Irresistible Love

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Chapter 13

“Meet his girlfriend Ms. Cristina Dimir,” Alex’s father said as he introduced us to Mr. Zachary Udolf Sullivan, the same person who has been invading my dreams, thoughts since the day he had met me causing nothing but trouble to me and my relationship with Alex. The same person who claimed that I was his wife and my name was Juliette Sullivan but here he was before us like nothing ever happened as he smiled at the woman next to him and had his arm wrapped around her waist.

“What type of game is he playing now?” I heard Alex mutter with annoyance and his grip around my waist tightened and I noticed Sullivan’s eyeing Alex’s arm from the corner of his eyes.

Whilst all these chaos, the fact that Sullivan was the problem solver for Alex’s father’s company and their client didn’t help. I could notice the tension arising between them as they stood there glaring at each other. Like, two alpha males refusing to get down. Alex seemingly tried his best to keep his anger in check and while on the other hand, Sullivan clenched his jaws and smiled sarcastically before paying his attention to the woman next to him.

“Uh, do you guys know each other?”

Thankfully, Alex’s father interfered in, cutting the thick air with his question.

“No!” both Alex and Sullivan said in unison before narrowing their eyes at each other’s lies. And the very moment the only thought I had all of a sudden was to have a tub of vanilla ice cream.

The sudden desire for an ice cream had my stomach growl and before I knew it everyone present there heard it making it seemingly an embarrassment for me. Mr. Lascas laughed out loud while the woman next to Sullivan smiled at me. Feeling the blush forming upon my cheek I coughed a little and looked the other way trying my best to hide my embarrassment.

“Come, let’s have some snacks first before we talk,” Mr. Lascar spoke up and we all followed him to the chair where each of us sat next to our partners. But the awkward position was Mr. Lascar sitting in between them while the lady sat next to me.

“So? how did you two meet?” It was Alex who asked the question all of a sudden and I looked back at Zachary who pissed at the moment but calmed down as soon as the lady kept her hand on his elbow.

Who is she?

“It seems as if my personal life interests you, Mr. Alex,” Sullivan gave up a narcissist smirk as Alex narrowed his eyes at him.

The moment was interrupted by the servant who served the high tea and went away.

“How much sugar would you like to have Ivona?” Alex asked as he held the cubes of sugar in his hand ready to put it in my cup.

“Oh, t-”

“Two,” Sullivan interrupted and all of us looked at him while he smirked more at me looking straight into my eyes.

That was the amount I preferred for my tea. Seemingly looking confused the lady beside him looked up at him and put her and on his hand which brought him out of his thinking state.

“Oh, I mean I would like to have two cubes for my tea, Cristina,” he said as he directed this words towards Cristina which caused her to smile happily as she took the cubes of sugar and served him the tea.

“Ivona?” I heard Alex calling for me when I was busy looking at the couple.

“Oh, it’s one. I would like to have one cube, please,” I asked and looked back at Sullivan who was sipping from his cup of tea as he kept himself busy answering and talking to Cristina.

“So? How did you two meet?” this time it was me who asked the question. From the corner of my eyes, I could notice both Alex and his father stopped whatever they were doing and looked back at us while Sullivan raised his eyebrows at me and looked at Cristina who nodded up at him.

“She works with me in my office. She is my personal assistant,” he said and I could feel Alex shifting his chair closer to me.

“And how long have you been together?” Mr. Lascar asked to which Cristina smiled up and looked lovingly at Zachary “Its only been a month, Sir”

Sullivan smiled at her and then looked directly at me.

“Very interesting,” Alex replied and took hold of my hand placing a kiss on the back of my hand.

“That’s really nice. Very few people get to find their true love and I am sure who two pairs are just made for each other in heaven,” Mr. Lascar laughed but awkwardly neither of us joined his laugh and as if he got it his laughter died down and he cleared his throat before shifting on his chair.

“So, let’s get back to our discussion now aye? Now when my son is here I would like you to settle this deal for once and all Mr. Sullivan. What do you say?” Mr. Lascar asked the question to Sullivan and he nodded before taking his phone out.

“Before we do that, I have a condition for you,” he said out of the blue.

“Condition?” What is it?” Alex asked and Sullivan turned his phone around showing us a picture of a house.

“You see this house?” he asked as he showed us a picture of a house. It was a two-storeyed house and was only surrounded by bushes and trees in the picture. It looked old yet beautiful and homey where an average person would dream of living.

