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Irresistible Love

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Chapter 2

Zachary Pov

“Where are the weapons?” I asked as calmly as I could.

“I-I don’t know,” he trembled before on the floor, knelt on his knees he joined his palms and begged me for his life.

“Pitiful,” I spat and shoved the back of the gun on his face. He fell down on his side and before I could kick him in his face Willi came in between us stopping me.

“Let me handle this,” he asked and I glared at him. Huffing at him I turned around and rubbed my face aggravated by the situation. The illegal arms that were supposed to transfer to my dealer today vanished in the mid road and the only person we got in our hand was the driver. According to him, some thugs stopped the truck and took the arms with them throwing the driver on the road but I am far too concerned about it. I don’t really care about the driver but only my arms. I need to transfer it to my dealer anyhow and the dare of those thugs.

“He is just keeping on repeating that some thugs stole it,” came Willi’s tired voice.

“Finish him,” I stated not even looking back at the driver.

“What?” he asked in shock and the driver whimpered and cried as soon as he heard.

“Kill him,” I said my eyes void of any emotions.

“We can’t do that. He is the only one who can tell us where the weapons are,” Willi said and I took my phone out of my pant pockets when it vibrated.

As I read the text message from my informant an irritated and annoyed expression marred my face as I turned around ready to kill the damn bastard of a driver.

“Well, I can tell you where the weapons are,” I gave out a sarcastic laugh and the next moment a gunshot was heard in the room. The driver’s leg was shot by none other but me as I pointed the gun at his face as I looked at him with an intention to kill him then and there.

“What are you doing?” Willi yelled at him and tried to get on my way to stop me from killing the driver. I showed him the text message and as realization struck him, he looked back at the driver who was yelling and sobbing because of his wounded leg.

“You bastard! You surrendered the truck to the damn cops?” Willi snapped at him and the next moment he was the one who kicked him in his stomach.

“This crazy bastard,” I muttered as I looked the driver getting hit and I kept on watching until he was on the verge of death.

“Stop,” I said and Willi looked back at me.

“But he-” he stopped midsentence when he noticed my murderous expression.

“On whose order did you do that?” I asked as calmly as I could to the driver who writhed in pain on the ground with hands tied on his back.

“I will never tell you,” he laughed and spat blood on the ground.

“We will see that,” I said and turned around to Max.

“Bring the taser, use it on him until and unless he tells the truth. Don’t let him sleep or die. Make him suffer,” I looked back at the driver who was breathing heavily.

“Start now!” I said and walked out of the room.

His plea of agony could be heard even after I walked out the warehouse. They did their work perfectly of making him suffer.

“Call Jeremiah and tell him about the situation,”

Willi nodded and fished his phone out of his pant pockets in order to call our man who worked as a cop. I walked to my car and got in. Igniting the engine and drove off to my office building. Its been three to four days since I went back to my office. I have been busy solving my illegal dark matters lately and because of that, I have not been able to work on my legal works.

“Good afternoon Sir,” Cosmina greeted as I walked past her desk.

“Send every important file that you need to sign to my cabin, I intend on finishing every pending work of mine today itself,” I said as I stopped in my tracks and looked back at Cosmina. As I was talking I heard a loud gasp and turned to my side to find the woman whose name I remembered as Cristina starring at my hand with wide eyes.

“Sir you have blood on your hand and also on your sleeves. Are you hurt?” the woman tried to touch my hand but I jerked my hand away even before she could touch me and glared at her.

“Mind your own business Ms. Dimir,” I said nonchalantly and looked back at Cosmina.

“But Si-,”

“Send me the files Cosmina,” I said and turned around to leave.

As soon as I went inside my cabin, the first thing I did was to walk to the small shelve where I took my extra shirt out and went inside the bathroom to wash the blood and change my shirt. Everything is messed up in my life. I watched as the water turned red as it washed away the stains of blood from my hand into the sink. The water running down from my hand had all my attention. I looked at myself in the mirror.


There was nothing in my face. I was expressionless. Tired. And most importantly I didn’t look a bit like Zachary Udolf Sullivan. But this was the reality the man who was standing right before me inside the mirror was actually me. A loser who has lost everything in his life.

“You don’t really deserve happiness,” I mumbled looking at reflection before splashing a handful of water on my face.

