Irresistible Love

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Chapter 10

“As if her nagging and annoying me every single time wasn’t enough that I have to deal with all these things too,” I muttered annoyed by the situation as I checked my face in the mirror where that bastard had punched me. “I swear if it wasn’t for Ivona interfering in the middle then I would have seriously killed that son of a bitch there,” applying the ice pad on my cheek I noticed the bruise forming up on the left side of my cheek.

“Great! I have to deal with foreign delegates tomorrow and this is what I have to show them,” hissing and cursing all the while all of a sudden I remembered that I have been in the washroom for what seemed like an hour and I still haven’t contacted Ivona after dropping her at her apartment.

Quickly making my way up to my phone in the master room I called her to check on her.


“Yeah?” she hissed at something in the background which got my attention as I kept the ice pad on the chair and concentrated on the phone.

“What is it? Are you alright?” I asked and she cleared her throat.

“Yeah. I’m fine. I was just putting ice on my forearm. It has bruises all over it because of that,” she paused for a minute before getting back in the line “stupid man,” she sighed and I nodded.

“Is it bad?” I asked referring to her bruises remembering that her arms surely had bruises all over it when I dropped her.

“No. I think it will go away in two to three days,” she said and hummed in reply.

“How is your ch- ow!”

“What is it?” I asked when I heard her yelping.

“Damn it! I think today is just not my day. I just hit my foot hard on the kitchen counter,” she hissed and at that moment I chuckled at her reaction.

“What? Excuse me? Are you laughing? Do you think this is funny?” she asked sounding pissed and that stopped me chuckling any further as I composed myself clearing my throat “Well, I think you have a sour mood today. Let’s go out tomorrow for shopping or something like that,” I asked as I got rid of my tie and sat on the bed.

“No. I don’t feel like i- Wait! What? You! I mean you want to take me out for shopping?” she asked sounding astonished.

“Of course,”

" Really? I mean are you serious?” she asked and I nodded feeling a smile making its way up on my face hearing her astonished sound.

This woman is weird sometimes. She fights with me claiming that I never give time to her and now when I am giving in to what she had always wished for, she declines. Wow.

“So are you up for it or should I cance-”

“No! No! Actually, I think I do need to buy some new clothes for my closet. I’m in.”

“Really? Wow, you were the one who told me a few minutes ago that you don’t wan-”

“Listen! Are you trying to pick on a fight with me?” she asked in a low tone and I was quite sure that I had pissed her off.


“No! I mean why are you getting so upset about everything today?” I asked and heard her heaving a sigh. “I mean it seems so...” I clarified as I waited for her response. “No, I’m just shaking with what just happened today. It was too much for me. I mean a stranger appears in front of you out of the blue and claims that he is non-existent husband. It’s all weird and depressing,” her voice was low in the end.

“So? Why are you taking it so seriously? Forget it. I think he wouldn’t show up before you anymore. It’s over,” I said and she hummed in response.

“Are you going to sleep now?” I asked further and in response, I got a chuckle as she spoke teasingly “You are surely talking to me too much all of a sudden. Is there any specific reason for it Mr. Lascar?” she asked and I chuckled in reply “Well, I’m trying. I told you the truth when I said I would try my best,” she laughed at it “Yes, you were speaking the truth I can see that. But today, I think I should go to bed with a sore foot to bed,” she hissed.

“I completely forgot about your foot. Are you good now?” I asked all of a sudden feeling genuinely worried about her. For a second I found myself amazed and shocked by what I was feeling. How is it that I’m all of a sudden being worried for her?

“Yeah, I think I’m fine,” she sounded unsure.

“Okay. So will your sore foot keep up with the shopping tomorrow? Or should we cance-”

“No. I told you already. I am good. Don’t cancel it” she sounded desperate as she chided and I laughed at her reaction.

“Cool. I will be there to pick you up in the morning eh?” I asked and she replied a yes.

After we hung up I changed my clothes and poured myself a drink as I sat on my balcony looking at the sky.

“Hmm. So finally showed up here,” I couldn’t help but mutter to myself as a smirk formed up on my face.

“Well Well, this is going to be quite interesting now Mr. Zachary Udolf Sullivan,” a chuckle escaped my mouth as I thought about today’s incident in that hotel. It wasn’t as if he was the who found us but me intentionally showing up in his hotel deliberately on purpose.

“The game is on Sullivan. You can’t have what I have right now and I’ll make sure you can’t get it ever,” it was a promise that I had made to myself from the day I made him as my enemy.

“Afterall enemies are enemies,” I smirked as I drank the last drop of wine before keeping it on the small table and walking in towards the bedroom to sleep.

“You look amazing,” I couldn’t help myself but compliment the way she was dressed today. She was wearing a peach colored floral knee-length dress and with hair braided up in the side, she looked absolutely breathtaking. Simple yet stunning.

She smiled at me and rolled the few loose strands of hair behind her ear blushing.

Even the way she blushed made me want to compliment even more. What was I doing all of a sudden? It was supposed to be an act to woo her, praise her but here I am feeling different every once in a while whenever I was around her. From the moment I had started to be around her, I couldn’t help notice all of her features that has started to attract me towards her.

Attract? No! get a hold of yourself!

“Thank you,” she replied and looked out of the window while I drove off towards the mall.

“So? what have you decided to buy today?” I asked as we walked the entrance of the mall.

“Um I don’t know but I want to buy some dresses today. There are some charity functions that I’m going to attend this week and I want some suitable attire for it so...” she trailed off shrugging her shoulder and I nodded shoving my hands into my pant pockets.


“Let go of me,” she yelled at the person who was holding her hand and tried to speak to her. I watched the scene from far away making sure that they were unaware of the fact that I was watching them.

“You need to listen to me. I want you to stop all this nonsense right now, Juliette because I have had enough of your drama,” he hissed at her and as I watched Ivona struggling against him I found myself clenching my fist at the sight. All of a sudden I had a desire to walk up to them and thrash him away from Ivona. I wanted to kill him for having his hands on Ivona but then I stopped all these weird thoughts as I concentrated on my mission and continued watching them from far.

“Why don’t you understand? Please! I beg you. Please stop following me. I’m not your Juliette. I’m Ivona. I don’t even know you. Please!” I watched as Ivona struggled against him trying her best to remove her wrist from his hold as he cornered her near the lift away from everyone’s sight.

While we were shopping I had noticed the guy walking like a mad bull inside the mall and I knew he had found out where Ivona was. So, I deliberately made an excuse to attend an important phone call as I left her alone and stood nearby until he got her. At first, she was angry and annoyed at him but then when he got off her hand and she couldn’t fight him I saw the fear in her eyes and I understood right away she was scared and she wanted nothing to do with him.

“Why are you with him? Who is he?” he snarled at her and I watched as Ivona finally broke down in front of him crying and begging him to free her.

“Juliette,” he seemed annoyed.

It was enough for the day. As Ivona broke down, something turned up inside me and finally, I took it the chance to interfere.

“Let go of her!” my voice was dreadful when I walked up to them.

“Alex!” Ivona looked relieved when her eyes fell on me.

You can never have her Mr. Zachary Udolf Sullivan. I had always wanted to destroy and finally, I have the pawn which would be a bait for your destruction. You will have to watch as I destroy your world right before your very own eyes. And Ivona would play a vital role in it and I’m sure when I tell her about your true self she would gladly help me in ruining you.

Just wait and watch...

“Enough! Let go of my fiance right now!”

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