“This house...” I heard Mr. Lascar trail off as he looked at the house as if he knew the house.

“Yes, this house. If I’m correct then this house belongs to you. Am I correct?” Sullivan asked and Mr. Lascar nodded looking confused.

“I want this house,” Sullivan said it loud and clear for all to hear and in spite of looking confused Mr. Lascar pulled himself and asked back: “This is the house that I had brought years ago in the outskirts of the town. Its old and I believe the building is now home to many wild animals and it would give up any second as you can already see it in the picture, it’s in a critical state. I have not been there for years and why would a person like you like to buy this house anyway? You can have a mansion if you want to and where exactly did you get this picture?” Mr. Lascar asked to which he only replied with a shrug.

“This is my only condition, Mr. Lascar. I will buy your company only if you give this house to me. Don’t worry I won’t take it for free. I will pay for it. We can add this property to our agreement and I shall buy it at once. Do you agree?” Zachary asked.

Alex looked back at his confused father and then back at me.

“Why exactly do you want this particular house only, Mr. Sullivan?” Mr. Lascar asked and I looked back at him waiting for his answer.

“Why are you clenching your fist?” Alex whispered to me and I realised I sat there clenching my palm in a tight fist. Letting it go, I smiled at him and got up from the chair holding everyone’s attention at once.

“Excuse me, I need to use the washroom” I excused myself and made my way towards the house but before I could take two steps further I heard Zachary spoke up “I want this house for my wife...I mean my lover,” he laughed and that made me stop in my tracks.

His laugh was joined by the lady and Mr. Lascar as well. Closing my eyes for a bit, I found myself inhaling and exhaling deeply before I took my chance to walk up towards the house.

In the washroom, I looked at my own reflection. My hair was a mess as I had continuously raked my hand through it and my navy blue colored sleeveless dress had wrinkles all over it for I was pacing around at the washroom trying to cool down my nerves that had been kicking in since the time of the day I saw Zachary with his...

“Calm down, you don’t have to think about them now. Just think about Alex,” I spoke to myself and adjusting my dress and patting it using my hands, I found myself inhaling in deeply for the second time of the day as I looked at myself through the mirror and finally took it the chance to go back to them.

As I walked out of the washroom and towards the living room, all of a sudden a hand clamped my mouth and I screamed petrified as I found someone dragging me towards a dark room. The guy had a tight grasp of me as his hand held my waist and the other hand clamped my mouth stopping my screams. The person dragged me towards the room and pushed me inside roughly as I lost my balance and fell to the floor wincing and hissing in pain when my elbow came in direct contact with the ground.

“Are you alright?” I didn’t mean to-” I recognized the voice right away and looked up horrified to find no other person but Zachary himself.

“Don’t touch me!” I slapped his hands away and looked back to find he had closed the glass door and we were inside what looked a storeroom with old furnitures all over the place.

“What do you think you are doing?” I hissed at him and inspected my elbow for any would.

“Look yo-”

“Shut up!” I was up on my feet as I looked back at door to find it locked from inside.

“How dare you Mr. Zachary Udolf Sullivan?” I raised my hand to slap him right across his face but in a swift motion, he caught my hand and his jaws locked as he pushed me back towards the wall, my back hitting the wall behind me as I looked at him startled.

“You have no idea how daring I could be,” he smirked which caused me gulping in fear at the moment.

He got hold of my hand and in a swift motion, his other hand was inside my dress touching the band of my underwear.

“What? W-What do you think you a-are doing? Get off me!” I screamed and horrified by his actions lifted my knee up to hit him but as if he knew it was coming he moved back and placed his leg in between my legs before pulling my underwear down.

“S-Stop! Let me go!” all of a sudden my screams were muffled as he placed his mouth on mine kissing me roughly and taking this as the advantage I had hardly any time to react when all of a sudden he had himself forced inside of me. A gasp of pain escaped my mouth and tears flowed down my eyes as I could feel the pain in between my legs. My struggles were in vain but then I felt him plunging deeper inside of me and he finally let go of my hand and I found him kissing my neck while I stood their helplessly.

If anything that was heard in that room then it was his grunts and my sobs as I raised my hands up and held his shoulder feeling the pain subsiding to pleasure, a smile erupted on my face as I stared at his eyes lifting up my leg giving him more access, I spoke up seductively “Slow down, you idiot!”

He smiled more like smirked at me satisfactorily and holding my leg in his hand proceeded to plunge deeper inside me while I moaned and we kissed like never before, forgetting everything and everyone at the very moment.

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