It's Never Simple

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Not caring if I felt the wetness leaking from my eyes on my face I kept walking like nothing mattered. Only it wasn't that simple. It's Never Simple Meet Ally, the bullied, at East Hill high school. From Punches to curses, Ally has had everything thrown at her. After a devastating past that she'd rather ignore than face she has been left broken and feeling alone. Living alone with her Aunty is one thing but living in the house where everything went downhill is another. With a passion for art and adventure, she keeps herself busy by admiring the artwork of a mysterious street artist. After a crappy way to start the new year of school, Ally knew she would be in a year of hell. She had promised herself to stay hidden in the shadows and blend in the lockers. It was hard enough already when the school's Miss Perfect, Stephani Valdez, had a passion for making Ally suffer in any way possible. But when she finds herself making friends with the new girl, someone that wasn't dumb enough to be a bystander and her overly protective brother she starts to realize that things can change really quickly. But that's not the least of her worries. Those problems are nothing compared to knowing that East hill's bad boy is trying to solve her hidden secrets when all she wants to do is keep them buried.

Romance / Drama
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“Mummy! Daddy!” I laugh.

“Look at how pretty I look.” I Run downstairs wearing my pretty blue princess dress. I walk to the kitchen and see my mummy and daddy kissing.

“Ewwwwwww!” I yell. “Mummy now you have daddy’s cuties!” I cringe.

My mum and dad pull away they look at me and start Laughing.

“Don’t I look pretty” I laugh and do a little spin.

“With all that lipstick! You look dazzling darling.” My dad says while picking me up and spinning me around.

I giggle and close my eyes as my dad spins me more and I giggle louder.

Suddenly I stop spinning and hear crying. I open my eyes and find that I’m back at the bottom of the stairs? I look around for my parents but only see my mum at the door.

I look down at my clothes. When did I change out of my dress? I walk up to my mum wondering why she looks like she’s about to cry. I peek from behind my mum to see who she’s talking to but I can’t see who it is, it’s too blurry.

“I’m sorry ma’am.” Is all I hear? Everything else mutes and all I hear is my mum crying.


I snap awake straight into a sitting position.

“It’s only a dream Ally” I repeat until I feel myself calm down a bit.

The sun crawls through the cracks of my curtain and hits me in the face. I groan in annoyance and get out of bed. I brush my teeth, have a quick shower and change my clothes.

I wear a pair of old jeans, a red tank top with a jacket on top and finished off my look with black converse shoes. I leave my hair down in its natural curls and grab my bag. half through my first step down the stairs I freeze. I sniff the air and smell...


I rush downstairs ready to eat my aunt’s famous toasted cheese sandwiches! Yes, I eat cheese for breakfast!

“Good morning aunt jess” I kiss my aunt on the cheek and sit down around the kitchen island while I search the kitchen with my eyes.

“Are you looking for this” my aunt holds up a plate with the cheese sandwiches dripping melted cheese. “To bad there mine” Jessica smirks and I pout.

Jess starts laughing like a crazy woman

“You should have seen the look on your face!” she says through her giggles.

Then she brings out another plate with her sandwiches and gives it to me. I eat the cheese sandwiches and try set off to school.

Try is the key word because before I can even open the door my aunt yells

“Oh no, you don’t! Where is my goodbye hug? I thought I taught you better.” My aunt tries to hide her smile but I know it’s itching to come out. I run up to her and give her a big hug.

“Have fun with your first day at school this year. You better make it count since it’s your last in high school.” She says.

Not knowing how to answer back, I kept quiet. I hug her tighter as if I will never see her again.

She’s the only one I have left.

Jess pulls away and gives me one of her apologetic looks but smiles straight after.

“Now go hurry up and leave! The sooner you come back the better, I need someone to have a movie marathon with!”

I laugh and walk out the front door. Once I closed the door I take a deep breath and start walking to the hell hole everyone calls School.

With only 6 words in my head on repeat.

One more year, just one more.

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