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When Ruby and Tobias' path's cross, sparks fly in all directions. Will they give in to their feelings, or will their secrets ruin any chance of happiness they might have? Ruby is 22, fresh out of college and ready to take on the world. Like fate, she gets a job at the city's best marketing firm right after graduation. Sure, she's a glorified coffee maker for the senior office workers, but she doesn't mind because this is a stepping stone. Out of nowhere, she is offered the chance to boost her career much earlier than expected, but if the stories are to be believed, is working directly under Tobias Clarke really worth it? Tobias Clarke is 27, and after the death of his business mogul father, the new CEO of Clarke industries. His takeover hasn't been smooth sailing. He has a bad reputation, though rather than being one he repels, it's one he reveres. When Ruby and Tobias' path's cross, sparks fly in all directions. Will they give in to their feelings, or will their secrets ruin any chance of happiness they might have?

Romance / Drama
R S Burton/Xebbex
4.7 116 reviews
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Chapter One

I Ruby Moritz, had made it. After four years, countless all nighters and over $50,000 spent on students loans I had made it… albeit as an office junior.

Of course, I was still one of the lucky ones, I’d managed to walk out of my college graduation and into a semi well paying job at the largest marketing firm in Worthington. Sure, I was charged with filing papers and fetching coffee. Things I could have easily done without a degree, but it wasn’t forever and it paid the bills... just.

Today had started like any other, After dragging myself out of bed I’d showered in my almost non functioning shower, dressed in my thrift store bought work clothes, before eating a bowl of what was supposed to at least resemble oatmeal until I was finally ready to catch the train and two buses to get to the city where I worked. Just like every other morning I leapt off the last bus as it pulled into the stop in the city and began the brisk walk toward the office, dodging through numerous other people who were on their way to work. But today was different in that I’d missed my second bus and had to catch the next, with such a strict timeline I was well on my way to being late and after only four weeks on the job, I didn’t want to ruffle feathers. I looked at the lock screen of my phone. Five minutes, I had five minutes to walk five blocks.

I picked up the pace, readjusting my brown satchel over my shoulder. My long brown hair was down, and for a moment I regretted my decision not to pull it up into a bun as the wind rushed through it as I moved. My black heels barely had time to clip the ground as I turned my brisk walk into a jog. The smell of coffee and gasoline filled my senses which cause a smile to paint across my face, yes, every morning was the same and while to some it was monotonous, it just made me feel comforted. The anxiety of being almost late seemed to melt away.

I ran through the front door of Clarke Industries only a minute before I was due to start, swiping my card on the security marker as I passed through. Breathless and almost surely a mess I stood at my cubicle and placed my satchel down. I was about to attack my ‘In’ tray when my manager Stacey walked over with a black folder and a large smile upon her face.

“Ruby, may I speak with you in my office.” She exclaimed. Her brown eyes were bright and her smile inviting, but her words were enough to turn my blood cold. My stomach twisted into nervous knots. I couldn’t afford to lose my job, not with my parents both gone... I had no support, I only had myself and this job. I was only two minutes late to my desk she wasn’t going to fire me over two minutes was she? I swallowed hard and tried not to look as desperate as I suddenly felt.

“I’m sorry, my bus was late, It won’t happen again.” Stacey held her hand up and shook her head. Which stopped me from make anymore excuses. Worry settled in my gut and I shifted in my seat.

“Just come to my office in five. Make yourself a coffee first, oh and me too.” She grinned. “Black, no sugar.”

She turned on her heel and walked across the floor, back toward her office. With nerves coursing through my veins I forced myself to stand and made my way into the kitchen. A group of my fellow office juniors sat at one of the tables in the corner, talking in hushed voices.

“Didn’t you hear?” One of the girls whispered. “Tobias fired Josanna this morning.”

“But Josanna was Mr Clarke Senior’s PA for years.” Another replied, sounding aghast.

“Since Tobias was a little boy.” the original girl added. “Apparently she was telling him how to run the place, and he’d had enough.”

“He’s so horrible.” One of the girls complained.

“But so incredibly hot.” another added while fanning her face.

