Work With Me - Book Two

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Chapter Twenty Two

Though, take a hold of me it did. I don’t remember the ambulance arriving, I don’t remember the ride to the hospital. I don’t remember waking up, but eventually I did.

So weak I couldn’t move, or open my eyes or talk, but I could hear everything around me. The sound of Tobias on the phone at the hospital, speaking tearfully to someone… Jimmy. I couldn’t focus on the words, my brain unable to make them sound like sentences.

Fighting, Baby, heart.

None of the words made sense, not on their own. I tried to open my eyes, but they felt like they were made of lead.

Exhaustion took over and Tobias’ voice faded. I wanted to scream and stay awake… but I had no control, my body held the wheel, and it seemed my mind had nothing to do with it.

When I woke again I was able to open my eyes, I could feel Tobias’ hand around mine.

“Tobias.” I croaked, my throat was so dry I almost coughed his name out.

“Baby.” He squeezed my hand and stood up, hovering over me.

I watched as his face came into focus. He looked rough, like he hadn’t left my side. His facial hair was so thick it was verging on beard status. I lifted my hand up, it felt heavy, but I was thankful I could move. As soon as I touched him he let out a sigh so full it almost seemed like he’d been holding his breath since I was brought in.

“What happened?” I whispered.

“Sepsis.” He whispered. “They put you in another induced coma to keep you stable.”

I swallowed and closed my eyes.

“How long?”

“Two weeks.” he whispered. “The doctors said being pregnant had caused you immune system to be slightly compromised, They let you go home too early.”

Pregnant, the baby. My eyes widened and I tried to sit up, Tobias sat down on the edge of the bed and enveloped my hand with his.

“The baby?” I whispered, terrified that something had happened.

“The baby is fine.” He murmured, his voice was soft, and he sounded relieved but I could tell behind his words he was holding back. Not once, but twice he’d had to sit at my bedside hoping I’d pull through. I’d put him through too much. I frowned, unable to hold back the slew of tears that followed.

“Hey..” He whispered, lifting his hand to my cheek. “You were the one who said our baby was a fighter… and she is, just like her Mom.”

My eyes flickered opened and met his. I tilted my head in confusion. “Her?”

“You changed your mind?” He replied, almost chuckling. “Cos I’m afraid we can’t change it.”

“She’s a girl?”

Tobias nodded. “They had to do a few tests, and the by product of one meant I found out… I hope you don’t mind.”

I shook my head. “Not at all.”

Tobias leaned forward and kissed me on the lips and for a moment I forgot I was in a hospital bed feeling like I’d been run over by a truck. Until my head began thumping and I needed to lie back down.

“I guess I don’t get to go home as fast this time.” I sighed.

“No.” Tobias whispered. “But you will be coming home and for that, you have no idea how grateful I am.”

I slept most of the day away, Doctors came in and out, and through my sleepiness I got the gist that I was very lucky, the infection was gone and my body was repairing itself. Most in my position wouldn’t have come out with the same result. I wasn’t naive, I knew why. The best medical treatment, cost money. Money many didn’t have.

I didn’t broach the topic for a few days, knowing I needed a clear head to discuss it. I felt 100%, but both Tobias and the Doctors were hesitant about letting me go home.

“I’m wasting space.” I said with a smile. “My test have come back clear for three days, I feel great. I get your all erring on the side of caution… but these resources should used for someone who needs them.”

The doctor nodded and lifted up my chart. “I don’t usually tell my patients that they’re right… but you are. You haven’t had any kind of temperature in days, your wound has healed nicely… the baby is healthy.” He looked at Tobias. “We can’t keep her here any longer.”

Tobias slunk in his chair, and it was then I knew he’d been the driving force in keeping here. The doctor left the room and I sighed.

“I know your scared.” I murmured. “But I’m okay. Really really okay.”

Tobias nodded. “I know. I just, I thought I was lose you… again, and if figured if you were here… you were closer to help.”

I stood up and walked across the floor, sitting on Tobias’ lap. “I’m okay. But um… we need to talk about something.”

Tobias’ grip on me tightened and I could tell he was scared, although this time it was for another reason. “Uh, yeah sure.”

“I keep think about if I was in this position before we met. If I’d been so ill, on my old insurance plan… I’d probably have died… or I’d have a huge bill I could never hope to pay. I know we can’t save the world… but I was hoping that you’d be open to reviewing the companies health plans. Giving everyone an even chance.”

Tobias’ grip slackened somewhat and I felt his body move, it took me a second to realise he was laughing. I looked at him, his blue eyes danced as he smiled widely at me. I wanted to feel offended by his reaction, but it was too infectious… and my immune system was still low after all. I smiled back and tilted my head.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing’s funny.” He murmured. “You just never cease to surprise and amaze me. I’ll have someone review the health insurance plans as soon as I can. You’re right, of course. I should have done it a long time ago, but uh… I was kind of asshole.”

