Work With Me - Book Two

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Chapter Two

“You know what I want... I want a retraction. Everything that was said against her was falsified and you know it. Attack me all you like but leave my girlfriend out of it.” Tobias almost shouted down the phone line. I watched him, so full of angry that his free hand was balled into a fist so tight his knuckles were white. He paced across the bedroom floor before stopping to look at me. He’d called the editor, even though it was the middle of the night.

“Thank you.” he paused. “Now, can you tell me who your source is?”

“I don’t give a flying fuck about your non disclosure agreement.” He added. “You’ll be hearing from my lawyers then.”

A second later he pulled the phone away from his ear, hit the screen and then threw it onto the bed. He walked over to the window, away from me. He leaned against it and let out a heavy sigh.

I stood up and walked across the floor, closing the distance between the two of us. I snaked my arms around his waist and leaned into his back. The warmth was a comfort, but I sensed tension radiating out from his body.

“I’ve cause this.” he whispered. “Us being together… me being who I am.”

“Don’t blame yourself.” I begged. “Please.”

“It’s hard not to.” He replied. “I worked for years to build this repellent reputation… I wanted people to think the worst…” He turned and engulfed me in his arms again. “And now it affects you.”

“Tobias, I’m okay.” I whispered. “I promise. I was shocked… reading such awful untruths was hard… But it’s not your fault that someone else lied to create a dramatic headline.”

He kissed my forehead. “Are you sure you don’t want me to call the police.”

“It’s a tabloid article Tobias.” I whispered. “The noise will die down, the retraction will be printed. It’s been dealt with.”

“Mmm.” He hummed against my forehead. “Then can I take you to bed now?”

“Have you finished your homework.” I teased.

“Ugh. I’ll finish it later.” He whined playfully.

I grinned and bit my lip. “You’re a bad influence on yourself Tobias Clarke.”

I lifted up the hem of Tobias’ shirt and pulled it up over my head. I was completely naked underneath, a fact I was almost sure hadn’t escaped Tobias’ attention. He looked down and raised an eyebrow.

“I’m the bad influence?” he mused. “You’re naked.”

“Observant.” I grinned.

Tobias let out a staggered breath before burying his head into my neck. His lips hit the sensitive skin, sending electric shockwaves of want through my body. Tobias’ touch was the perfect remedy for my hurting heart. I lifted my hands to his shirt, working on the buttons, desperate to run my hands over the taut smoothness of his skin.

He shrugged the shirt off, and I moved closer as I let my fingers trace his collarbone. Tobias raised his head and looked down at me with heavy lidded eyes. He smiled and leaned in, kissing me until i forgot myself.

We walked toward the bed while wrapped up in one another. Then we lay down and like the teenagers we never really had been proceeded to make out. Very quickly it all became too much, the almost touching filled me with a fiery sense of lust I couldn’t fix with kissing. I reached down and ran my hand over the tightened crotch of his suit pants. He groaned, biting my lip gently in response.

“I need you.” I said urgently.

“I know.” he replied

He removed his pants without much effort, and for a moment we both just lay beside one another naked. He lifted his hand to my face and used his thumb to brush the apple of my cheek.

“I want you to remember… You are the love of my life Ruby Moritz. No matter what happens, no matter what anyone says. I love you and I always will.”

“You’re such a softie.” I smiled, propping myself up on my elbow.

“Well, don’t tell anyone… can’t be ruining my street cred.” He replied sardonically.

“You have street cred.” I teased.

Tobias lifted his body up, he hovered above me and raise his eyebrows.

“Are you saying I’m lame?” he chuckled.

“You have a naked girl in your bed… and you’re complaining about street cred.” I replied. “I’m pretty sure that’s the epitome of lame.”

“You’re right.” He murmured, moving his hand from my face to my shoulder. His eyes glanced down, as his fingers trailed down my body. He stopped at the rise of my breasts, allowing his hand to take the fullness in its entirety. He moved, pulling his arm out from underneath himself, cupping my other breast with his other hand.

He let out a shallow breath before looking back up at me. He didn’t speak anymore, the humor had left the room. Suddenly lust filled love exploded between us. He kissed me with an intense fervor, as though he was worried this time would be the last time. I tried not to focus on that, on his very real fear that one day I would wake up and want to leave him. Instead I kissed him back, matching every movement with my own.

It wasn’t long before our bodies took over, each touch spurred on by the last. He looked down at me as we become one, where he ended and I began. I held on to him, grasping at anything possible to steady myself beneath him.

“Hold on.” He grunted, moving a second later, lifting me up and off the bed. I nodded, tightening my grasp around his neck. I’d begun to lose my grip on reality, existing in the place where it was just him and I making love. I wasn’t sure which way was up, which way was down… all I knew is that I needed him.

Coldness pressed against my back, causing me to cry out in shocked pleasure. Tobias nuzzled my neck and murmured something under his breath. I let go of his neck, and placed my hand against the coldness behind me, the wall of Tobias’ room.

He moved within me, building a rhythmic thrust that sent my body into overdrive. The sensations pulsed through me, the different angle between us setting off a friction that sent my climax sky high. I cried out, unable to control it.

“That’s right Ruby.” he said through clenched teeth as he succumbed to his own climax.

