Work With Me - Book Two

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Chapter Five

“If you think you’re able to change the subject that easy Mr Clarke, you’re sorely mistaken.” I pulled back and tilted my head. “What’s this job you have for Jimmy?”

Tobias sighed, he bit his lip and shrugged. “I just want to know you’re safe when I’m not around.”

I frowned. “Are you planning on going somewhere?”

“No I just…” He stopped and bit his lip. “I don’t know who is after me. I don’t know what their motive is… I don’t know what they’re capable of. I could get the security guys to shadow you, but then this person would know… If I get a friend to look out for you, just when it’s needed… then I’ll feel better.”

His eyes were full of worry, like he was scared I was going to react badly. I just wanted him to feel okay and if getting Jimmy to hang out with me now and again was going to help then it was fine with me. I smiled and nodded.

“I’m sure it’s nothing. But okay. Employ jimmy the mail boy as my bodyguard/friend.” I teased. Tobias sighed and lifted his hand to my face.

“I must be insane… asking the guy I was once jealous of to spend more time with my girlfriend.”

“I think it shows how confident you are in my feelings for you.” I smiled. “It’s endearing.”

“I trust you with my life Ruby…” He stopped and smiled. “With my heart.”

I leaned in close, minimizing the distance between us until my mouth was an inch away from his. “You know, your trust in me.” I whispered. “Is a gigantic turn on.”

Tobias raised an eyebrow and lifted his hand to my face. “Is that so.”

I nodded and licked my lips before biting my lower lip.

“And you’re not annoyed I want to keep tabs on you.” He questioned nervously.

I shook my head, it was hard to be annoyed when he was just worried about me. We’d both been through stuff that meant taking extra precautions was a good idea.

“Enough about all that Mr Clarke.” I murmured. “I believe you needed me… in your bed… Now.”

Tobias grinned until it hit his eyes, lighting them up like crystal blue lakes of wonder.

“I do.” He admitted.

“Well then.” I paused, I leaned in closer, until my lips brushed his only enough to graze the skin. I stood up, rudely ending our close proximity. I unbuttoned my blouse, and let it fall to the floor before turning on my heel. “We’d better see to those needs.”

I walked through Tobias’ apartment, discarding various items of clothing as I walked toward his bedroom. By the time I’d reached the door I was wearing only a pair of teal lace boyleg panties. I could feel Tobias close behind me. I could tell he was holding onto restraint by a thread because his breath was labored and heavy… but I gathered he’d been enjoying the show to much to intervene.

Once I was inside the bedroom all bets were off. His hands snaked around my waist and pulled me in, He placed kisses against the back of my neck.

“You’re teasing me Ms Moritz.” he mumbled.

I turned around inside of his arms, until our faces were aligned. His eyes were heavy lidded and his gaze was hazy. He leaned in and placed his lips against mine. His kiss winded me, sucking all the breath from my lungs until they burned with desire. I reached up, locking my hands behind his neck, using the connection to bring him closer to me.

“Things are a bit unbalanced here.” I murmured during a reprieve, letting my hand slide down to the collar of Tobias’ white shirt. He nodded, removing his hands from me momentarily. With haste he yanked on his tie, throwing it to the side, impatience had him tear at his shirt, popping a few of the buttons with such force they flew off in various directions.

“That was an expensive shirt.” I mused.

“I don’t give a fuck about the shirt.” Tobias replied, as he yanked the belt from his pants.

“Clearly.” I replied, holding back a chuckle.

Tobias let his pants fall to the floor. He stepped out of them at the same time he pulled me back into his arms. “Better?” He noted.

I nodded and pressed my lips against his, his body heat enveloped me as our skin touched. He walked me backward until we hit the edge of his bed. One of his hands trailed up my back, whilst the other cupped my butt. He lifted me, gently until I sat on the edge of his bed. His hands moved over my body, until they met at the hemline of my panties.

“I’ve been thinking about you and me and this all day.” Tobias whispered, his voice pained.

“You have?” I replied surprised. Tobias had been distracted all day, but I was almost sure it wasn’t with lusty thoughts of us.

“Ruby, you’re always on my mind. You have to know that. I fall asleep thinking about you. I wake up thinking about you… I work while thinking about you.”

I smiled and pursed my lips as warm flush washed over my cheeks. Tobias had always proclaimed I was a distraction, once upon a time it had been a confusing thing for us both, but now I understood. I felt the same after all.

“You’re a softy.” I teased.

Tobias’ eyebrows furrowed he rest his hands and my hips and pulled me in until his hardened crotch pressed against me. He shook his head, his eyes darkened and he shot me a mischievous grin.