It was my turn to laugh I snuggled into his chest and shook my head. “You just pretended to be one. There’s a difference.”


The doctor returned a while later with a discharge letter. Tobias helped me pack what little things I had and together we left. As we waited at the elevator, the doctor called out.

“I do hope I don’t see either one of you up here until that baby is born.”

I smiled. “You won’t.”

When we got home, it oddly felt like I never left even though I knew it had been two weeks. The apartment looked barely lived in, sans a whiskey glass and an empty bottle of whiskey on the bench. My heart panged. Tobias must have been in hell… a waking hell, while I just lay there unconscious and unknowing. He placed his keys down and picked up the evidence, but I caught his free hand before he could walk away.

“I’m sorry.”

“Huh?” He exclaimed.

“That I went and looked for Ryan that day, that I got shot… that I asked to go home from the hospital so soon after. I’m sorry I caused you pain.”

Tobias placed the glass back down and turned around, engulfing me in his arms. Is lips pressed against my head first, then each of my cheeks before finding their place on my mouth. It was clear no words needed to be said, no apologies made. We still had one another, against all odds. Tobias lifted me off the ground and walked toward the countertop, setting me down on top of it. His eyes searched mine as he pulled back and began to unbutton his shirt. He leaned down, kissing my neck softly, although the beard he was currently sporting added a roughness I was not use too, but was also not adverse to. Tobias let his shirt fall to the floor before he began to work on mine. It should have been hard to navigate, considering I was still wearing a sling on my arm, but with one smooth move he unclipped it and lifted the knit shirt off and over my head and arms. I tilted my head as he clipped the sling back up… he gazed up at me and shrugged.

“I’m good with my hands.” he exclaimed, barely concealing a smile.

“Don’t I know it.” I teased.

Tobias kissed my neck again. “I’m good with my mouth too.”

“Remind me.”

Tobias let out a low groan and closed the gap between us, he wrapped my legs around his waist and hoisted me off the counter.

“My pleasure, wife to be.”

“Mmm, I like the sound of that.”

“Me too baby… me too.”

Tobias carried me into the bedroom and lay me down on the bed. He looked down at me and let out a staggered breath before falling to his knees. I felt the tickle of his fingers grasp at the waistband of my jeans, closely followed by the tickle of his facial hair on my navel. The button popped open with barely any manipulating, and Tobias pulled on the fabric, removing the jeans and discarding them on the floor. His thumb circled my center through the thin fabric of my panties, and although I had been asleep the last two weeks, it felt like it had been an age since I’d felt his touch. I arched and let out a moan I could not control.

His lips pressed against my inner thigh, trailing closer and closer to the spot where his thumb danced. The anticipation was almost painful.

“Tobias.” I exclaimed, my voice desperate. “Please.”

He hooked his other hand around the top of my panties and pulled them down, hard, only increasing my need for him tenfold. It was too much and not enough.

“Tell me what you need baby.” He moaned in between placing wistful kisses on my most sensitive spots, whilst still avoiding the one that would make me buckle and turn to putty.

“You.” I croaked, unable to verbalise much else.

“Me?” he teased. “You have me… you’ve always had me.”

“Taste me.” I moaned, so desperate for release it hurt.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

I lost myself in that moment, the pleasure to much to comprehend completely. He wasn’t just good with his hands or his mouth, he was good with me. He knew where to touch me and how. He knew how to make me melt beneath him. His tongue flicked against the nub, slowly, but with enough pressure to cause my knees to shake, instinctively I reached out, placing my hand on the back of his head. I was so close to the edge and he knew it, so he increased the pressure, and entered me with his oh so skillful fingers.

It was the cherry on top, that overflowed pure passion everywhere. I fell apart beneath him, spent and yet hungry for him. He didn’t need guidance though, because he was tense with need himself. He hovered above me for a second, kissing me with fervor, allowing me to taste myself. His jaw clench and with an almost innocent look he buried himself within me. He began to shake, it was subtle but it was there.

“I love you.” I murmured.

“I love you.” He replied before kissing me again. Roughly this time as he began to move, thrusting hard into me, his tempo not too fast, and not to slow. We were intune it seemed, just like we always had been.

I could feel my climax rising again, my face grew warm, and my body ached in a way that only his touch could fix. I could feel him begin to lose control and it was the match I needed to start the fire within. I called out, as Tobias moved faster, his body shuddering as he succumbed to release.

He slumped into me for a moment, and then relaxed beside me. For a few minutes we just lay there recovering. Finally, he spoke.

“So…. post sex pizza?”

I turned my head to the right and gazed at him, unable to conceal my amusement a moment longer, I nodded and laughed.

“Sounds perfect.”

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