Irresistible Love

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Chapter 22

Standing before the mirror my hands roamed all over my belly trying to feel the unborn child. Even though I had a flat belly yet the thought of carrying the child built a pit of happiness in my heart as I thought about my future. If everything seem to be good, then I would wish to have a small and happy family along with Zachary. It was like a dream to have kids and to have a peaceful family. It seems the first part of my dream has been granted but the second part is still yet to happen as we have to go through all the troubles that surrounds us.

Just when I thought that I could live my life as I had always wanted, life has planned something else for me. We had to overcome all our overwhelming feelings of parenthood, only because of that Alex and that traitorous person.

“I swear to god, I would definitely make the traitor pay for all his sins,” my hands balled into a tight fist as I thought about it again and again. Suddenly the temperature in the room seem to grow up and beads of sweat formed over my forehead. Even my body temperature raised up and I ended up throwing the cardigan that I was wearing. It was weird as it was cool outside but the temperature inside the room burned up.

“Juliette!” someone shrieked and I looked towards the door to find none other than Kiara herself as she ran to me and held me by my arms. A look of worry marred her face as her eyes skimmed my face before she made me sit on the bed and brought me a glass of water.

“Thank you,” I whispered as I gulped down the water in a go feeling thirsty.

“What’s wrong with you? You’re sweating and your face is so pale. Are you feeling alright?” she asked as she took a seat beside me and I nodded.

“No, I’m alright,”

“Well, you don’t seem to. What’s bothering you?” she asked and that somehow made me smile as I showed her my belly encircling my arms over it.

“Are you worried about your baby?” she asked and it was when a thought about Kristian crossed my mind.

“What’s up with you and Kristian?” I asked all of a sudden catching her off guard. Her eyes widened just for a second before she averted her gaze away from me and pushed the loose strands of her hair behind her ear.

“W-What do you mean? There’s nothing between us,” she looked nervous all of a sudden and tried her best to lie.

“Really?” I smiled as I shifted on the bed trying to look her face and she kept on facing the other side as I grew more closer to her.

“Then why are you blushing?” I asked teasing her which made her huff at me.

“What? Blushing? Who?” she stuttered and that made me laugh.

“You!” I mimicked her voice and it was when she laughed looking down at her knees.

“So? Are you two dating now?” my abrupt question seemed to affect her as she stood up and looked at me before saying “No, we are not,” and then she chose to walk out of the room.

“Okay, now that was strange,” I laughed out on my own comment.

The clock ticked as I looked at the umpteenth time trying to figure out where all of a sudden Zachary has vanished to. I stood near the glassdoor to the balcony just gazing at the blazing sky, no time to admire the nature’s beauty as my mind was too occupied thinking about Zac. He seemed as if he was in a hurry. I was taking a shower when I heard him speaking from behind the door that he was going to somewhere and that he would be late.

He told me not to go outside and told me that some of his guards are guarding outside the door. But he didn’t really tell me where he was going. The only thing that he told me was that he was going out for work and then he left. As soon as Kristian and Kiara left, Zachary went away for his work and being alone in the house I made myself some food and took a good nap for a while but then I got bored and tried calling Zachary but he never picked up.

Sighing, I thought about calling him one more last time and it was when I picked up the phone and clicked the speed dial for his number. The phone rang a few times and it was when I huffed and was about to end the call when the call got connected with someone picking it up and I was sure that it wasn’t Zachary.

“Hello?” a feminine voice said from the other end.

“Zachary?” a frown formed on my forehead when I heard a woman’s voice from the other end of the phone instead of Zachary. It wasn’t Cosmina for sure but it wasn’t even someone I know.

“No, he is busy in a meeting with a client. I saw the phone ringing and it is why I picked up the call,” the woman said.

“Oh alright!” I said and was about to cut off the call when something crossed my mind. I was sure that Zachary didn’t save my name in his phone and nobody ever dared to pick up his phone calls that came for him in his personal cell phone than how did she get the phone?

“May I know who you are?” I asked and heard some ruffling sounds in the background.

“Yes, my name is Ms. Cristina Dimir and I am his P.A,” she responded professionally. The name clicked on my mind when I remembered the day when Zachary had brought a woman as his girlfriend to meet Mr. Lascar.

Cristina Dimir.....

“I see...” I said and hung up on her rotating the phone between my fingers lost in deep thoughts.

If it weren’t for the continuous vibration of my phone, I wouldn’t have snapped out of the thoughts that I was thinking and the name that displayed on the screen had my blood boiling in fit of rage.

“Ivona,” he said sweetly and my jaws locked thinking about his face.

“Sorry, I couldn’t catch up with after the dinner last night. I had to fly back to Canada this morning and I would return back after two days,” he said and gradually I rolled my eyes not even caring where he was and whatever business he was doing. But then the thought of letting Zachary knowing about his whereabouts and information made me act like a detective girlfriend.

“Way to go Mr. Lascar. I can perfectly see our future together. Bright and shiny,”

He gave out a throaty laugh from the other end before replying “Have I miffed my fiancée already?”

“I’m sorry Ivona. Dad told me that it was important and I had to leave almost immediately as soon as I dropped you off in your apartment. To make it up to you, let me meet some good wedding planners and I promise as soon as I come back to the Valley, we shall start discussing about our wedding. Alright?” he asked and that made me choke on my own spit.

“S-Sure,” I said and before he hung up he told me where he was staying and for what he had flown all the way to Canada.

“Wedding...” I scoffed at the thought and remembered the only wedding that I was trying so hard to save.

It was quarter past two o’clock in the night when I found myself staring blankly at the ceiling. I heard the front door beeping as it had the code security lock and knowing the only person apart from me knowing the code was Zachary, I made zero efforts to get up and greet him at the door. Pulling the cover upto my neck, I shifted from my position from facing the ceiling to my sides as I stared at the lamp when the door of the bedroom opened.

Closing my eyes shut, I heard him walking to the walk-in-closet and then he went into the bathroom.

It looked as if he was taking a shower because he came out after thirty minutes and I felt the bed dipping from my behind. A cold hand brushed past my face to switch off the lamp and then he pulled the cover on me properly before snaking an arm on my waist and another under my neck as he turned me around to face him. Still not opening my eyes, I pretended to be on deep sleep as I felt him stroking my hair before putting his chin over my head and finally falling to sleep.

Just what exactly are you upto Zachary?

Just when I was about to sleep his phone vibrated and I picked a look from over him as he slept deeply to see the caller Id displaying “Ms. Cristina Dimir.”

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