Work With Me - Book One

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Chapter Ten

“What about the boundaries.” I whispered, my voice was barely there however.

“Tonight I don’t give a shit about boundaries Ruby. I want you, you want me.” He looked at me in the eyes and nodded. “No more fighting it.”

I was too weak to hold back, I nodded, giving him permission to do whatever he saw fit. His lips crashed against mine. It was so necessary, like our bodies knew what they craved and were running on autopilot. I was lost in him, every emotion inside me was exposed. Luckily he seemed too caught up in me to notice just how vulnerable I was.

One of his arms moved from my hip, up my back and behind my neck. He held me there, like I was made of porcelain, afraid I would break but unwilling to let me move at the same time. The other hand followed a similar trail, stopping at the back of my dress on the zip.

My heart thudded, I hadn’t been with a man in a long time, and he had hardly known what he was doing. I was scared I’d be useless, unable to please him. Tobias must have sensed my tension because he stopped and stepped away.

“You’ve changed your mind?” He winced. He seemed disappointed.

“No.” I whispered, my voice was little more than a meek whisper. “I just… I haven’t had much experience. I don’t want to be a disappointment.”

Tobias smiled, and it was a smile so wide it hit his eyes and lit them up like fourth of july. It was the truest smile he’d given me so far and it melted my insides like warm summer sun beaming down on ice. He stepped forward again, closing the gap between us and cupped my face in his large hands.

“You’ve got me all tied up in knots Ruby.” he exclaimed, his smile didn’t drop but I could hear the honesty in his words. “I don’t get like this. I don’t get distracted, I don’t find myself daydreaming about taking women on my desk at lunch time.”

He pressed his lips to mine, darting his tongue inside my mouth, grazing mine with it. “But lately you’ve had me doing all those things.”

So it wasn’t just me.

“I want this, with you… tonight. More than I’ve ever wanted anything.”

I knew it was just lust talking, but I was too wound up to care.

“Then have me.” I replied, reaching behind my dress. I pulled the zip down and felt it loosen around my shoulders. Tobias let his hands drop from my face onto the pale pink fabric, pulling it down slowly with his hands. His eyes were locked on mine, still glistening in the light. He pulled the dress down over my breasts, his thumbs moved over the soft pink fabric of my bra, over the top of my hardening nipples. I let out a strangled sigh as my knees began to buckle. Tobias let the dress drop to the floor, and then finally looked down. His eyes gazed over my breasts, down to my panties and then finally at the stilettos I still wore.

“You are killing me Ruby Moritz.” he groaned.

I stepped forward and placed my hands on his chest, shrugging his suit jacket off. I loosened the tie and began to work on the buttons, while Tobias placed his hands back on my now bare hips. He hooked his fingers under the elastic of my panties and tugged on them, pulling me even closer against him.

As I unbuttoned the last button on his shirt and pulled it down over his arms. Tobias’ skin was hot beneath my fingers, as I trailed my fingers over his smooth chest. He stiffened, and immediately I worried. I removed my hands immediately, but he lifted his own to mine and placed them back on his chest.

He leaned down, kissing me again. It was slow and sensual, sending bolts of lust directly to my pulsating center. I had never wanted someone this much before, never needed relief like I needed it right now. Tobias seemed to sense this, and lifted me up, straddling my legs around his waist. He kept kissing me as he walked with me through his apartment.

I didn’t have time to take in my surroundings, and truth be told I didn’t want to focus on anything but Tobias anyway. We somehow made it to a bedroom, Tobias felt around for the light, flicking it on as we walked through the door.

He lay me down on a bed, it was soft beneath me and warm. He smiled as he hovered above me, his eyes absorbed me until I could handle the lack of kissing him no longer. I lifted my head and brought my lips to his.

Tobias moved his hands from my waist and up my back, arching my body until I curved against him. He moved his mouth from mine, pressing it against my neck and collarbone. He looked down at my bare chest, and let out an unsteady breath against my skin, before peppering kisses over the rise of my left breast.

His mouth closed around the nipple, sucking gently at first. I moved beneath him, on fire from the sensations. His free hand mimicked his motions on the other breath doubling the pleasure spiking through me.

I moved my hand down beneath my legs, eager to give myself a slight slither of relief, but Tobias grabbed it with his hand and lifted his head up, locking on to my eyes.

“I want to own your climax tonight Ruby.” he murmured as he lifted my hand, placing it around his neck. “I want to be the one who gives that to you.”

His voice was quiet, but determined. I nodded, I wanted that too, I wanted to fall apart at his touch. He smiled then moved down the bed, once again hooking his fingers under the elastic of my panties. He pulled them down, sliding them over my thighs, knees and finally ankles. He let out a guttural groan as he tossed them to the side.

“You are beautiful.” he murmured. “In every way.”

I felt myself blush at his words, which was odd considering how very naked I was in front of him. His eyes glazed over, and he smiled before kissing the inside of my thigh. The tension was electric, pulsating throughout my body, sending waves of need out like an emergency beacon. I writhed on the bed, desperate for him to center his touch. After what seemed liked forever, he answered the call I was sending, placing his finger over my most sensitive spot. I arched, high against his touch, the pleasure was immediate.