I rolled my eyes. Tobias Clarke was Clarke Industries new CEO. His father had died three months beforehand and left the business to him. I’d never met the guy, but I had seen pictures. He was attractive, but all this hearsay, well it didn’t make everything everyone said about him true.

“Anyway, he’s sent word down here for a new PA.”

Their hushed whispers continued although I shut off and finished making myself and Stacey a coffee, last thing I needed was to get involved with office gossip. Once I was done I walked across the office, ignoring the continued whispers permeating from the staff on the floor. Obviously news had spread. I knocked on Stacey door and peeped my head around it.

“Coffee, black, no sugar.” I smiled.

“Come in Ruby, please take a seat.” She gestured to a small black leather chair on the other side of her desk. I placed her coffee down and then sat down myself. Stacey looked at her computer and typed something in. Then she placed her hands on her desk, lacing her fingers together. A sinking feeling hit my gut. I was the last staff member hired, they were letting me go. I really was being fired. It had all been too good to be true. Getting work right out of college had been a pure stroke of luck, but I had figured at Clarke Industries I’d at least have a steady income and job security, I’d be okay.In time, maybe I could even afford to live in a nicer place. Suddenly it seemed like those hopes were burning up in flames, I sighed and resigned myself to my dodgy apartment with the dodgy shower on the dodgy side of town. It had been fun while it lasted…. Kind of.

“You look worried.” Stacey smiled as she picked up the coffee cup and raise it to her mouth.

I turned my own cup around in my hands and let the warmth radiate from my palms to my fingers. Worried didn’t even begin to cover it.

“Are you firing me?” I choked out. It was better to rip the band aid off and know sooner rather than later. Stacey chuckled and pointed to her computer.

“You studied business and marketing in college yes?. You have an innate understanding of this kind of business that most of the women in this office don’t. The way news travels down here, No doubt you’ve heard the boss is looking for a PA.”

I screwed my face up. Was she insinuating that I take the job? me? I’d been here all of five minutes, not to mention I had no actual experience.

I’d had a plan, I was meant to work as an office junior for a few years, I was meant to work my way up the ranks gaining vital knowledge along the way, skipping all those steps, racing straight to the top, it seemed strange and sudden.

“I’m new. Surely there is someone who understands this business more?” I remarked looking up at the woman who seemed to be about to offer me the job of a lifetime. Her eyes were bright and her smile wide.

“Actually no.” Stacey replied. “You’re the best fit for the job Ruby.”

There were women out on the floor who had been here for almost 20 years. I struggled to believe that my education outweighed their extensive experience. There had to be another reason she wanted to give me the job. Something I couldn’t put my finger on.

“Oh.” I mumbled finally, unable to verbalize any of my thoughts.

“Of course, you’ll get a pay increase, say to the tune of an extra 15k per year.”

I swallowed hard. 35k a year had been enough to survive on, but 50k meant I could move out of my doldrums sooner, and I could pay off my rising mountain of debt quicker too. It was more than a little tempting to say the least. I looked down at my hands and tried to weigh up my options. But my mind was overrun and I couldn’t make sense of the situation.

“Mr Clarke needs someone immediately I’m afraid, so you’ll need to decided rather quickly.” She murmured, interrupting my thoughts.

I get a choice? I looked at Stacey, her eyes were wide now, obviously she was under pressure to find someone quick, and If I said no she’d have to go back to the drawing board. Saying no meant coffee making and filing for the foreseeable future. Who knew when something like this would happen again. Probably never.

“I’m in.” I smiled. I had to jump head first and figure the rest out later. This was what I had studied for. Risk or not, I had to take a leap of faith.

Stacey relaxed into her seat and nodded. She pulled the black folder off her desk and held it out to me.

“There is your new contract. You’ll be working the same hours, but as you’re probably aware, Mr Clarke will most likely require your assistance outside of normal working hours.”

I understood. I hadn’t had much of life before, so all hours work wasn’t going to be a problem.

“Right well, you may pack up your things and head up to the top floor Ruby. I have faith in you.” She smiled sweetly, but for some reason, her over the top kindness now seemed fake.

