Irresistible Love

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Chapter 27

Zachary Pov

“What happened to him?” Willi asked as he watched Kristian passed out on the table.

“Nothing. He is just sleeping,” I replied as I looked back at him and shrugged my shoulder at him.

“Sleeping?” Willi looked bewildered as he repeated the word and gave a pointed glare at Kristian’s sleeping form before walking up to me and handing me a tablet which had the CCTV footage. The footage had a white sedan pulling up towards our driveway and it took a turn towards our house, it was what we had in the footage because it disappeared in our lane and the footage to that lane was not found.

“Make sure that the police gets this footage by their own,” I said as I handed the tablet back to him and looked back at Kristian.

“What do you plan to do now?” Willi asked to which I put my hand back on the revolver and pulled it out rotating it from its barrel “You will see.”

The cops got inside the house as I stood their in the corner letting them investigate as they checked every corner of the house for evidence. The bodies of my guards were seized by the police and they were taken away for autopsy.

“Do you have any any doubts upon anyone who could’ve done this? Any enemies?” the officer asked as I nodded my head no.

“Then why do have two guards guarding your house?” the other officer asked and it was when being on a foreign land I told them that I was a businessman from Romania and I was here with my wife for business. When I came back home, I met the dead guards outside of the house and my wife including her friend had gone missing.

“Sir, we found no CCTV footage in lane twenty-five, it was taken down or somebody has deleted it. But I had checked the footage of other lanes and there was this one Suv which seemed common in every lane heading towards twenty-five,” another officer said intervening and handed over some photocopies to the officer who was interrogating me beforehand.

“Find out about the owner and get a search warrant for Mrs. Sullivan and Ms. Richmond,” the officer commanded.

“Meanwhile, you have to come with me to proceed with the formalities to the police station,” he informed me and I nodded agreeing to him. The officer sighed as he turned around only to come face to face with Kristian.

“Officer! You have to find Kiara,” he said enunciating each words making me heave out a sigh.

“Who is he and what does Ms. Richmond’s relation to him?” the officer turned back to me to question me and soon enough I watched as Kristian opened his mouth almost immediately “She is my gir-” I had to interrupt as I said “He is my cousin and Ms. Kiara is my wife’s friend,” I replied and watched as Kristian threw a glare my way.

“I see, don’t worry. We shall find them and also the one who kidnapped them. As you see Mr. Sullivan,” the officer pursed his lips before speaking “due to lack of evidence we can’t really say if they were kidnapped or they went away of their own. I know you would find this outraging but we suspect they might have been the one to kill your guards and destroy the footages,”

“What nonsense!” Kristian butted in almost immediately.

“I’m talking sense. I don’t see any evidence know any kind of scuffle or things out of place,”

“It only means they are the one who did it or the person who did this was of a close acquaintance, who knew everything about them and easily get into the house,” the officer made his point and even though I wanted to tell him about the drugged food, I chose to close my mouth as I watched a cop picking of the dish and putting it inside a sealed packed for sending it to the lab for testing as evidence.

They would definitely find out about it by their own and they would reach the Suv owner on time.

“My wife has nothing to do with it. I can assure you that, and talking about acquaintance, we are here for a short period of time and we have no acquaintance in here who would break into our house,” I said and even though the officer nodded it seemed he didn’t really believe me and it was what I really wanted. I didn’t want him to believe me and dig into it find everything what I wanted him to find.

“Alright then,” he rocked on his heel and turned around to leave but stopped when I called for him “Officer Hugh!”


“I have a request. As you can see the media is already outside covering the crime scene. Sooner, they will find my identity and the news of my wife getting kidnapped will air on Romania’s news channel as well and I believe it will worsen the condition even more, because I think the kidnapper will get to know about everything about the situation,” I said and he seemed to understand what I meant because he closed his eyes and nodded.

“I understand. We shall keep it in check!” he replied before turning around to leave.