“That’s right.” He whispered lowly as he moved his finger slow and steady. His lips kissed the inside of my thigh again, and then out of nowhere his mouth replaced his fingers. Any control I had over my body dissipated into nothing as I gave myself to him. I closed my eyes, focusing on the sensations surrounding me. His touch disarmed me, intensifying everything that was happening tenfold. I couldn’t hold back, and I didn’t want to. Like a fuse running out of rope I lost it, exploding spectacularly at his expert touch, He said something, but I was too far gone, lost in a world of pleasure I had never known before. My climax ebbed, but I still needed more of him. I sat up, meeting him halfway, kissing him with unadulterated passion. I could taste myself, a fact that clearly turned him on. I reached down, thumbing over the button on his black suit pants. It popped open, like it had been straining for release anyway. I could already see the thick bulge in his tight dark grey cotton boxer shorts. Curious I touched, my fingers traced around his impressive girth. He sighed and let out a strangled groan. I looked up, Tobias let his head fall back and his eyes close. I had him now. I tugged on the waistband of his boxers, returning my gaze south. If I hadn’t believed him before, I surely believed him now, he wanted this… me. He was big naturally, but he was so engorged that it bounced out at me as I pulled the material of his boxers down further. With eager anticipation i wrapped my hand around his girth, he was hot to the touch, clearly most of the blood coursing through him had found it’s way to where the party was.

“Ruby.” He whispered through clenched teeth.

I leaned down, wrapping my mouth around his tip. He twitched as i moved down his length, sheathing my teeth with my lips. I moved up again, flicking around the head with my tongue. With my free hand I pushed Tobias down on to the bed, he followed my lead, and relaxed into the mattress.

“You need to stop.” he struggled to speak. “Unless you want me to come in your mouth.” he groaned. I didn’t want to stop, his skin tasted salty and sweet, impossibly hard and yet somehow soft it was everything, and I didn’t want it to end.

Tobias let me continue, but only for another minute. He sat up, placing his hands on the sides of my head, gently lifting me up. “I want to be inside you.” he said unapologetically.

I nodded, I wanted the same thing, I wanted us to become one, and for this night to never end. Tobias used his considerable strength to pull me up to him, he placed a kiss on my mouth, soft, slow and sensual before sliding his hand down my body, he touched me again at my center, rubbing over with little more force than before. I buckled beneath him, and he grinned.

“I like how responsive you are to my touch Ruby.” he murmured, but he sounded surprised and in the moment I didn’t understand why. It wasn’t something I could control however, and when he finally propped himself up and position himself between my legs, I let out a moan of complete and utter desperation.

“Do we need a condom.” He stopped for a second, responsibility suddenly overtaking him.

“I’m clean, and on the pill.” i replied.

“I’m clean too.” He smiled. “Good, I want us to be as close as possible. Skin against skin.”

Once the logistics were sorted, Tobias switched back into lust mode, he pressed himself against my entrance, pushing slightly, allowing my body to adapt to his girth. He began to pull out, teasing me once more, only now it was worse, now I felt an innate emptiness only he could fill. I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed him.

“Please Tobias.” I exclaimed, lifting my hips to meet him. Immediately he listened, thrusting into me filling me until I felt complete.

“Better?” He moaned.


I wrapped my arms around Tobias’ neck, and together we built a tempo that was slow, but hard. His mouth claimed mine as his hands moved through the soft curls in my hair.

We were in another world, our own world, sparking off one another like electricity, powering the passion permeating between us. I felt my body begin to tense, as the start of another climax gripped me. Tobias buried his head in my neck, whispering something i couldn’t hear. He moved faster, thrusting harder and harder under I lost control and lost myself in him.

I knew he was there too and together we fell apart.

Breathless and spent his head rest against mine for a moment before he slid off, onto the bed beside me, his arm still strewn across my waist.

Pure exertion sent me off to sleep almost instantly, and when I woke it was still the middle of the night. Tobias wasn’t in bed beside me. I was alone.

I stood up, quickly realizing that the only clothes of mine in the room was my underwear. I looked around, spying an old t-shirt on top of a neatly folded pile of washing. I took it, and threw it over my head before tip toeing from the room.

“Gert, I know. It’s late, but I need to make an appointment.” Tobias’ defeated voice echoed through the apartment. “Yes I’m free tomorrow. See you then. Thank you.”

Tobias was sitting on the couch, he wore jeans and a t-shirt and a very concerned face.

“Everything okay?” I whispered, Tobias’ head darted up, our eyes met and I could tell instantly that the last thing he was, was okay.

“I should go. I’ll get dressed.” I stuttered, slowly realising it was me that had him confused.

Tobias stood up and shook his head, he looked panicked as he stepped toward me, he placed his hands on my shoulders. “Please, don’t go.”

“You want me to stay?” I whispered.

Tobias nodded and smiled. “Yes. I do.”

He tugged on his t-shirt that I was wearing and clicked his tongue. “Nice shirt.”

“I couldn’t very well prance around naked in your apartment.” I offered shyly.

“I wouldn’t mind.” He teased.

“I’m sure.” I smiled. “Uh, is it okay if I take a shower?”

Tobias’ eyes lost all sign of concern or confusion he nodded and a mischievous smile crossed his face.

“Is that an invitation?”

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