Love At First Sin

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Chapter 10

It began to snow as the new demon sat down under a pine tree and motioned for Zamora to sit beside him.

“How do you know me?” She asked as she scooted to a safe distance between them. His pierced lip formed a small smirk at the action. “I’ll tell you soon, angel. For now, I need to tell you more about your past. Just remember that I am here to help you, love.”

Zamora gritted her teeth at the term of endearment. It somehow felt wrong, and she was instantly reminded of Salem. “Don’t call me that.”

His face seemed to darken as his pale eyes narrowed.

“I’ve been searching a century for you, and yet you treat me like this?” Zamora frowned at his angry voice before he attempted to calm himself. “I’m sorry. I’m just upset that with how things have turned out.”

“What do you mean?” Zamora asked as she played with the flames in her hand for illumination. This seemed to annoy him as he blasted a nearby tree with one powerful flame burst, efficiently creating a light source.

“I’ll explain soon, angel.” His deep voice seemed to set her in a sort of trance, his grey eyes causing her to hold her breath each time they glanced her way. What she felt towards him wasn’t attraction or love. It was fear.

“Every angel has a past life. I used to be an angel, until I was cursed for killing a human. Demons are merely angels who’ve committed sin.”

Zamora gasped when the demon’s hand circled her waist and pulled her closer to him effortlessly. Before she could react, he nuzzled her neck. Her back was pressed into his hard body. Zamora squirmed as her body heated. “Let me go,” she protested, struggling to get out of his grip.

He raised one dark brow. “You can’t escape me, angel. I could do so much more to you that I’ve been dreaming to do for over a century, but I’m resisting. I’d suggest you stop.”

Zamora huffed, wishing she had never left the village. “Who are you?” she asked. He sighed behind her, and her heart seemed to stop when his strong arms embraced her even tighter around her waist. Feelings of both anger and confusion engulfed Zamora.

“My name is Gryphon, I’m a demon. When you were a human on Earth, I was still an angel. I was your guardian angel, since Heaven predicted you would be the heir to Queen Ephemera once you died. I risked everything for you, once I realized I’d fallen in love with a human. It was forbidden.”

Gryphon voiced this in a soft tone, speaking in her right ear. Zamora shuddered when his breath tickled her neck. She could tell he wasn’t lying. Her power detected it was completely the truth.

“How is that possible? What happened for you to fall in love with me?” Gryphon smiled as he pressed his lips against her smooth neck. “Would you like me to show you?” Before Zamora could react, Gryphon pulled her head back to the black sky until her vision blurred as his spell casted over her.

She watched in a dream-like state, her past life take place before her.

The cold night air was exhilarating to the teenage girl. Her long blonde hair flew as she ran bare-foot across the lush grass. She’d snuck out yet again to go visit her boyfriend who lived just next door.

Andrew was lean with a full head of messy brown hair. He was sporty and popular, and had barely noticed Julianne until this year. She became gorgeous after sophomore year, and was immediately approached by several guys. But of course, she chose Andrew. Anyone would.

The boy stood on his deck, before noticing Julianne. She had a grin etched across her pretty face, her blue eyes wide with excitement.

Andrew bounded down the wooden steps, moving to embrace the petite girl. He guided them to a patch of oak trees where the two would be hidden. Julianne was beyond excited, and giggled happily when brunette kissed her fervently. Though things soon escalated, to the point where she was now commanding him to slow down and stop. Andrew didn’t listen.

His hands grabbed her fiercely as he pressed her to the tree. Growing angry, Julianne slapped him across the cheek. He was briefly stopped, before he became angry and gripped her tighter.

Gryphon watched with steely eyes as the scene played before him. The angel’s job was to only interfere if there was an angel or demon present to hurt Zamora. This was a human.

But as the girl’s night shirt ripped with a strong call for help, Gryphon’s anger spiked. He appeared before them, fully aware his angel wings and body could now be scene. The two appeared to be shocked as Andrew released Julianne. A blast of grey fire was sent furiously towards Andrew. Though it surprised and devastated Gryphon when Julianne threw herself in front of him. Gryphon had killed them both. And now Zamora would instead be rebirthed through the human race again.

Zamora gasped when the vision ceased. She attempted to move, but Gryphon kept his grip tight.

“I will leave you alone, Zamora. I love you so much, but I’ll do it. Only on the condition you come to see me tomorrow.”

The angel could barely think as the cursed demon slowly released his hold on her. “Okay,” she answered.

“And the day after that,” Gryphon added. Zamora groaned.

“And the day after that. But that’s all, Gryphon.”

A triumphant grin spread across his handsome face. “I’ll see you soon, angel.” And with that, black wings spread before her eyes. She gaped at the sight before her. He ran a ran through his messy dark hair, revealing two metallic grey eyes.

He smirked as he flew up and out of her sight.

Zamora ran back to in the direction of the village, her heart hammering the entire way there.

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