“What now?” Willi asked me as he looked at me from the mirror before me.

“I guess it will be already in the news by now and our family will know it on their own. Let’s go and get Juliette,” I said to which he narrowed his eyes.

“Do you know where she is?” he asked looking suspicious all of a sudden.

“What! You know where they are?” Kristian interfered.

“I had a tracking chip attached to Juliette body without her knowing,” I said and both of them gasped giving me an incredulous look.

“Oh so this explains why you have been so calm from the beginning,” Willi smirked but Kristian looked mad.

“Then what the fuck are you waiting for?” Kristian snapped and took his car keys and strode towards the door.

Willi looked back at me and shrugged his shoulder “True love,” he whispered more like mocked me and I gave him a look before pulling my phone out and following Kristian.

“Pull your second phone out,” I asked Willi and he obliged as he gave me his phone and sat in the car.

“The cops would be tapping my phone by now. I can’t risk spilling everything out to them,” I whispered and he nodded.

“Where to? You fucker!” Kristian yelled as he rode the car like a maniac.

“You have been swearing a lot lately,” Willi didn’t seem happy with Kristians’ continuous swearing. Kristian in reply just scoffed at him and cursed even more.

Five minutes later we were right before Alexandru Lascar’s house as Kristian parked his car right before his gates and honked for the guards to open it. The guards however denied to open it and stood right before the gate denying the entry. Kristian miffed by them sighed in frustration and put his foot on accelerator and warned the guards to open the gate or else he would barge right in breaking the gate. Knowing that he would actually do that Willi and I got out of the car not wanting to get additional trouble and soon as soon we got out, Kristian broke the gate speeding his car right into the gate, breaking the front part of his luxurious imported Lincoln MKZ as well.

“What an idiot!” Willi muttered and we watched as more of security guards ran towards Kristian.

“You take care of them while I go inside,” I said and he nodded before pulling up his sleeves and heading towards where Kristian was struggling against four heavy built guards.

“And remember!” I yelled at Willi making him stop in the middle as he looked back at me “No killing!” I warned but he touched the gun that he had in jacket pockets and patted over it giving me a smirk which meant he was going to break bones instead.

As Kristian and Willi minded their business with the guards, I made my way into Alex’s house clearly knowing every place as I had been there before for the property deal.

The grandeur of the house was impressive yet dull for me as it made me mad because the owner had been planting and plotting plans to destroy my family all this while and to top of that had the audacity to kidnap my wife.

Kicking the door to the hallway open, I took long strides going around searching for Alex like a maniac. The housekeepers scurried of my way and some even intrude to stop me and ask me who I was. But giving no replies to them I made my way towards the target and as I entered the living room, I saw a person standing in the middle with his back facing me and his hands folded behind his back as he stared up towards the ceiling.

“You sure know how to barge into someone’s house and life,” he spoke timidly and even though I wanted to kill him, I stopped that urge as I stopped in my tracks with a housekeeper following me.

“I’m sorry sir!” the housekeeper apologized as he was unable to stop me from getting in. Alexandru in return motioned him to leave the room and finally turned to look at me.

“Where is Juliette?” I asked as calmly as I could.

“Mr. Sullivan, you need to take the thought of Ivona being Juliette out of your mind,” Alex had this determined look on his face that made me think the worst.

“And you need to stop all this right now. Because your game is over,” he crossed his arms across his chest and gave me a smirk and remained unaffected to whatever I just said and even though it infuriated me. I chose not to pull out the gun and shoot him.

“Alexandru Lascar, if you think that I don’t have any idea about what is going around me then I must tell you that you don’t really know me. You have chosen the wrong person for enmity and must I tell you, I can see your future. Do you know what it is?” I said as I took some steps forward, menacingly.

He stood rooted to his position and just eyed my movement but didn’t budge to move as I continued “Your death!” I completed and that made him smirk as he opened his mouth to speak “Oh really?” in a challenging tone.

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