sure that it was Remus having sex. It could have been a number of things...

My thoughts trail off when a strange looking being rounds the corner, holding her clothes in her hands. She doesn’t even glance my way, as she walks past me. My mouth drops. He was having sex... with someone else?

My eyes are burning. I feel anger and betrayal. I quickly speed around the corner, completely forgetting that Ezra told me to stay put. I’m going to give Remus a piece of my mind, if it kills me. I see the light flooding out of the bedroom, and I can hear him and Ezra speaking, but I don’t care. I enter the room, and head straight for Remus.

He still isn’t wearing a shirt. He looks as heartless as he did the day I met him. Not a hint of emotion on his face. His hair is pulled back, and when he hears my footsteps his gaze locks on to me. He doesn’t smile, he doesn’t blink. He stares at me, in what looks like disgust.

I hold my hand up, about to point it in his face, when Ezra grabs ahold of me.

“Let go of me! How could you!” I scream at Remus, but he doesn’t even acknowledge my existance. His gaze wanders to Ezra.

“Control that thing.” He says. All the fight leaves my body as I stare in shock. What did he just call me? His voice is exactly like it was the day we met. Cold. Detached. Scary. Not a hint of warmth, or amusement.

“Thing?” I shout at him. Ezra places his hand over my mouth.

“Not now, Iris.” He says. His voice is deadly. But I ignore it.

“I am a human being you disgusting bastard, how could you do this to m-” The world spins, and in an instant, I’m out of Ezra’s arms and into Remus’ except he has my throat in his hands, crushing my windpipe. I’m clawing at his hands, but it does nothing. He’s holding me high in the air, my feet are literally dangling.

“I know exactly what you are.” He growls. He’s mad. Pissed. My vision is clouding. I see Ezra frantically speaking to Remus, but I can’t hear what he’s saying as my consciousness is fading due to Remus’ hand around my throat.

After a moment, Remus smashes me into the wall, and stars dot my vision as my head collides with the stone. I collapse, holding my head in pain and gasping in desperate breaths, trying to get as much air as I can in my lungs.

I’m crying tears as I try and catch my breath, and I feel a warm trickle onto my fingers from the back of my head. There are hands on me, and I immediately scramble away, but I look up and see Ezra’s worried gaze.

“Shh.” He mumbles to me. I look past him to Remus, who is watching us. I see excitement in his gaze. Evil excitement. I begin to hyperventilate, as Remus makes his way towards us. He’s standing over us, and finally shows an emotion. An emotion I haven’t seen from him in a long time. Hatred. For me.

“Bring that thing here again, and I will kill it on the spot.” He growls before walking away. I look at Ezra in complete shock. He’s shocked as well. I’m letting out loud sobs as the pain in my head begins growing.

“What’s... happening...” I manage. He shakes his head.

“Don’t speak. We need to get you out of here.” He says. He places his finger against my forehead, and the world goes dark.

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