Irresistible Love

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Chapter 24

Zachary Pov

The room was marred with silence as I kept on staring at the light lamp next to the couch having no idea of whatever Juliette was thinking because I was too distracted with the thought of having Juliette judge me like everyone did back then and I was okay with it because I knew it was even too much for her to handle. Everything that ever happened to her was only because of me. I was always the root cause of everything that she had to go through and today I would not blame her. Not even for a single bit because whatever she would say was the right thing. For me, she is always right. She went through that accident that Alex planned because of me, she came back from death and then in order to save me, she put her life in risk playing a second identity before Alex not even knowing that everything she went through was actually planned for me.

I was the person who should have been hurt in place of her, but every time, every single time she would divert all those sufferings and would take it on her head. All this while, she had foolishly protected me thinking I was the one who was protecting her, but in reality, I was nothing in compared to her. I could only protect her with the help of a gun, while she obstructed every emotional pain that was led towards me.

Slowly turning towards her, I was ready to face an upset Juliette but instead I found her already looking my way with a saddened face as her eyes teared up and she looked down as soon as my eyes got in contact with her. I knew, I had made her upset. I should’ve cleared it from the beginning that I knew Alex and he was after me for his sister and he had pulled Juliette into all this because he wanted me to suffer like he had when his sister died. I was an ominous for Juliette and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t clear that dark part of me.

“’re saying that Alex did all this with me, with us, because of Gina?” Juliette’s voice broke down at the end and I kept mum knowing she would understand.

“Then...what else?” she asked which made me look up at her.

“What do you mean?” I questioned not understanding what she meant by what she just asked.

“There is more to than meets the eyes right?,” she asked and I nodded clasping my hand together.

“I found out about it when you planned everything out. I had to know who he was because when I was dating Gina, I knew that she had a brother but I had never been able to meet or see his face. I was informed that her brother on the time of her death had wanted to sit a committee against me and reopen her case file which was closed because of Gale’s influence, but he lost to Gale and we were never been able to meet because soon I graduated. I had always wanted to clear things out with her family but I was never able to. So, finally I got to meet him and it planned out he was set to destroy me and he wanted to take revenge for his sister and it was why he found a pawn but ended up being used as a pawn in his own game.”

“So, who is that person? Have you already found him?” she asked and I nodded to which her eyes grew the size of a saucer.

“W-Who is he then?” she asked and I had an internal feud with my consciousness thinking whether it was the right moment to spill everything out or not. I chose the latter.

“I will tell you,” I got up from the couch that made her look up at me.

“But Za-,” in a swift moment I picked her up in my arms and she looked at me all startled as I walked towards the bedroom with her in my arms.

“I promise, I will tell you everything. But not today. It’s too late in the night and you need to have some rest. You have been up since the time I went away and it not good for you and our baby,” I said as I tucked her in and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Tomorrow, I will be sending Willi back home to Romania to have everyone come here. We can’t hide this anymore. This drama needs to end and I want unveil the real person behind all this. This is for our own betterment, I’m tired of playing this hide and seek games and I want to go back to the way we used to live,” a sigh escaped my mouth as I sat next to her and she held my forearm facing my side.

“Zachary,” she whispered softly almost faintly and if it wasn’t for the night’s pin drop silence, I wouldn’t have heard it but then I looked at her as she closed her eyes and took in deep breaths before speaking “Does Alex know about you and your other job?”

“Probably not,” I answered almost immediately as I had a background check on him by Willi and according to Willi’s sources he had no idea about my mafia connection. If he had, then he wouldn’t have dared. It was almost my guilt for losing Gina that made me not to kill him but he hurt Juliette and I had no plan on letting him off the hook so easily.

I knew how much it hurts when you lose a near and dear one especially when I had also lost my own sister. I knew the amount of hate I felt for Vito and Nicholas was same as what Alex might have been feeling for me, and perhaps it was why I had to control myself to go right before him and shoot all the bullets into his head. I wanted to know who he had befriended with and then when I finally found the person I decided I should at least clear Alex’s part to Juliette.

“And you know what?” she whispered.

I stared down at her as she rubbed her hands on my forearm, before opening her eyes and looking at me “Let if off!”


“Let it off now. Gina’s death was not your fault,” she said as she smiled at me but her eyes held assurance. It was what I had always wanted to see for me. From the time Gina died, everyone actually thought I was to be blamed for it and it was what made me guilty even more than what I was already feeling. Instead of supporting me, Gale tried to curtain and get me off the hooks from Gina’s death case, which indirectly meant he believed that Gina committed suicide because of me and I was actually the one to be blamed. Not even my mother or grandfather, gave me the assurance that it wasn’t my fault and I kept on drowning into the pit of darkness and grew distant to everyone that were near me.

When I met Juliette, she caught me off guard and made me feel certain things that I had never experienced, not even with Gina. It was hard for me to not let Juliette enter into my heart because she was even more stubborn than I was, and finally she ended up in my life protecting and loving me, pulling me from that pit but contrary getting her hands dirty with that pit of darkness. So, in last she had to face the consequences of being with me.

She held my wrist firmly and that made me snap out of my thinking world as I laid down next to her, switching off the lamp on my side and pulling her close to me as she snuggled to me in a comfortable position breathing in heavily.

“You alright?” I asked as I had my arms around her while I felt her nodding, as she kept her head on my chest.

“Let’s go for a check up or should I call a doctor home?” I asked as I thought about our baby. I knew with all the things going around I was unable to look after our baby but knowing Juliette, she played her part perfectly and she took care of her and the baby much to my relief.

“No, it’s alright. I want to deal with our family first,” she said and I hummed in response.

“Zac? Are you asleep?” I heard her voice almost after fifteen minutes and I tapped her hand that was on my chest replying her that I was indeed awake.

“I wanted to ask you a question,” she said nonchalantly and the way she said that I had an understanding what she had been wanting to ask me from the beginning as I had told her about my past life.

“What is it?” I asked nevertheless.

“Did. Did you and Gina had that type of relation? Uh! I mean...did you two did it?” she stuttered a few times in the middle and by the time she finished, I could feel her body turning cold and I scoffed at her in the middle of the night.

“Did you and Nicholas do that?” I snapped and almost immediately she got up from me and glared at me. I could see her face as the moonlight fell on her face through the glass window and she looked as if she was ready to slap me.

“You ask me that? Were you drunk when we had sex for the first time? I was a v-”

“Enough! I'm tired and I want to sleep. So, sleep and let me sleep! Idiot!” I muttered as I rolled around on my stomach and pulled the duvet to me irritated all of a sudden.

“C'mon tell me?” I heard her voice.

“Nonsense, Idiot of a woman” I mumbled but soon regretted as she climbed up on me putting all her weight on me, crushing me in the process, giggling like a mad woman who just won a stupid ass lottery.

As I had concluded earlier, she was the only woman in the world who had the power to make me mad in a minute and also had the power to melt me just in a second.

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