It All Started With a Punch...

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"I don't want to get to know you, Jabba The Hutt" I scowled at him, praising myself for that awesome comeback. "Well, too bad" he smirked, tracing my lips with his index finger. Damn. I'm screwed. What happened when a geeky nerd gets accidentally punched in the face by the school's gang leader? Somehow, for Rose, you make four new friends, see an ex-boyfriend, get into fights, and learn how to use a gun. How? Well.... that's a long story... A Gang's Lover story.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1 - How I Got Punched

“STOP PUTTING ICE ON MY FACE!” I screamed, glaring at the brown-headed boy that sat on the wooden chair next to my bed.

“Sorry that I’m trying to fix the ugly purple bruise on your face” he muttered, grumbling some curse words under his breath. I could feel my eyes burning holes into the bush of hair that sat on his head before the nurse walked in.

So... I bet you all are wondering how I got here. Well... other then the fact that I was born 17 years ago from my mother's womb, I was punched in the face. By a guy. Because I stepped into the middle of a fight. Like an idiot.

“Oh my God! Rose, there is a fight outside of the school!” squealed Jade, jumping up and down next to my locker. I rolled my eyes at my gossiping best friend, but before I could say Skywalker, it was as if I floated to the front of the school.

“Oh my God... it’s your brother girlie” she whispered before I burst out laughing. Please! If it’s him fighting, of course, it’s nothing. I mean... unless it’s Hunter that he’s fighting. But, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard all day. It’s stupider then Rey being Luke Skywalker’s daughter!

¡Oh Dios mío! It’s Hunter! Girl, I’ll happily tend Noah's wounds” smirked Jade, wiggling her eyebrows towards my bloody brother and the smirking bad boy.

"¡Él va a morir!" I cried out before I Super Mario Bro-ed my way to the first class rows of the epic fight. I caught eyesight with Jared, but all he did was a shrug and try to pull his best friend back.

“Don’t touch me” roared Hunter, before he pounded his fist into Jared's nose. Oh, my Obi-Wan Kenobi... This is worse than losing at Star Wars trivia!

“I’m going in” I whispered, before pushing past two plastic Barbies and stepping right into the middle of two punching predators.

It was like those slow motion, very dramatic, more extra than my math teacher, scenes from all action fighting scenes. And it happened in five simple, but catastrophic steps.

1. Noah saw me standing between him and Hunter, and he just stopped fighting, trying to say something. Keyword? Trying.

2. Jared tripped over Hunter’s turkey stuffed backpack, face-planting into the concrete floor. Luckily for him, the entire girl population likes him.

3. I, being the stupidest girl in the galaxy, let out a very awkward laugh, scared to death on the next coming actions.

4. Jade started screaming: “Go, Noah! ¡Golpear su cara contra el concreto! Put him in Saint Bonaventure!”

5. I got punched in the face. By Hunter. And his raging, very very sexy temper.

The next thing you know, blackness.

That is the story of how I ended up in the nurse's office. With a very guilty looking Hunter sitting in the wooden chair.

“I swear to Qui-Jon, if you put ice on my face one more time, I will kill you with my lightsaber” I glared at the very amused Hunter that smirked at me.

“Ah.... so Princesa likes Star Wars, huh?” he smirked at my choice of words.

“Cállate” I grumbled before the most annoying guy had to plop another ice pack on my eye.

“Sorry sorry sorry” he whispered before he winced in pain at the simple act of smiling. I burst out laughing before I noticed the dried blood on his eyebrow, the black eye, and his bloodied knuckles.

“Is smiling such a hard thing to do?” I smiled up at his green eyes, before leaning over to the little table and grabbing the bright orange first-aid kit.

"Woah Woah Woah. I'm a big boy now" he chuckled, before attempting to wrap up his knuckles. I rolled my eyes, before a very loud thump caused me to look up in surprise.

The gauze was all over his right thumb and the band-aid was way past the cut on his eyebrow. There was Vaseline all over his right cheek and the temperature stick was stuck up his nose, the gloves on his ears.

"Oh, Yoda.... you need help. A lot of it" I said through my laughter, snapping a picture of his confused face. He rolled his eyes, annoyed at my laughter before I scooted over on the kinda comfy nurse's bed.

"So... Rosa, hm?" he smirked, wiggling his eyebrows up and down. I scoffed at his attempt to flirt with me before the door slammed open.

"Quiet boys" yelled the nurse, before three of the hottest guys in school strode into the room. These three were Hunter's best friends and the most troublesome of the world.

Let me introduce you to Jared, Max, and Alex, three of the four most feared boys in school. Let us look at the three teenagers/adults in front of me.

Jared Wilson: The funny one who is honestly the most immature of them all. He is a 19-year-old, but people are somehow still scared of him. This is probably because he hangs out with Hunter. You'll recognize him because he was the one who got punched in the face before.

Max Silver: The 18-year-old who is the shy one. He is the one who never talks to anyone outside of his social group.

And finally... Alex Morner. The only mature one of the four, other than Max. Funny because he is the youngest one, being 17, the same age as me.

"Dude! Why are you with this chick?" grumbled Alex, as he stared at me, looking from the first strand on my head to the longest nail on my toes.

"Forget you, Al. What's up, gurl?" hollered Jared, as he skipped up to where I was resting. I let out the slightest giggle, before clasping a quick hand over my mouth.

"Hi" whispered Max, sending a shy wave towards me. I quickly waved back, before looking back down at my Death Star sweatshirt. I started to fiddle with the loose thread on my sleeve, before a collection of whispers spread amongst the boys.

"What happened to your face, bro?" questioned Jared, as he squinted his eyes at the Vaseline, gloves, and thermometer stick. I let out a cough, trying to cover up the laugh that bubbled in my stomach.

"Real question is why is this chick in the nurse's office?" asked Alex, as he squinted his eyes at me. Looking from my bruise on my eye to my Death Star sweatshirt. "Love that sweatshirt, FYI" he mouthed, winking at me.

"Star Wars! I approve already, Hunt" exclaimed Max, as he came galloping towards the bed and sat down on the comforter.

"Oh no" whispered Hunter, before the nurse came into the room, holding a checkboard and her hip cocked towards the side. She playfully glared at all four boys in the room, before smiling at my flustered face.

"You can go now, sweetheart. Take the boys with you, since schools done" she said, before winking at Hunter and walking out into her mini office.

"Not going to happen Elga!" yelled back Hunter, before he lifted me up in one simple swish and running out of the door.

"Good luck, Rose" called out Elga, the nurse, before the door slammed behind Jared's back. Oh no indeed.

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