Irresistible Love

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Chapter 11

“You need to take your hands off my fiance,” the guy said as his eyes reflected his emotions of rage.

“I dare you to call my wife as your fiance one more time and you will have it from it,” was my reply as I held Juliette by her arm while she kept on struggling.

“Stop it!” she screamed irritated whilst still trying her hard to remove her arm from my hold.

“Let go!” her voice was shaking at the end and at the very moment, my heart ached for the pain that I was knowingly causing her. I knew my hold on her was firm, too tight that would surely leave a new amount of bruises on her arm but I was too selfish and most importantly scared to let her go. What if she disappeared from my sight once again? No...

“Look,” I spoke up as I turned her towards me and holding her face I tried my best to talk as calmly as I could for I knew if she continued doing this any further I would naturally give up this soft facade to and go back on being the monster myself to bring her back. “I am your husband and you are my wife. I know the conditions in which we married off where nothing to what you had ever wished for but then you said you loved me. You told me that you only loved me and made love you back even more but then one day you disappeared and people around me told me that you are not going to come back. Do you understand how I would have felt when they told me that you,” my thumb began to caress her face as I spoke feeling my eyes stinging in the corner “my love will never return to me?”

“I was destroyed. I thought I had lost myself but I never lost hope of finding you. I never believed them. I swear-”

“I swear I never believed them. Even though their words were hurtful and at the moment looked the sole truth, I swear I never believed them. I was keen on the fact that the woman who went to the extent to annoy me and irritate me just to make me confess my love for her would never do this to me. She just can’t leave alone after healing from my loneliness. I just knew it that you were alive but you were only lost,” as I spoke she stared at me with tears in her eyes.

“I knew you would come back and when you didn’t I came searching for you. And now,” I laughed as I felt the unshed tear falling off “I have finally found you. I’m never letting go again.”

“I’m never letting go again,” my voice broke at the end as I put my forehead against her inhaling deeply.

I can never be wrong in identifying Juliette. I could smell her and the fragrance, the scent of the body belonged to Juliette. I knew it.

“Just who ar-”

“Ivona!” a voice interfered Juliette from speaking up and like a bolt of electricity she jumped back avoiding my touch.

“I...I” she stuttered looking down and back at that guy before looking towards me. She stared at me for few seconds before nodding and inhaling deeply “Look! Please! I understand your feelings. I understand that you have lost your wife. But I’m not your Juliette. I don’t even know you. My name is Ivona. But I do understand that I might resemble you-”

“Resemble?” I asked and all of a sudden the barrage of my patience began to break as I felt the anger surfacing “Resemble?” I laughed sarcastically “You think I’m stupid?”

“No, it’s not what I mean-”

“Resemble? Do you think I’m blind and all these things up?”

“Okay!” I breathed in deeply trying to control my anger “So let me believe for a moment that you are not my Juliette but Ivona.”

The guy next to her shifted on his place crossing his arms across his chest as he narrowed his eyes at me. Juliette stared at me in confusion but spoke nothing giving me the chance to speak up further “So how come these two people look exactly the same? Care to make me understand?” I gritted out.

“What do you mean?” she spoke up.

“What I meant is how” I made a circle in the air before her face “do you look exactly the same as my wife? You have same eyes, nose, facial features, height and even the-” my eyes fell on her black hair and for a moment I halted for the reason it didn’t match my Juliette’s brown one but ignoring that I continued further “So how do you look exactly like my Juliette unless you are her twin. And as far as I know she has only one brother and no twin, so how?” I asked and fished the phone out of my pocket and slid the screen on.

“Care to make me understand how in the world do you resemble so much to her?” as I showed her my phone’s wallpaper in which I had the photo of both of us together back from the day when we went to family picnic. The girl who claimed her name as Ivona looked absolutely shocked as she stared at the phone’s screen with big wide eyes.

The guy looked at the screen and immediately his arms loosened as he uncrossed his arms and looked at my phone shocked.

“This. Thi- How is this possible?” she spoke up in a whisper and reached out to take the phone from my hand.

As I handed her my phone, I chose to stay quiet for a moment to give her little time as she continued staring at my phone.

“Alex?” she turned to look at the guy and the guy remained rooted to his place as he eyed my phone. The beads of sweat that formed on his forehead didn’t go unnoticed by my eyes and for a moment I felt as if the guy knew something.

“This. How is this possible? She looks completely like me,” she said eyeing back at the photo.

“No, she doesn’t!” for the first time the guy named Alex spoke up as he took my phone from Juliette’s hand and handed it back to me.

“It’s fine. People do resemble and it is possible that there is some resemblance between your wife and my fiance. But I can assure you that my fiance is certainly not your wife. I have known her from my childhood and as far as I know her she has never married to anyone,” Juliette looked up at him when he said the word childhood.

“You have a misunderstanding over here. We can even provide you her legal identification proof to prove that she is Ivona, not Juliette. We feel bad for your loss but this doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want and speak up as you wish. Ivona is my fiance and for the last time, I’m warning you to stay away from her. If you don’t then the consequences will be” he took a step further looking straight into my eyes with a determination in his eyes he completed the sentence “bad. Very bad,” he whispered the last part only for me to hear and the next thing I saw was him getting hold of Juliette by her hand and he picked her shopping bags in one hand before walking past me taking her with him.

Juliette looked towards me over her shoulder and at the very moment I understood that something was definitely wrong.

I chose to stay rooted in my place as I watched them walk away.

“Ivona” I breathed out speaking the name with utter disgust.


“Alex” my palms curled up into fists.

“Face resemblance” I scoffed at it and walked to the railing and leaned against it looking down where a huge crowd of people gathered to witness a launch of a new brand in the mall. My eyes fell on the guy named Alex who was dragging Juliette with him. His hand on her shoulder as she scurried off towards the exit of the mall.

“So this is what you want?” I whispered to myself clawing the railing in anger.

“Fine. I had warned you. Don’t tell me that I didn’t,” a smirk appeared on my face as I watched them walk away.

“You didn’t do this right with me. You don’t understand who I am and to what extent I can go,” an evil chuckle escaped my mouth as I looked at my phone’s screen once they were out of my sight.

“You called this upon yourself Juliette. You have called this upon yourself, my love,” my thumbs trailed upon her face on the screen.

“You are going to pay for all those sufferings and I will make sure I turn your life a living hell...Mr.” a smile formed on my face as I shoved my phone back into my pant pockets and looked the way where they were last seen “Alexandru Lascar”

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