Irresistible Love

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Chapter 17

Back to the present...

The ringing of the phone woke me up from my slumber and groggily I looked up at Zachary who picked it up smiling at me. I closed my eyes and fell back on his chest while he picked his phone up and all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice from the phone.

“I am probably the first person in this world who has started to hate vacations. Just how long do you want me to stay here? I’m tired of this beach and the sun. Just what’s so fascinating about all this? I want to get back there....please...” the person cried at the end and that made me grin triumphantly.

“Is it Willie?” I asked and Zachary hummed in response.

“Boss, please? I wanna get back there and kick some asses,” he added and that made me open my eyes as I sat back on the bed pulled the duvet to my chest and adjusted a pillow behind my back before I looked at him in the video call.

“I can’t express how happy I feel seeing you like this,” I grinned and he narrowed his eyes at me which made me laugh.

“I would have been happier if you had sent me to Savannah. I would have spent my time happily with those animals. I am so tired of the beach and I’m growing to feel sick of eating seafood. Just call me back. This vacation needs to end now,” he said determinedly.

“Well, you didn’t tell me about this wish of yours for Savannah when I had asked Cosmina to book your vacation tickets,” Zachary told him and he huffed slamming a hand to his face.

“That’s because I had no idea that I would end up spending so many days in here,” he complained and Zachary looked back at me.

“It’s time we end this,” he whispered to me and I thought about it for a second before I nodded agreeing to him.

This path of vengeance has not been easy for both of us. We were not the only people who suffered but the people around us were also affected by all the games that Alex had played. Only Willie apart from my Zachary knew that I was alive. There were some actions around Zachary made him believe that somebody near to him was the pawn of Alex’s game and Zachary had concluded that it would be better if we were the only who knew about me.

As I recalled the conversation that I heard while I was in the hospital I was sure the one who showed worriedness for me being in the condition was someone who knew me and Zachary had told me that it was someone from the family that has been stabbing us in our back and has joined hands with him to destroy us.

Zachary had to suffer a month while I was gone but when he found out I was alive he had been more alert and had been working hard trying to find the mole in our family who gave all the information about us to Alex. He had been silently observing everyone’s move and silently went through all the problems all by himself in the hopes of getting hold of the mole red-handed. And it was when he decided it should be like that as his enemies wanted to be. He suffered making them believe he was in misery. He knew that they definitely aim Willie and try their best to get him away and it was when Zachary set all this plan by himself and made everyone in the family believe that Willie was a traitor who stabbed him in the back and made him suffer a great loss, when his arms were deposited to the cops.

Zachary made sure his enemies knew this and it was why he had sent Willie away so that his enemies would think that his shield has been removed and he is vulnerable enough to be attacked.

But I must say Zachary is really really good at acting.

So much, that he made everyone in the family and his office believe that... he was actually in pain and his condition was miserable but our plan took a new turn when all of a sudden I had to bump into my best friend Kiara. She saw me in that mall and it was when everything crumbled down.

Zachary had to show himself up before Alex so that the traitor around us doesn’t get suspicious of our acts. As much as I hated it, I had to stay away from Kiara all these times because Zachary told me that the traitor could be anyone among us and he or she would definitely try to attack the close ones if we are not cautious.

I remember the day when I pretended to have lost my memories in that hospital.

As soon as the angry dude whose name I know today as Alex left, Zachary came out of the curtain seething in anger. He disliked my decisions and I still remember how he reacted.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

“Look Zachary. I can explain...”

“I don’t need any explanation. You have already gone through all this. Can’t you see?” he asked pointing at my bruises.

“And I’m not going to let you be pulled into this like this. I’m going to end this for once and for all,” he snarled at me as he pulled his gun out and walked towards the door, clearly dead set on killing Alex. I was already on my heels running towards him to stop him, because I had already had an idea that somebody from us was helping him and if Zachary killed him, we could never find that traitor.

“Zachary stop! You can’t do that! Look! We can find the real mastermind behind all this with the help of this guy. If you kill him...we can never get him,” I begged him to stop and this was the first ever time he proved me wrong from thinking he used his brain before doing any act. It was as if he was dead set on killing him and nothing in this world could ever stop him.


“I don’t fucking care. I will find that traitor out all by myself and” he pointed a finger at me stop from opening my mouth “then you will see how I am gonna end his or her filthy life,” his voice venomous and his murderous as he turned around and took long strides with the gun in his hands.

“Zachary please don’t,” I whispered as tears streamed down my face.

“Y-You are alive?” somebody spoke behind me and I turned around to find the person as none other than Willie. He looked as if he had seen a ghost but at that moment I was glad that he showed up. Wiping the tears off my face I ran to him and held his shoulder.

“Look. You need to stop Zachary. He is out there to kill someone. Please don’t let it happen,” I said and even though he was still in the state of shock seeing me alive, he nodded and dashed towards the direction where Zachary left a few minutes ago.

It took us a lot of time to pull Zachary into the game and finally he gave up to me and did as I said and it was why we decided to send Willie away, but for a little while.

“Pack your bags,” I saw as Zachary spoke to Willie and as he realised he was coming back he squealed like a little girl and hurriedly hung up the call probably thinking if he continued with the video call then Zachary would change his mind of him getting back.

“Zac,” I whispered as I wrapped a hand around his arm and laid my head on his shoulder.

“What is troubling you?” he asked and kept the phone back on the nightstand.

“Who do you think can be the traitor? I mean if he or she is from among us then why is he doing it? What is the reason for him to separate us and cause us all these miseries?” I asked and felt him stroking my head.

“I don’t really know but if anything I know then its the fact that this game needs to end. I have had enough of it and this needs to end soon,” he said and I could literally feel the anger in his voice that he tried his best to suppress under his smiling facade.

Truth to be told, even I was tired of the game and if anything I ever wanted, then it was to go back to my friends and families and live as we were living, with Zachary. I have had enough of plotting plans, being cautious, meeting Zachary secretly, calling a stranger my fiance when I was already married to Zachary, acting and pretending as if I had lost my memories and I was oblivious to everything that was going on around me, it was just enough for me.

“I want this end as soon as possible so that I could go back to my family and live peacefully with you,” I said and he chuckled.

“What?” I narrowed my eyes at him when he found my words funny.

“What’s so funny in it?” I asked and he shrugged his shoulders.

“Oh, n-nothing. It’s just still hard for me to believe that you are the same woman who told me on my face that you hated me and it was the last thing for you to live with me but today...its totally the opposite. You wish and want to stay with me,” he said and that made me close my annoyance.

This guy always has to bring our past before us and knows how to ruin somebody’s mood and moment.

“You know what?” I said as I got hold of my robe that was on the floor and put it on.

“What?” he asked sounding nervous all of a sudden.

“I am going for a bath and I’m hungry. So while I take a bath...go and make me some food,” I said and narrowed my eyes at him when he tried to open his mouth.

“Afterall you are my maid and I’m paying you for this. So, don’t just sleep around, go and prepare my food,” I said sarcastically checking my nails.

“What’s up with you and your mood change? I mean you were totally happy a few moments ago. What’s with your icy tone?” he asked as he looked at me in a state of confusion for my foul mood. And the fact that he didn’t even have any idea how he had ruined my mood angered me even more.

“Never mind. I can cook by myself.” I said enunciating each word before stomping up towards the bathroom but as I walked towards the bathroom I had no idea why I was even angry all of a sudden without any reason.

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