Love At First Sin

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Birthed through the human race accidentally, Heaven must do whatever they can to bring princess Zamora back to her intended lover. But when powerful demon Salem falls for her, the true problem occurs. Zamora is an angel birthed through the human race by accident. She needs to marry an archangel for Heaven named Michael. Meanwhile Lucifer sends Salem to capture her, who is later revealed as Lucifer’s son. When Heaven discovers this, they send 12 celestial guardians to kill the demon, each based on the zodiac signs with their looks and traits. When Salem gets there, he falls madly in love with the unknowing angel. They bond, and during their visit in the city some gangsters try to violate Zamora. In rage, Salem kills them with Hellfire. He now explains the story behind their lives. Salem meets a celestial guardian, Sagittarius, who is tells him to go to Haven, where Zamora and him can easily access Hell and marry. Sagittarius really just wants to reunite with his lover there.. Trusting the enemy, he goes with Zamora. In Haven, Zamora goes training when she is kidnapped by Gryphon, a demon obsessed with her. He used to be her guardian angel until he interfered with her life, cursing him to be a demon and her to be reborn on Earth. Saiko, Salem's sister, saves Zamora and reunites them all. They kill the guardian angels throughout the story and are given the gift of life.

Romance / Fantasy
Liz Sedgewick
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Angels weren’t supposed to be birthed through the human race. It was a complete mistake that Zamora, or Emma as they call her on Earth, was there. It was necessary that she be brought back to heaven, for Zamora was meant to be a righteous ruler alongside the secondary queen angel, a huge step down from God himself.

The girl, now a teenager, would be brought and married to Michael. He was a noble prince, an ideal suitor for her. That very angel would be the one to bring Emma back to heaven but he had to do so before her age strikes twenty.

The only way for Zamora to come back would to be through an angel or demon, but there were none present on Earth at the moment. Michael would attend the same school as Emma, and guard her completely so no harm is done, and soon bring her with him to her homeland where she belongs.

“If we could bring Zamora and hold her hostage, we’ll be able to get whatever we want out of heaven. Do you know what this means, sire?” Lucifer frowned at the lowly, short demon speaking frantically before him. Of course he knew what that meant. It would be a dream to have such control over the heavens. And he knew exactly which demon he’d chose to do his bidding.

Salem was a dangerous, though ageless and striking, demon. He had a cold heart, and was ruthless, which Lucifer deeply admired about him. With black hair and deathly pale eyes, he’d make the perfect advocate to have Zamora falling for him instantaneously. She was only seventeen. How hard could it possibly be?

For her to be brought to hell, an angel or demon must bestow a horrible hatred in the young angel’s heart. For her to be brought to heaven, her heart would have to be filled with ecstasy from a demon or angel. Only then could she be brought away.

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