I left her office and walked with my coffee back to my desk. The hushed whispers around me were now followed by pointing... pointing at me. News had already spread that I was the PA’s replacement, and I hadn’t even picked up my purse yet. Silently I gathered my things before I took a deep breath. I carried my satchel, the folder and my coffee to the elevator all the while knowing that all eyes were on me. I pressed the button and I waited, with my back to the whispers. Then, when the silver doors opened, I stepped inside, turned around and looked out at the floor of women who were staring back at me. All with looks of relief clearly present on their faces.

I gulped.

As the constricting box began to move up, it suddenly felt like a moving cell, taking me to imminent death. The supposed relaxing elevator music may as well have been the Imperial March. My heart thudded against my rib cage so hard that cracking a rib felt like it may have actually been possible and when the doors finally opened again, a rush of nervous energy pulsated through me to the point I was afraid that I actually had a chance of fainting. I wanted to run away, back to the safety of the second floor, but with nowhere else to go I stepped out anyway, onto the dark navy blue carpet that stretched up the corridor ending at a state of the art white desk. I hadn’t been up here before, but it was clear from first glance that up here and down there were a world apart. The dull browns of the cramped office space were gone, and had been replaced by crisp white walls adorned with art work I could tell cost far more than my monthly rent.

I walked down the corridor, eyeing the desk at the end. I placed my things down and looked around.

Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

I walked behind the desk and looked down. My new computer was brand new and top of the line, with three screens instead of two I’d had down stairs. To the left was a small water filter and all the stationary one could ever want. I ran my fingers over the paper clips and stapler.

I was still taking in my surroundings when I heard someone clear their throat behind me. My blood ran cold for the second time in less than 30 minutes and I stiffened, as I turned around to face the owner of the cleared throat.

Tobias Clark

It was clear right away that pictures did him no justice. The man was gorgeous in every sense of the word. In the flesh he seemed taller somehow too, at least 6”2, and well built, with sculpted muscles that I could make out through the snug fit of his navy blue suit. He had his hands in his pockets, and a deep frown on his face. He was clean shaven, and his lips were drawn in a thin line, while his icy blue eyes were as cold as a winter’s night. Although his disapproval was apparent in his face, he was still attractive, more than in fact, but I could tell he was completely closed off.

“I asked for a PA and Ms Jones sends me a child.” He huffed.

I frowned, who was he calling a child? It was a well known fact that Tobias himself was only 27, only 5 years older than me. I was going to start this position as I intended to go on, and I didn’t intend on being some jump upped CEO’s doormat.

“With all due respect sir, I am 22, educated and willing to serve as your PA. Judging by the look of relief in my colleagues faces as I stepped into the elevator just now, I might be the only one willing.” I was sure now… More than ever that my appointment into this role hadn’t been about my qualifications. I was last on the floor, and first into the firing line.

Tobias’ mouth curled slightly, and I couldn’t tell if he was amused or offended. “Education means nothing Ms….” his voice hung, waiting for my response.

“Moritz.” I offered, my throat dry.

“Education means nothing Ms Moritz, if you cannot back it up with skill.”

“Well, hopefully I’m skilled then.” I replied, forcing myself to sound strong. “You’re just going to have to take your chances.”

Tobias Clarke pulled his hands from his pockets and folded his arms across his chest. He watched me without speaking for almost a minute, before raising an eyebrow and turning on his heel.

“I don’t take chances Ms Moritz.” He exclaimed, his voice unforgiving. “You won’t last a week.”

Tobias walked into his office and closed the frosted glass doors. I watched his shadow move across the floor until I could no longer see him. I let out a strangled breath. He wasn’t kind, he wasn’t approachable, in fact he was quite possibly the business version of the grinch. He had no faith in me, and to him I was dispensable. At least downstairs I’d had job security, now I was wedged in between flourishing and unemployment.

I had to make this work.

I sat down, the plush leather seat melted around my body. At least for now, I could stress in comfort. I opened the folder with my new contract and read through it. It was standard, stating my new salary and expectations. It came with benefits, such as comprehensive health insurance and a dental plan to die for, but with Tobias’ harsh critique of me in mind, I had to wonder if I would even be here long enough to notice any of it.

I couldn’t go back now. I was here and I was going to have to do my best to prove him wrong. I reached for a pen from the stationary tray beside me and signed on the dotted line.

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