He stood there, for a moment composing himself, with me still wrapped around him. The coolness of the wall behind me kept me awake, or I might have succumbed to sleep then and there.

After a minute or so, Tobias walked with me still in his arms over to the bed. He lay me down, and suddenly the reason behind my hurt almost a distant memory. I felt Tobias place a kiss on my forehead as I instantly began to fall asleep. I opened my eyes as he stood up. He smiled as he bent down to pick up his pants.

“Sleep.” He murmured.

I nodded closing my eyes again. He left the room a moment later, to complete the work he’d neglected for me. I closed my eyes and let my body fall into complete relaxation allowing a peaceful sleep to finally wash over me.


The next morning I woke with Tobias beside me. I wasn’t sure what time he’d climbed into bed, but I gathered it had been late. Normally he was up before I was. I leaned across and pressed a kiss against his shoulder.

“Baby, we’ve got work soon.” I murmured.

“Ugh.” Tobias groaned in response. It was unlike him to be so groggy, but I knew he had a reason for it. I smiled and climbed out of bed, tiptoeing out of the room and into the kitchen. I flicked on the coffee machine and made us both a cup of coffee before walking back into the room with the aromatic brew.

Like a sniffer dog he lifted his head and turned to look at me. “You made coffee.”

“What time did you crawl into bed.” I replied as I walked around to his side of the bed and sat down.

“3am.” he replied.

“Hence why I made you coffee.” I smiled.

He grinned and took the coffee from my hands, sitting up against the headboard. “Naked.” he added.

“Naked.” I grinned.

“See.” He laughed. “Not boring.”

I nodded and sipped on my coffee. “Not boring at all.”

“This whole walking around the apartment naked thing poses a problem though Ruby.” Tobias remarked, as he placed his cup down on the nightstand. He snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me down to him on the bed. “Might never want to leave the apartment.”

“As much as I’d love to humor your wants right now Mr Clarke. You have a very important 9am meeting.”

Tobias let out a loud over the top sigh. “Ugh. Work. Can we just simply quit. I have enough money for us to run away and live out in the middle of nowhere. You could walk around naked all the time. It would be heaven.” Tobias was joking, but there was some aspects of his joke that actually held appeal. Living away from the city with him in a house… having the kind of privacy we just didn’t have here… I smiled and shook my head.

“You love your job.” I smiled. “Besides, if I walked around naked all the time you’d get bored of it.”

“Not possible Ruby.” he laughed. “You clearly have no idea of the strength of effect you have on me.”

“Oh okay Mr Casanova. We need to leave in 20 minutes. You’d better mute that effect until after work.” I stood up and walked toward the ensuite. “Stop looking at my butt Clarke.”

“I’m not.” Tobias replied, his voice high pitched. “And you can’t prove otherwise.”

“Pervert.” I laughed, closing the door behind me.

We left for the office at 8:30. I had to set up for the meeting, and Tobias had to prepare his presentation. He was trying to get arguably the most important client of a lifetime a nationwide telecommunications contract that until now had been in the hands of Clarke Industries biggest competitor. I looked over at a nervos Tobias as he placed his folder down on the meeting table beside my refreshments.

“You’re going to be fine you know.” I replied.

“I hope so. Dad worked his whole life to turn this company into a tangible business. Getting a client like this, it was one thing he had hoped to achieve. He always used to say ‘where do you go when you’ve made it sky high. To the stars and beyond. Never settle.’ He made this company into a success, and I’m just going to help make his dreams a reality.”

I frowned. Tobias spoke about his Dad often, but he’d never mentioned Clarke industries being his father’s dream and not his own. He’d always claimed to love his work, to love what he did… I was about to ask him about what he wanted when the bell from my desk sounded. It was 9am.

I looked at Tobias and smiled. “That’ll be your 9am sir.” I mused. “Shall I send him in?”

Tobias nodded and took a deep breath. “Send him in.”

I walked out of Tobias office and back into my own. A tall young man stood there holding a briefcase. He smiled at me and pointed to his lanyard.

“Ryan Hampton from Echo Communication. Here to see Mr Clarke.”

“Welcome Mr Hampton. Mr Clarke is waiting to meet with you.” I replied gesturing to the door behind me. Ryan walked toward Tobias office door. I opened the door and introduced the two before leaving them to it.

I was focusing on replying to emails and setting appointments when the elevator unexpectedly pinged open. I looked up, surprised to see a young, beautiful extremely pregnant woman walking down the corridor. She smiled so wide her green eyes lit up and filled the room. So pregnancy glow really was a thing.

I smiled and stood up. “Hi there, can I help you?”

The woman nodded and looked toward Tobias’ office doors.

“I’m here to see Mr Clarke.” The woman exclaimed curtly. She looked back at me, her smile still firmly painted on her perfectly made up face. I looked down at the daily schedule, just to double check what I already knew.

“You don’t have an appointment?” I murmured. “Is he expecting you?”

She laughed and shook her head. Regarding me with amusement. “I doubt it.”

“Can I ask what your visit is about?” I questioned, becoming more nervous as our discussion went on. She smiled sweetly and looked down at her pregnant belly. I did not like where this was going.

“Well I guess.” She smiled smugly and leaned against my desk. “I just thought the father of my baby should know he’s about to become a father.”

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