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I'm the Ice Princess running away my past, and he's the man hiding his pain behind his bad boy facade. Falling in love? Never. But..this is our story. She was the first in line yet she had a heart of gold. Isabella Grace Taylor has always felt the pressure being the eldest of the four children in her family. Growing up as the eldest meant being serious, mature and setting good examples. No letting loose or walking on the wild side until the one time she does is a turning point in her life. Life may not be perfect, but it's the little imperfections that makes life worth living for especially when you finally meet the one who's worth it all. When you go from being a simple, small town girl to a broken girl with a dark past, things change. And so do you. You're the Ice Princess and no one bothers you. Until him. He was Wild Heart's bad boy. A troublemaker. A heartbreaker. But sexy as hell. Love was just a game to him. He wasn't always this way though. But who was I to judge? I wasn't always this way either. This fucked up. Falling in love was never on our agendas. Falling in love would never happen. Until it did.

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I was the girl from a small town living in a bigger city far away from home.

I was the good girl who did everything she was told.

I was the girl who listened to her parents and anyone who was comfortable to tell her their stories.

I was the girl who got good grades and held the future in her hands.

I was the girl who was always smiling and enjoying life as it was.

I was the girl whose heart was bigger, whose innocence you just had to take advantage of.

I was the girl you couldn't resist, the girl you used and manipulated just to make yourself feel better, the girl you stood on just so you could be on the top, the girl who didn't know you were toxic.

I was the left in a broken mess, struggling to pick herself up from the hell you forced her in, caged her in and left her to find comfort in the surrounding flames.

I am also the girl who will get better in time.

I'm Isabella Grace Taylor and this is my story.

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