Irresistible Love

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Chapter 25

Juliette Pov

It was the day.

The day when I was supposed to meet my family back and let them know that I was alive. Zachary told me that he had called his family and they had no idea about me being alive. As I had called it upon myself I had to deal with them my own and make them understand the purpose of me being dead, and this is what Zachary wants me to do. My sweaty palms shivered out of anxiety as I thought of the ways to deal with our family.

It would’ve been great if I had actually died in that accident because it is just of no use of me being alive for my mother and father would definitely kill me after they find the truth. l sigh escaped my mouth as I walked to the balcony to get some fresh air. Zachary has been out to the airport to receive the family members leaving Kiara with me and guards guarding the front.

Talking about Alex, strangely it’s been three days since he contacted me. In our last conversation he told me that he had to fly urgently for a meeting and he would come back after two days, but strangely he didn’t contact me ever since.

I wonder what’s he up to?

“Hey, eat up your food!” I heard Kiara’s voice from the kitchen.

As I walked to the table I found the food’s aroma getting into me as I felt hungry all of a sudden. The chicken and tomato pasta that she made looked mouth watering as I took a fork and took a bite savouring its deliciousness almost immediately forgetting about all the problems that surrounded me.

“This is amazing,” I said as I moaned and she laughed from the kitchen.

“What a cooking skill!” I remarked as I enjoyed the food while she brought her a plate and started eating it sitting beside to me.

“You know this recipe has some ingredients missing, yet I thought it would still taste good if I made it without them,” she told me as she took a mouthful of her food and circled her fork in the air thinking about something.

“That reminds me, where did you get the chicken? I remember we didn’t have any in the fridge,” I said as I remembered wanting to eat a chicken dish last night but couldn’t because we didn’t have it and Zachary was away and the guards didn’t let me go out to the walmart nearby all by my own.

“I asked one of the guards to bring it for me,” she said and I nodded concentrating on my food.

“I want to have some wine as well,” I said out my thoughts and Kiara scrunched up her nose giving me a pointed glare.

“Don’t even think about having alcohol for the rest eight months. It’s not good for your baby and your Romeo would be very upset,” she said and the name ‘Romeo’ that she used to address Zachary made me raise an eyebrow at her.

“Romeo? Seriously?” I questioned to which she just gave a toothy grin and shrugged her shoulders. I huffed at her and was just about to drink water from the glass when all of a sudden my eyelids drooped and the world around me seemed to rotate. A groan escaped my mouth as my vision blurred and I held my head wanting to stop it.

“Juliette?” I could hear Kiara’s worried voice.

“Hey! What’s wrong?” she asked as I felt her touching my arm but I could no longer she her. I was losing my consciousness and my heartbeat raised up all of a sudden.

“Why is my head spinning?” the next moment I heard her groaning and before I could reach out or speak anything to her, I lost my consciousness and fell back on my chair.

Why did you do this to me?


How could you?

You betrayed me!

You betrayed everyone.

My eyes snapped open as I gasped for air looking around frantically thinking where I was. That was a bad dream that I saw. A very bad dream in which I was shouting and screaming feeling betrayed who was someone closer to my heart. I couldn’t see the person’s face in my dream but still I could feel how terrible I felt when I was yelling at the person.

My body was sweaty and I clutched my heart feeling distraught.

My eyes traveled up and I found I was in a dark room with a ventilator and just a grilled door. I was laying on a bench and as my mind registered everything found myself jumping off the bench and making a run towards the grill door to find it locked from outside. Terrified, I held the grill and tried to jerk it a thousand times wanting to open it but to no avail.

“Open the door! Where am I?” I yelled at the top of my voice as I held the grill growing desperate to be out.

When no one responded I looked around the dark room wanting to find something that could help me to break the door but there was nothing. My eyes fell on a plate which had fruits and I ran to it throwing away the fruits and took the plate and banged it on the door. Anybody would have been annoyed with the amount of noise I made as I continued banging the plate on the door but nobody responded and finally I grew tired as I held the now bent plate and slide down to the floor.

Anxiety crawled up to me as I thought about my baby. Instantly, my hands wrapped up around my stomach as I thought my baby. Even tear pooled my eyes and in no time I found myself sobbing thinking about Zachary.

The last thing that I remembered was eating food with Kiara and all of a sudden I felt sleepy and after that no matter how much I tried I couldn’t remember anything.

“Perhaps...” something struck my mind as I wiped my tears and thought about it “Something was in my food,”

“Did Kiara add up something in my food?” I found myself talking as I thought about it again and again.

No! Why would she?

Snapping out of my thoughts, I concentrated more on my situation rather than wasting my time thinking about the things that has already happened. Hastily, I searched for my phone in my pocket and to my extreme shock I found it in my pockets. Feeling little happy, I switched it on and only to find no signal on the phone. And that meant, I couldn’t contact Zachary.

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