Life has to go on and I have to live. I just can’t break down like this; I bet Juliette wouldn’t have liked seeing me like this but I just can’t do anything. Every time I try to even think about moving on with my life I just can’t. I thought I would live the rest of my life with her. It’s not her fault that I am in this position of my life nor do I blame anyone. But every time I look at myself the only thing that I think of is how would my life been if she was here. I knew she didn’t hate me anymore like she did when I kidnapped her for the first time. I knew that her hatred soon changed to that of love and she loved me truly then why? Why? Just why do we have to be like this?

I was the one who has killed people, who had done so many wrong things then why was she the one to lose her life? I should have been the one. Why was she punished because of my sins? We both are punished. Me; by losing the only person I loved so much in my life and her; because she was in love with a sinner. The hell with God forgives repentant sinners, he punishes the one next to the sinner. And in my case, the only person next to me was my Juliette.

“The files you asked for,” Ms. Dimir placed the files before me on my table. I looked up at her from reading glasses and narrowed my eyes at her “I thought I had asked for Cosmina to bring me the files,”

“She was actually held back by the Managing Director while she was coming so she asked me to hand you the files,” she said and gave me a smile.

“Kristian is in the office today,” I mumbled to myself but she heard it and replied with a quiet ‘yes’.

“Ask him to meet me. You may leave,” I told her without even looking back at her too busy in reading the files but I could still feel her presence.

“What is it?” I asked as I looked back at her. She looked startled all of a sudden but then she stood straight in her place and then her eyes averted to my hand.

“Ho- I mean How is your wound? You had blood all over your sleeves beforehand. Should I bring you the firs-,”

“Ms. Dimir,” I intervened her and she looked at me “Mind your own business aye?” I gave her a stern look and pointed towards the door with my eyes. She inhaled deeply and nodded before turning on her heel and walking out but she did turn around to look my way once before walking out of my cabin and closing the door after her.

“How annoying,” I muttered and skimmed through the files.

“The more we meet the more older you look,” Kristian voiced out his thought as he barged into my cabin without knocking.

“When will you learn to knock?” I asked as I continued typing on my laptop.

“And when will you take care of yourself?” he asked which made me look up at him.

“Look at your knuckles,” he said and I ignored him not even bothering to look at my knuckles because I already knew that it had scratches from all those punchings.

“Not a new thing,” I muttered in reply.

“Of course it’s not a new thing but its also becoming your habit. You no longer seem to take care of yourself. Get a grip on yourself else it will be bad for your business,” he said and that made me look up at him. I narrowed my gaze at him and watched as he smirked back at me sitting on top of the corner of my table.

“Get off my table,” I had to glare at him to keep my point because he is not from the one who takes me seriously.

“Oh boy! You and your mood,” he shrugged before getting off my table. He walked around and sat on the chair before throwing his head backward and exhaling out a breath.

“I heard what has happened. Arms has been seized by the police hu?” he leaned against the chair comfortably and took the paperweight rolling it between his hands he spoke “Now they will look into it and then they will find you in no time,” biting down on his lower lip he looked towards the glass window as he kept the paperweight back on the table.

“Want me to take the lead in this matter?” he asked out of nowhere.

“You?” I scoffed at the thought and closed the laptop shut.

“Yes me!” squinting his eyes at my direction he rubbed his eyes with his palm before getting off from the chair.

“I have assigned Willi into this matter. He can take care of thi-”

“Aren’t you playing too naive lately hu?” he slammed his hands on my table.

“You have blind trust on that guy. As much as I remember he was the one who killed my cousin and your sister isn’t it?” he asked raising an eyebrow and I clasped my hands and kept my elbow on the table “He has won my trust and I am not blind when it comes to him. I do have my eyes set on his movement,”

He looked at me for some seconds before he laughed aloud “Hmm Interesting. Indeed very interesting,”

“Well then I’ll be off now. I have work to do. Give me a call if you need me. I’m off to Melbourne now,” a ghost of a smile played on his lips as he adjusted his tie.

“Melbourne? Why Melbourne?” I asked thinking what type of work does he have in Melbourne when all his business is in here in Romania.

“Huh?” he looked up at me with his raised eyebrows before speaking “Oh it’s nothing. Just that unlike you I do have a woman whom I cherish and is alive,” he air quoted the word alive. In a jerk, I was on my feet seething with anger for his disrespectfulness.

“Kristian you need to hold your tongue before me,” I said as calmly as I could not wanting to hurt my brother.

“That...” he bent towards my direction ina mocking state with his hands shoved into his pant pocket “Is purely upon me, brother” he smirked and taking tentative steps walked out of my room leaving me burning with rage.

“Idiots! All are idiots,” I muttered to myself as I raked a hand through my hair.

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