“A softy…” He scoffed as he pulled my underwear off in one swoop, discarding them on the floor. He looked down at my naked body, licking his lips. “You wouldn’t say that if you knew what I was thinking right now.”

“Is that right?” I questioned.

He bit the inside of his cheek before leaning in close, until our foreheads touched. “I want to lose myself in you Ruby. Until I forget where I end you begin.”

I reached up, placing my hand behind his neck, with gentle force I brought him down to me, until his lips grazed mine. My eyes closed on reflex as our tongues danced. Bolt of electric need began to pulsate through my body. It was like a drug, being with him… I was an addict, and like a true addict I always wanted more. Tobias seemed to sense my want, deepening the kiss, allowing me to overdose on him. One of his hands gravitated to the small of my back supporting me as I sat on the edge of the bed, whilst the other pressed against my center. I arched back, the touch almost too much to bear. Tobias grunted, moving his hand on my back up until he was cupping the back of my neck.

“Look at me.” he urged.

I opened my eyes, and let them connect with his icy blue gaze. He moved his fingers with expert precision, like I was a piano and he was flawlessly playing Scherzo No. 2. His jaw clenched as my face grew hotter. I could sense the rush of passion begin to overcome me. Tobias was unrelenting, he watched me as he brought me to the edge, and I was unable to look away. A moan escaped my lips, letting him know just how close I was until finally I couldn’t hold back, my eyes closed involuntarily and I began to shake as my climax washed over me, through me, around me. Still lost in the moment his mouth reclaimed mine, filling me with a new want. I needed more, I needed him, I needed this connection to be complete.

Without speaking the truth depth of how intune we were with one another became clear. There was no hesitation as he closed the gap between us, filling me like only he could. I held on to him to steady myself as I balanced on the edge of the bed. The angle was different, but different in a very good way. He moved, and the friction between us set of a small explosion of lust, overtaking my entire thought process. I let go of his neck and place my hands behind my back, propping myself up and arching my back. I watched Tobias, who smiled down at me. His hands sat on my hips, as he began to build up a rhythmic thrust. He bent down and took a nipple in his mouth the reaction was instantaneous, my body twitched as the friction of our movements and his mouth on a sensitive place permeated, I was in a pool of desire, drowning in him.

“Baby.” he groaned, his voice weak. He was close, and so was I.

I let go, let the waves of lust crash over me, until it was too much, until my body couldn’t take anymore. I called out his name as he thrust into me, slow but hard. Ever intune, we fell apart together.

Exhausted we fell onto the bed, napping for an hour or so. I woke in Tobias arms while it was still light outside.

“We should eat.” Tobias whispered sleepily.

“Pizza.” I mumbled back, snuggling into his warm body under the covers.

“I could make pizza.” He replied.

“No… Stay in bed. We can order it online… get it delivered. That way we can stay right here.” I mused.

“And do you propose we meet the delivery boy at the door naked?” he laughed.

“We might get it free.” I giggled. “Robes were invented for a reason Mr Clarke.”

“You’re being sarcastic.” He mused. “Fine. Pizza it is. You order, I need to make a phone call.”

Tobias pulled the covers off and stepped out of bed naked. I watched him as he treaded across the floor and picked up his boxer shorts of the ground. He pulled them on and then walked out the bedroom door. I turned over and grabbed the landline from the receiver on the nightstand. I dialled the Pizza shop Jimmy had taken me too, and placed an order. Tobias was gone a solid ten minutes and returned with wine and two glasses.

“Everything alright?” I quizzed.

“Yes.” He replied. “Wine?”

I nodded as he walked around the bed and sat back down.

“What a day huh?” I mused.

“Yep.” he replied tightly.

“For what it’s worth I think you’d make a great father.” I noted as he began to pour wine into a glass. He stopped, let out a sigh and then continued to pour.

“Ruby… Let’s not talk about that right now.” he whispered.

“I just want you to know that I’m scared too. I think everyone is… I think you’re supposed to be.” I explained, hoping that my admission would help him to see that completely disregarding having a child wasn’t necessarily the answer.

“You want kids.” He murmured softly. “Of course you do.”

“Not now.” I replied. “I’m not ready… but I think I will be one day…”

Tobias let out a long sigh, he handed the glass of wine to me before pouring another for himself. He drained his own glass in one go before refilling it.

“Let’s talk about this another time.” He pleaded. “Did you order pizza?”

The subject change was sudden but welcome. I wasn’t ready for the baby thing to be completely wiped from our future just yet.

I nodded. “Yeah should be here soon.”

I placed my glass on the nightstand, and curved my body into Tobias’, resting my head against his bare chest. Right now he was all I needed, and that was enough.

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